That he… The more that we explore this, the more the doors were opening up for us, so we actually have been approached for a big horse horse training facility that’s been… That trains horses for racing and for different competition.

So welcome back to the prospect the show, where each week we talk about tips, tricks and methods for growing in amazing small business pipe. Fine, I’m your host, Dr. Connor Robertson on this podcast, you can expect segment on communication, sales prospecting in closing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my hundred episodes in 100 days. goal of going into 2020, enjoy the show.

Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today we have Francisco or TS from Quanta technologies on the call. How are you there?

Well, thank you, Dr. planter for having me.

Absolutely, so tell the viewership a little bit about what you do, give us kind of the background of where you came from and what you’re doing right now.

Sure, so I’ve been in sales for… Since I was 15, I’m about 42 years old now, so I’ve been selling a lot of products. I usually go and I join companies that have proven technologies and happened to come across this company, quanta in January, and my wife had a migraine headache and this company offered her a muscle bone, just recommended that massage this muscle rub on the side of her temples and her migrated went away, so my wife is one of those people that she takes… She needs a couple of IV profits, the strongest ones on the market for her to the battle… Her headaches or migraine tics, so we were shocked when… When it worked. So we learned a little bit more about the technology and what they were doing. And once we went to the lab and saw the technology up close and personal, I knew that I wanted to continue to work with this company, but yeah, my wife and I, I… My wife has been working in pain management in rehabilitation for the last 10 years, and I’ve been actually working with other medical sales companies doing other things, like different types of testing, specialized testing for neuropathy for different melanoma and cancers. So this is totally different than what I’ve been doing for the last five years. So this is completely different, but every hour, 200 people become addicted to opioids, so I’m trying to do my part and help back crisis, and so that’s been my mission since the beginning of this year of 2019, so it’s been quite a journey this year so far, and we’ve been getting a lot of great results with our customer, so… So that’s a… It’s been a what? Wild, right?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, quite an opening there. So maybe tell the viewers a little bit more about Quanta and how one of your staple products is a CBD line, but maybe talk a little bit about how is the company as a whole and sort of this vision of quantum physics. Why should somebody look at Quanta over some of these other companies that exist in the market, ’cause you guys are super unique compared to other companies… Absolutely, and the biggest difference with us is that we’re not a marijuana something, so that that’s the number one differentiator from us from other CBD company, so our main focus is the cannabinoids plant, but there’s different compounds within that plan, so we’re creating products that have other compounds like CBN, not only CBD, but we have… We’re using CBN as well for sleep aids, and we’re also using CBD for beauty products.

I think what makes the difference in different is really our patent technology, we… We have a technology that nobody else has, and no one else is utilizing the way we are, and so the biggest thing is that we’re adding the energy back into the molecule, so creating more energy within… Using bio energy, that’s been around for a while, but this company is actually taking natural ingredients using the technology to increase bio-energy within the organism and really having it work better within the body and our receptors, so the science behind it and the technology behind it is really what separates us from other companies, the word… We’re actually getting into other things other than pain management, we’re actually gonna be exploring agriculture as well, so increasing the time that a can actually be… Harvest is big for us right now, so if we can price the speed of harvesting of agricultural plants and different types of foods, we can speed up the crops from being process and everything like that, so a lot of agricultural companies are reaching out to us to use our technology and I, we have a been reaching out to us, Coca-Cola, so there be… There’s been some, definitely some conversations behind the things that are really taking us not only through the CBD world, but we’re also agriculture aging, so there’s definitely different realms where we’re taking this technology.

Absolutely, and so with your sales experience, because you spend so much time in the sales world, what do you think is up and coming with the CBD space, a healthcare is really expanding as it is, pain management’s a huge issue right now. There’s opioid crisis all around the United States, what have you seeing changed and now that you’ve had different call points in different doctors you’ve worked with, what do you think about that sales process? Is it easier, is it harder? Is it more confusing? What… Tell me about the sales process.

Absolutely, I think there’s a lot of confusion out there right now, and what is CBD… How do… There’s a lot of laws that the doctors and other people are concerned about, is it illegal? What’s the legal… It’s not illegal, it’s a constant moving to… To speak, so it’s definitely evolving every… I think every year it’s been evolving more and more, but a lot more testing is being done right now, so there actually been a lot more breakthroughs happening in the anti-aging space. They’re using it a lot more now. They wanna use it more for…

I know for healing, obviously, there’s a lot of healing properties within CBD, so they’re sure they’re looking at different ways… Different ways to utilize that. So I think right now what’s changing is that you’re gonna start seeing a lot of CBD in a lot more things like faced greens and the product, any kind of other products, there’s definitely… We were in New York a couple of weeks ago, and there were CBD and pizza. And so that obviously was a concern because if dif, it’s cook a US at over 350 degree that BDS no longer gonna be doing anything valuable or doesn’t have any healing properties after that.

Right. There’s a lot of people that are using CBD for good, and other people that are just trying to see if they can make a quick buck off of this. So right now, I think it’s just the market’s very flooded with a lot of different options and people are confused, and should I eat a de gummy bear or should I put it topically?

And I’m not a doctor, but I can tell you that we’ve seen the most results topically with a net, but there’s been a lot of claims about CBD oils working well as… To reduce inflammation, but I think there’s still a lot more to it.

The ties that have to take place, but we’re gonna be seeing a lot more that there’s definitely a lot of money invested into studies right now, so in the next five, 10 years… Yeah, I think there’s gonna be a lot of growth.

For sure. So I… You go to a trade show, or you go to one of these events and you present your product, what do you think about the end customers, so you got podiatrist and maybe physiatrist, pain management specialist, you got chiropractors, PTs. Where do you see the pain management space kind of going, do you think it’s gonna spread across multiple providers and your guys products, you’re gonna be with different providers, you think it’s gonna get more focused. I… Tell me a little bit about who you think the ideal customer is gonna be at the end of the day for the CBD CBN space.

Yeah, I think there’s no real… I can’t tell the future, but I can tell you that anybody that is in pain is a customer of ours in a client, a bar. So the more that we explore this, the more the doors were opening up for us, so we actually have been approached for a big core training facility that’s been… That trains horses for racing and for different competitions, and they’ve been using CBD to reduce inflammation and heal the muscles and joints of the horses, so they’ve approached us and they’d like to buy large volume so that for us, we’re getting called in, getting pulled in different directions so the opportunities are, you start to look at this, it’s a topic and you’re not actually ingesting any of the CBD, so I think we’re gonna be looking into different avenues when it comes to veterinarians and this product or… Very well for TMJ as well. So we have that whole division to look at too, when it comes to different dentists or dishes or in really, if there’s pain-related or if there’s any kind of any kind of inflammation within the body of a person or an animal. I think there’s definitely an opportunity to be Quanta and for the CBD space.

Absolutely, and just to get the viewers a little background here, when we met up in terse, I guess it would have been, and you were telling me about kind of differences in what you guys were doing both at the CBD and CBN level, but kind of this agriculture application, some of these other use cases of the technology, the actual quantum physics you guys are doing, I thought it was interesting and… And I remember you saying, Well, you’ve got to jump on a plane to come see the place because it’s really hard to explain without actually getting out there, to remember a couple of days after that, got a ticket, flew from Pittsburg to Denver, Denver to Burbank, got out of the plane, came over to your guys place for two hours, saw the stuff, spoke with you and Eric and the rest of the team, and up there and hung out and then got back on a plane, floater and flu to Pittsburg in all in one day, which was from you as ridiculous, but at the end of the day, it was 100% working that come to your guys facility, so I always try to share that story, people, they say, Oh, you travel… I say, I travel a lot for things that matter, if it is gonna go do it, so that was worth every penny in and all the time invested there. Posse got some great food. So that was awesome.

Absolutely, I… So to that things up here, if people want to learn more about quanta, maybe in the CBD and CBD CBN space, but also maybe a little bit about the technology, see one of your guys videos online, how could they reach you, what would be the uses way for someone to get a hold of you? Or the brand itself?

Yeah, absolutely. So if you go to our website, quanta, CD dot com, Anta CBD dot com is our website using get a lot of information, we have a lot of videos posted there, I also recommend that you go and explore YouTube and look up just quanta CBD muscle rub and you’ll see a lot of testimonials, which are very impactful in power Holden, really what we depend on as a company are the testimonials because that’s really what we wanna know is we learn something everyday from all of our patients and people that are using our product and how they’re using it and we’re just blown away on the different texts of diagnoses that they’re using it for, so every day is a new experience learning from our people, so I definitely recommend going on our website, going to YouTube, and if you wanted to contact me directly, my name is Prince skill, like San Francisco stems roti, and my email is F. and if you wanted to email forts at Quanta dot com. And yeah, that’s the best way. I just email me, I mention a sales director, and if you have any questions, I can send you some samples at no charge, and I love for anybody listening to try out our product and give us a shot and I… See what makes us different.

Absolutely, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to talk to us here, and we appreciate everything you’ve done for us and sports and healthcare and working together and learn about your technology, and we hopefully can now fly out to see you soon.

Absolutely, thank you very much, Dr. can forgive me the time and the opportunity to speak on the show… Absolutely have a today.

He too, that one.

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