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I’m your host, Doctor On a Robertson, and on this podcast, you can expect segments on communication, perceived value opportunity in closing.

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I will come back to the prospect show you go to be trained a Luis here. Thank you. So once you come out to show in a radio… Appreciate it. Absolutely, so give us the background. Where do you come from? What do you do right now? And tell everyone what you’re up to… Sure, yeah, so my back is an initial therapy, went to grad school and undergrad actually at University of… In Chicago, graduate, I… DBT worked a little bit in PT, and from the beginning, I kind of one the… Mold it into more of a management position. Wanted to work for a company or work for a healthcare hospital system and maybe go into more direct or rehab, or go on to the lines of management because I was going through school and maybe as a chiropractor yourself and other PTs, the ceiling is no low and honestly, but floor is low going into the profession 100%, and it’s a great profession. I love treating patients, I love the community, I love vitality as I love working in that industry, but depending on where you work, you can be work pretty to deal most like not the best, but you work a lot.

You don’t get paid accordingly. And I really wanted to have a good work-life balance. And working in an outpatient fiscal therapy clinic, you don’t really have a pre-work life balance, you’re gonna be working from until 80 or 90 PM, and the next a you have to wake up at Bethlehem. And that’s not awesome.

So I kind of knew definitely get go, I kinda realized that it wasn’t gonna be my long-term… Sure, I looked at other avenues to see how to create a profession outside of and utilizing my background or utilizing anything else. So when I was going through school, going through undergrad and grad school, I was working at a trainer and didn’t really see sales or prospect or anything like that as something that I wanna do, I want the treat patients I wanna be, but a therapist, I wanted to be treated patients. Sure, so I use that as like, Hey, here’s the skills that I’m going to use when I graduate PT school, so let me do this now so I’m better than my colleagues ’cause they’re not gonna have this experience, starts that exposed me to actually to sales and prospecting because working in a gym, working in the wellness and fitness space, yeah, kinda get thrown into being a… Being a sales person, even though you don’t wanna be… Sure, initially I was very resistant, again, didn’t actually left a big bacon ’cause I didn’t really feel like being in that person at that time in my life, but then eventually got back into because I wanted to be fitness and then… Awesome, you know what, it actually is pretty easy to… I’m good at what I’m doing, it’s easy to sell myself because I’m selling myself, I’m selling… So my relationship with the person, if there’s something that I realize that I like talking to people and building a relationship, and that’s what prospecting is. And that’s what sales is, honestly, so that experience molded me to understand that that there’s more than just a B relationship, there’s a B, but there’s a C component to it, and if I can have a relationship with someone, not a touch more people, then I’m building relationship to A and B, but they’re touching the a CDE Fach at… Heading the whole alphabet. So I do lot to touch more lives by not necessarily treating them with I’m on, but also, but helping them something way, even though it could be considered as sales, but it’s not necessarily only sale, it’s just building a relationship and… Yeah, you’re profiting from it financially, but it’s the job right. In your Solano, do it. And if you have the background in which you both you and I have that healthcare background, but we also, unlike most people in our professions don’t really have that, not everyone has the entrepreneur lie dead, that business mindset to want to see what else is out there and right. dolerite.

So what would you say is probably the most important thing for somebody who’s in school right now, healthcare provider, chiropractor physical therapist, occupational therapist, massage therapist, in that… Who thinks they might have an entrepreneurial set like the… The re-siting in there and going, I’m gonna be out in six months or a year, but I wanna do more than tree patients, what do you think the steps are for that person to take to go to that next elite into sales? Honestly, it… If sales isn’t something that they’re scared of, getting any sales job, honestly, there’s so many… There’s so many positions out there, especially if you’re in grad school, there’s only so many flexible, either commission-based or not, or a minimum wage and a commission-based, the companies, even if it’s not healthcare, it’s better than working at a bar, right. ’cause our beginning way more experience it low key, I would love… I actually, I wanted to work in a bar going up because it’s like, Hey, it’s fun, you get to work in the industry, is it experience that you would like to have when you’re younger, maybe you’re tired of it pretty quickly, I infer. You’re like, Man, that you kind of fun to be a barren opportunity. Yeah, yeah, you get to meet some people, you have is a good time, you get to have some cool perks when you wanna go out yourself… Right, right, right. But on the back and you’re like me, you know what, if I do that similar, they can make a lot of money to it, right.

It’s a good opportunity for someone with low skills who wants against, I’m in low exposure and it… But how does that person go from school to getting that sales job, you think it’s network, you think it’s reaching out to people, you think it’s who you already know, what do you think is the easiest way for someone to transition from an educational… Back and they’ve been a student for three to four years as their undergraduate, and now they’re saying, I don’t know if the clinics… Right. For me, how do they get to that next level? To actually get into the sales role in like what? You have Internet, right? Yeah, so for me, my exposure was, Okay, I’m gonna work in a wellness role because that’s my background, I know I know very well the body, barrel anatomy, I’m very good at training, I’m very gonna fitness for myself, I could… And I have the knowledge to be able to teach someone how to do it in a… No, no, Esther, as personal trainers who are very good at getting fit themselves… Sure. Teaching someone else to do it, right? So I know I had a note was to be able to do that, like learning that role skill is very cool and giving that exposed me to sales because you have to be… Because you have to expose it. And if you work at a gym, let’s say, for example, I had… That’s my experience, my background, they’re going to force you because it’s not gonna be worth for them if they give you clients and you’re not making them more money… Right, right. They’re not gonna value that relation that you have with them, so if we go back to the kind of question as before and said, Right, you’re in school and you’re looking for that sales transition, do you think you should work for something in medical because they already have a healthcare degree. Do you think the solo for any sales shop, where should they start to be able to… To go to the art. With medical… Start with medical, right? And there’s so many consulting jobs at that work at 109 medical, however, the… It’s very difficult right now for someone to be able to teach you when you work, if you were to work as a contractor… Right, I got lucky where I had a little bit of sales training on the back end, right, and I have the knowledge of healthcare and the connections where I’m able to utilize that… Right.

People in school might not have that, so utilizing, honestly, any sales background, anything in the sales… Even working in North from sales, even on retail sales, some kind of consumer sales, so I get out there and do it doesn’t matter because you’re gonna learn so much from that experience and they’ll carry over to understanding how a consumer thinks, or one… If you understand, you eventually believe into believe that eventually you’re gonna be selling or necessarily providing a service, ’cause you could also go into the service way of like, I’m going to work at a liaison for a clinic, a home health agency run or a carrot that is the big diversity, I E, diversity product could be service, could be a combination of the two, could be something… Wrong term short. Yeah, but when you’re young in, when you’re done getting into a… You don’t know, you have to get that experience in something cranes, you will understand it now, it’s gonna hinder you because I have… And even in my experience where I’ve been in sales, and I was a fitness manager, now I was a sales manager, getting into medical sales, getting into that space is extremely difficult, even with a doctor and what… Do you think that gap… Is it because the network isn’t strong enough yet, is because of the degree and people don’t recognize a clinical role to be a sales per… What do you think… The thing is that hiring managers or people that are in a position of hiring individuals, contractors, so you do whatever, what is being on your competing, you can experience and IT sales. Okay, when it comes into a healthcare medical sales position, you can have all the sales to consumer roles you can have, but it doesn’t equate at the end of that to a business… There’s business, right?

So you can start off a business consumer, having that degree will get you and propel to be able to do… Get into the medical space, right, and you can work either now as a clinical DAS on which some companies are looking for and having a license actually maximize your leverage because sometimes that really helps if you end up getting licensed or… But you have to be right, PT Cairo Basie, theres something that has a designation that you’re saying, Listen, I’m gonna be a liaison for company X because I have this clinical experience with the sales team doesn’t have… So let’s say somebody has that right, and they transitioned to this first role, they do that for a year or so, and they get really good at, what is your experience with, what do you think the next step should be for that individual, what they look for in a role that will make them happy, one, I know there’s financial and there’s also work-life balance and a couple other components, but what do you think is the most important thing, what someone’s looking at a second job, something they’ve already had experience at in to that next sales role, right? So I think it’s selling something or working for a company that you believe in, or understanding what you like, so I’ll give you my background, I’ve… My interest into the medical sales industry was, first I was medical supplies, but immediately changing to blood diagnostic testing, where the company would compete with companies, a lab open quests, which are the biggest blood testing services in the whole entire country. Right, absolutely. So when you’re competing against them, you have to figure out ways to convert a doctor’s office from ticking to what they’re already used to using to to that new site, that new service, and then they’re a little nervous because they don’t know if they could trust this new service and I got here, I was able to be good enough in clinical enough or I like, here’s what we can do. Here’s a reporting. Our reporting was better. Everything was clinically better.

Right, right. Everything was better, but it is clinically better enough though as… That’s the thing, right? NESN, now the leverage. What else can you do that makes it easier? Customer service, right?

And then is there something that will benefit the doctor without violating Stark laws, which is the rule that if you… No, kickback rule is actually a… You don’t wanna violate that ’cause everyone will get in trouble… It’s a fine line, right? You gotta be able to have a great relationship with a doctor and all the people that are involved at the same time, not filing a stark law kicked back on… Exactly.

Any of these closure principles, any of these things you gotta be careful of, but at the end of the day, what do you think a doctor is looking for in someone like yourself, is it that they’re… You’re providing great customer service. Is it that you are somebody who’s there all the time in… What is it that you think the doctors care most about when they’re integrating with the company, like what you’re… The doctor cares most about the relationship they’re gonna have with the person who they’re be dealing with mostly, right. So they care about how good your customer service, how good are you gonna be, how involved you be helping them out if there’s an issue, are you gonna help them out what’s gonna happen… Right, right, right. If they’re gonna be switching over to a thing, wasn’t it for them in the short-term, wasn’t for them in the long term, because at the end of the day, you can have the most in product in the world, but if you approach it in the wrong way, and to aggressively, they’re gonna back out and they’re not gonna wanna… They’re not comfortable with what that sales and they’re having… They’re looking for something that says, I came here. I already was using another service, but I’m gonna switch, I’m gonna work with the Demetrio co, because they have a better customer service, they have better customer experience, they have an easier process on a phone number, a call, whatever it is.

So just to kind of wrap things up here, if you’re talking… If you had to kinda talk to a new grad that’s looking to get into sales, what do you think the soft skills are that they should learn in their first two years, what is it that they need to be really good at? That’s gonna help them be a killer salesperson going into their second, third and fourth, roll down the right, not going in desperate and understanding that what the service they’re providing is they actually believe in it, because if they’re just going in there for the sale, if they’re not gonna close it.

And I mean, it’s very, very generic answer Because… But it’s actually true, if you don’t believe that the doctoral benefit from the service from whatever reason, whether it be the saving money where there… It’d be making their lives a lot easier. Whether it be working with you is just better, and they would enjoy that more than working with another, represented from another company that cut all those three factors in there more, that’d be good, but being able to… The best thing to do is listen to their pain points. The classic sales really… Right, and you have two ears. One Mouth. So listen more than you talk. Right, right.

What they say, here what they say, and then repeat what they say, and then say, here’s my solution to what you just said, or let me reiterate what you said, and this is what I think now, when… If they already have that service or they already have whatever, you gotta figure out what the Fuentes OU and the doctor’s gonna go with you because of you because what you know… So reading books, it’s gonna be huge it understanding how to treat and when friends and influence people is a really good book that I understand and learn, and having a mentor in that space, so why… We talked about like, Hey, I’m new to sales. I think that clinically, I might not want to be a clinician, but I kinda don’t wanna throw that away.

Right, and so how can… You’re asking, How can I gain experience and know to be able to utilize my knowledge in my expertise in health care and whatever my degree is, and then utilizing it to as a liaison or business development or sales for a company that maybe I believe in, or maybe I don’t believe it at first, and then it’s just a stepping stone for the next thing that I do really wanna go to… You’re gonna have to find a job maybe necessarily that you won’t believe it at first, just to don’t understand how… And one, I have a good learning and education system, and you’re getting those reps, then when you get to that next level of attorneys, what you need to be able to be on call under pressure. I don’t know what the answer. Initially year to be like, Man, I’m nervous. I don’t know how to answer this question as I don’t know. Right, and either… And I literally, I know the answer, I literally sat in front of a doctor, I took on my phone, I called the person who I started putting on speaker and is like, Hey, I am with dibaba, blah. Can you ask the question? I… Let me put the most speaker… Yeah, it’s… It makes me look a little silly, but then also this respectable because you’re saying you do for my knowledge stops, but and I know somebody else who can potentially help us, and so that’s a huge win for lots of people, so… 100%, appreciate that.

So tell us one more time, recap for us, what kind of industry… What kind of services are you doing right now that the viewership kind of understand in how can they contact… If they wanna learn more from you here in what you’re doing, find a way to network with you and the eaters, I no longer really do too much of the lab space, I deal primarily, I’ve gone back into orthopedics, tensions, DVT devices, helping clinics and clinicians utilize those methods and maybe either helping it become Turkey, making easier for them prescribed, maybe helping them increase profitability and maximizing profits… Yeah, by doing the exact… What they were doing already, but making it a little easier on them, so that’s a huge… That’s easy, easy thing. Yeah, so working in that orthopedic space, and I’m doing a lot of different wholesaling while working with different tributes, different items or services with a variety of other over the over medicines or even braces again and other products, when you’ve been in the game and you’re making connections you may not know someone who knows the answer, but you know someone who knows, who sometimes also in your job at this point is now… Can I go to… Yeah, and then if you connect the dots, now you’re no longer doing the work, but there’s a finer she involved and you’re just sitting back and enjoying that in an opportunity and they appreciate you. They’re gonna take care of you. Yeah, and that’s the name of the game. That’s the long play. It’s not the media put. We’re not gonna be a lot of money a front, but long-term or long series building relationships, you’re gonna make residual income and then it’s only gonna create more deals in the future, but is that now they’re refer to you for your wheel house… Right, and that’s the name of the game, right? So in total, that’s what i do, you contact me on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram de underscore and K-O-L-Z. you could even be an me on that, but that’s kind of a personal page.

Awesome. But yeah, any of those. Make your the metre. And then Nicolas M-K-O-L-O-U-L is… You could find Montero, Facebook or LinkedIn, message me directly, more than happy to help out or communicate, and I’m always willing to collaborate with people who are… Wanna be in space and got their business as man, thank you so much for coming by the podcast, the prospect, and so really appreciate your time here in… No, it’s for… And good luck for the next couple of cuts are going to re… It is a teenage.

I too.

So he ate

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