How to Prospect Fast

One of the most complicated questions we get from our customers is how do we speed up the process by which they are able to prospect for new business. Most of them are currently spending some time at conferences or doing B2B direct in-business consultations that turn into a very long sales process because the pipeline is not strong enough as a whole.

In our experience, one of the fastest ways to get the top of funnel strategy in place is to do massive volume everyday online, which then will translate into phone calls, emails or in person meetings. Because not every product is extremely high ticket, it is impractical to spend anytime doing door to door type sales with organizations.

We would recommend that you focus on using LinkedIn, Email, Facebook and Instagram to reach out to your ideal customer by doing 100 touch points per day, or roughly 3000 per month, so that you can have a strong top fo funnel. If you are geographically restricted in your business, then you ill likely need to do some additional work to make sure that you do not burn through all possible prospects.

The next step would be to get good at converting online conversations to the phone, with that being the ONLY goal. Do not have the expectation of taking an online system and then trying to convert the deal on the first call…you will need to take it a bit slower and make sure that you feel comfortable with the prospect and they feel comfortable with you – then you can ask for the business or the next step which may be an in person meeting.

For businesses that have a tough time selling their product without a demo, it is worthwhile to fill the top of the funnel even more, perhaps with paid ads because they would benefit from multiple appointments in the same area.

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