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I initiated the welcome to the prospecting show, where each week we talk about tips, tricks and methods for growing an amazing small business pipeline.

I’m your host, Dr. Connor Robertson and on this podcast, you can expect segments on communication opportunity in closing, thank you to everyone who has supported my hundred episodes in 100 days goal going into 2020. enjoy the show.

Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today we have came Dominus on the call, how are you? But a, What’s Going On corner? I am doing great, I hope are doing at the wall yourself.

Absolutely, thank you so much for coming by the show. Just to set the agenda here for the people that are listening, we’re gonna talk a little bit about you and what you do in your business, and then we can transition to talking a little bit about some sales prospecting outreach, whatever it is that you wanna talk about. So that the fewer ship can learn a bit about it. So to start off, tell us what you’re doing. What’s your business? What do you do professionally? And let’s go from there.

Yeah, absolutely, thank you so much for that intro. I am a digital marketing agency owner, so my job in a nutshell is I go after specific industries, for example, real estate and mortgage, life insurance, things like that, and I help bring more business to them, I do the generation… So that’s what I do.

And been doing that for about four and a half years, going on to five almost… And to be honest, I love it. I’ve had a strong, strong sales background growing up, I started working in sales at 14, I’m freakin 29 get old now, so what I’ve been doing sales for so long, marketing was just… For me, it was kind of a way out of that 90 to 50 of Tripoli having to go work for somebody else and can build their business and all that, so I was like, Why don’t I take on skills, build my own business and work on myself, and then that’s what I did, and that’s what I’m doing now. And I’m also helping other people, like beginning entrepreneurs or agency owners and things like that, to help get them started in their own sales process, in their own business.

That’s awesome. So what would you say your piece of advice would be to people… You got this kind of coaching program or consulting born where you’re teaching other entrepreneurs how to run their business, where do you see them falling short and where do you think you’d give some advice for them when they’re starting out, what should they do when they start a groundbreaking question here. So the first thing that I notice when it comes to really anything that’s you going into the unknown and you trying something that you’ve never done before and you had in to come into that show, it’s like that fear of X, Y, and Z.Right, that fear of, Oh my God, they’re gonna say no. Or the fear of, Oh my God, what if I get shut down?

But I fear, Oh my God, what do I say something wrong on the call or this happens, I’m like, You cannot let that fear hold you back, and that comes up onto mindset.

So the first thing I would tell anybody, if you’re gonna go into business for yourself or you’re taking on a big role or a big position, or you’re gonna start making sales for yourself, whatever the case is, you gotta get in the right mindset, ’cause if you’re not thinking about things clearly, if you don’t have your wine place, if you don’t have goals and you don’t have your trackers and all this, you’re not gonna succeed and whatever it comes down to, especially sales, right? You can’t go into a sales call all depressed and feel like not like, No, you wanna get pumps, you wanna put some man, raise it up on blast, you wanna go spring three times and drink some coffee, you got pump in it on the move.

Yes, I tell them that because they’re like, Oh, I don’t think I did so good in the Con, and then I asked for the recording, and this guy, it sounds like he’s half asleep, there’s no energy, there’s no Ona and I did.

I’m like, I wanna hang up on you. 45 seconds into this call and this guy lasted 14 minutes… Yeah, no, absolutely. That’s super important. When you do some of this consulting stuff and you have your team, your clients, I should say, doing sales calls, do you recommend phone calls, zoom some other kind of video chat, what do you suggest is the best way of some… In a great tonality. Good body language. What do you think is the best way for somebody to actually prospect with their clients? Do those sales calls.

Yeah, absolutely, that’s a great question. So that… And people get confused as to what they should be doing it, and then every one thing I tell them is like anything in life to see what works, Peter you or what’s more efficient, you have to test… Right, just the test ads, Petes copy, split test this seasoning versus that. So do 10 sales calls over the phone, one call, close it, go through your framework and then doing a pitch at the end, and then do another 10 and sit in a zoom call and and have a presentation, have a pitch deck and go through it, and then again, pitch at the end, close it and see what’s more comfortable for you, are you more comfortable sitting down in person looking at a person on the screen and having them show your face, maybe you’re a little… Maybe a little camera. Okay, let’s try the one call Clothes and if it works, and stick to what’s work it, six one’s working because kind of… Oh man, I did three good calls on video, but then I bond 10 sales calls, let me try another town like No, you kind of already did your basic, so just to what worked the first time, and then go from there after some time, obviously come back and evaluate and like, Okay, I think I can just stick to this and start training other sales people, eventually your own process, but you gotta find your cadence… Absolutely as a…

Yeah, yeah. So what do you think about when people are going to that sales process and they… Like you said, three calls on the phone, then they do three calls on Zoom, and they get really good at one, they say, I’m gonna do zooms for now on that’s all… I’m gonna do video conference, I’m gonna close them all there, and then six months down the road, they’re not getting the result they got at the beginning… Eden. Did they switch it up? I know you talk about split testing, but when did they switch that up and go different routes?

Well, if you do, if you guys know the roster bunton is, he’s amazing marketer, and he has a thing called the 100 click test, right?

Where you send traffic to a specific landing page and if 100 clicks, meaning 100 people came through it and nothing happened, then there’s something wrong with that specific part of the funnel, so if you do your… Not even more than 10 calls, if you do a week and a half of just one call closing and it’s not working out for you, then realize that either ask for help, get better, maybe see if there’s something that you’re doing wrong.

I always assume that you’re at fault and you can always get better and learn from your experience, but if you’re like, It’s just not happening for you and just like bonding calls after calls, switch over, right after some time, you’re gonna realize, This is not working out. I just generate cash flow, obviously to have to sit things out, you can’t just stay with something that’s not working at the other… Absolutely. Some time get a little… Seven days or something, or X number of calls. Right, right. To get some flexibility and the antennae as… Exactly.

So what would you say in terms of the offers that people make, so if you had to give some advice to the viewership on offer, do you like to have a mid-range offer and that an upsell offer or do like a mid-range offering, then it down sell off or what do you find works best for your business and for in your consulting group that you teach, or your coaching group, but what do you recommend?

Yeah, for sure. That’s an actual… Great question. So what I tell my students, and when they’re going after a specific industry, the first thing I tell them is to know your market, right, you have to understand who you’re talking to, who you’re selling to, what are their wants, their fears or needs… Their goals where they tried already.

Right, and you wanna go down that route.

Especially if you can do what’s called the customer research campaign, is something that I do my own business when I’m entering in Unite landscaping, let’s say I’ve never done it before, so I have no idea what the audience wants, so I’ll do a little survey and it’s based off the concept of a perilous, and then I put out an ad and I get this feedback from people in real-time, real life answers, and then I’m like, Okay, people want to not get rip off, people want to make sure that you don’t cut off their flowers and then a-b, I take that and they create an irresistible offer on that has to be irresistible, like If you’re offer, whatever you’re putting together for whatever business… If you hear it and you don’t say, Oh my God, that’s a no-brainer. I have to buy that right now, if they don’t feel that way, then it’s not an irresistible offer, right, then you are hard to solve it, and what do you think that offer looks like, so you’re saying we’re talking about upsells versus down sells on that offer is that offer, the first offer, the mid-range, what you’d ideally like them to buy, or is that a cell or what is that… So what I would do is I would have a main offer it by core offer, for example, I’ll give you my mortgage example, so my core offer is 30 to 45 book appointments per month, an entire system… Obviously, I’m paraphrasing that I would say, Sure, sure, sure.

But that is my core offer, I want them to buy this, it’s five grand, I only wanna sell this package, okay, we’ll ever… There are people who would not have five grand, but still wants to work with me.

Okay, okay, so we’ll do a little down… So I cut, I call it my trial package, because what I want… That ages 35-00, and it’s like 75 leads.

It’s not booked appointments anymore, leads and then you have to work it with the system and a book, maybe they love the 500 a month plan and they wanna… Like, You know what, let’s do. It’s to longer. I’m like, Okay, I have a 12-month friend.

Right, and we were going, here goes to upside for the first month. This is great. What else do you have? Let’s do 12 months at 4k or something, right? Oh, got options for your clients, ’cause if that single offer doesn’t work and you’re super adamant, and that was one mistake that I did, you’re not gonna move anywhere, so you… Or that’s just it, right? You don’t have any where to go, if you have one offer and they say no to that, it’s like, Okay… This conversation is done, right?

Very, very. So would you recommend… So you talked a little bit like an offer that you present, then you have the down-sell offer for the people who don’t have the 5K, for example, but then really you have an upsell offer in the end where you’re saying, I’ll drop the price from 5 month to 4 Cantu you gotta commit for 12 months, is that kinda like your upsell at the end there, is that kind of how you recommend to do that?

Exactly, not those numbers, exactly. As far as the retainer goes, but that’s the idea, so I haven’t sensitizing this guy, if he’s already sold in my 90-day package and he’s ready to drop 12… I’m like, Listen, if you go for 12 months instead of paying 45, we’ll do 37, 50 and ergotelis this like… He’s already sold on the idea. Like it… Alright, trying to scale and build… Go long term. ’cause that’s where the money is, right? No, absolutely. In that sales process, do you find that the customer is very understanding of what you do, or do you find that first 90 days is a lot of explaining what you do, do they really get the service you offer before you start doing it for them?

Yes, absolutely, so this kinda comes down to my qualification process and how I position myself before we get in a call or even do business together, so they understand it’s a 90-day framework because you can’t just generate results for the specific industry that I’m in any way overnight, it’s 4, 5 and any days at the minimum. So that’s kind of what I’m pitching.

If they’re okay with that, like I told them, You’re gonna get shit leads, you’re gonna get people to tell you know what, you’re gonna get this, you’re gonna get that, I’m pre-framing the situation, but at the other… In 90 days, you’re gonna see the rainbow, you’re gonna have the pot old, but you’re gonna have to sit through that process as those called Growing pains, so that the other growing pains, then that’s just a good until… Let’s go longer.

Absolutely. So what industries are you working in right now so that if our viewership has somebody they wanna refer to you, what does your primary industries or working on… For sure, absolutely. So I only have four that I’m working on the… Well, I’m focusing on heavily actively is Leste image, it’s life insurance, and it’s finance advisors, those four.

Awesome, so if they wanted to get in contact with you, any of those kind of four markets there, how would they reach you… A good way to reach me would be on LinkedIn, just look at my name in skeet and my last name, Deming, I’m there, you guys will send me a message that’s Connect, let’s talk… I love to jump on a colony can help you.

Awesome, well, thank you so much for coming by the show, man, that insight is great with what you guys are doing, and hope you can now link up with some of those people after the show here and share the podcast out, but we’d love to have you back in the future for another segment, we could talk a talk shop more on the marketing side, but I really appreciate you being on the prospecting show. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for having the guys… I happen, absolutely.

The on teenage.

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