I, if you haven’t heard about anchor, it’s the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain, it’s free, there’s creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer, and an coral distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcast in all the other platforms.

You can make money from your podcasts with no minimum listenership, it’s everything you need to make a podcast in one place, download the free and crap. Or go to anchor FM to get started. I got a computer that you can record on Zoom, whatever it is, and we just rock it, so the next day I get all this stuff, Amazon Prime shift all in here, a hook it all up and then bam, eight episodes in a row, just hammer them out and now here we are talking again, so 10 100 days were defined.

The Ateneo.

Welcome back to the prospect not show, where each week we talk about tips, tricks and methods for growing in an amazing small business. Pipe fine, I’m your host, Dr. Conor Robertson on this podcast, Coupe segment on communication, sales prospecting in closing, thank you to everyone who has supported my 100 episodes in 100 days goal of going into 2020.Enjoy the show around here. Oh yeah, I just sat in the mood… Yeah, then we go, I just wanna breathe it in. Good stuff.

I don’t want any phones ring in here, so I mean with it, let me… ’cause it happens every time for me, I’ve been there, not that I… Rashidun of my… I think so for that, I recorded right in the middle of it, phone goes off of like… Really, it kind of The… So alright, let’s rock it.

I mean, I think we are recording and do a… This is one of those things where I’m a freestyle conversation, and I’m really excited to see you in the space, I gotta tell you this, like you were one of those guys once you first linked up, let me try to set the whole theme for the actual podcast about it, yeah. Yeah, so we got likely tied in through Keysight, was it the Fitchburg for a couple of business meetings, you were free, you have to be sure you can major… So fruit, yeah, you bought the old out, maybe down the hotel, had a couple of beers really quick and then I get quickly tailed was within the first 15 minutes, I’m like, Alright, us guys gonna be rock star in our space.

So the coolest part about it is that you were in healthcare, first, Triton, and into this B2B marketing sales dominant role, which is rare that I definite wanna talk about, that’s what… The part of this conversation, because healthcare is not known for producing quality B2B sales guys, let us… That’s a tangibly. Yeah, yeah. But not your Podcast and as well, and you were trying to do a 100 episodes with… In like What?

This… Yeah, I’m 100 days, 100 PTs and 100 days in that goal to came from let’s spin the story for the people listening as well, so… Yeah, you did that sales culture interview with Linda.

Yeah, and she goes, I, I love the podcast. And didn’t turn out well. You guys gonna redo it? Whatever. But she said, Oh, this is pretty cool. And she asked me, she said, Hey, can you help me do this? And I said, Well, if I’m gonna help you do it, I better know what I’m doing for.

So I just jumped out there called you said, Hey, how do I do this thing? What do I need? You go get the anchor app, get a like or phone, get some headphones, get a computer that you can record on Zoom, whatever it is, and just rock it. So the next day I get all the stuff Amazon Prime ship at all in here, a hook it all up and then bam eight episodes in a row, just hammer them out and now here we are talking again, so 100 days or that one doing it… She can, I’m loving a man. Do the canneries, welcome to the podcast on there. Thank you so much.

Then you know what, man? So I love the fact that you don’t really have to say, that’s something that I learned really quick about you, is that you don’t need a lot of details and facts, I like, Look, this stuff as simple podcasting as simple, it’s just people talking. It’s Pacifics, right? That’s one of the best in using this actual tool, but before we dive into that week, ’cause I know we both got a lot kind Damon that later, if people… A little bit your background or does story, how did you get in healthcare in the first place, this Seth… Yeah, so to jump back to 2008, I was playing super competitive hockey up in Canada, which is where I grew up, I got hit from behind, head first into the boards, broke my spine.

Alright, and everyone goes, Wow, that’s crazy, right? So six, eight months of rehab there, first orthopedic guy, He says, No matter what happens, never see a chiropractor.

I said, Alright, so then what I did is I said, Well, if he says, Don’t do that.

Just My Nature, we’re definitely doing it right. So I get out six, eight weeks to start just doing nothing, sitting at home, taking presets, just glued to their horrible experience, would never recommend it for anyone else. Go back to the ortho guy, he’s like, Oh yeah, we could probably probably start getting you into some rehab, pt, whatever he said, But don’t go to the chiropractor, so I said, We’re going with a chiropractor, so I go there first to join or had this one on the first meeting then, when I come back for the fall, if he says, Definitely don’t do this, so I had to do it, so I go to see the chiropractor, gives me a couple of light adjustments… This is right after I broke my back, this was probably three months later, just started to heal up light adjustments, instrument adjusting, So something really gentle for anyone of any age.

And I was like, This is what I wanna do.

So after that, fast-forward, chiropractic school, come from Canada to the US, go to New York, go to chiropractic school, practice for two years and then go… Wait a second, I love sales. The healthcare market definitely needs people who are in the B2B prospecting space… Yeah, and with sales culture one, I go to all these trade shows or sees different vendors, I’m like, Great product, horrible marketing.

How can I match those two together? So what I did is I just talked to a few different people and started working on our prospecting system in, interestingly enough, the prospecting tool that we created, which helps generate B2B leads is the reason Keith and I met a… So, alright, cool. Not getting history, and I’m getting some actual backstory on Keith a little bit too, so… Yeah, yeah, you started this prospect until… And then you and Keith, exactly. exec as dilate at this time, so I was practicing in 50-607 visits a day, working 10 12 hours a day, even on the weekends, and I’m like, Oh, I gotta get something evening to try and grow my network, grow the people I’m working with and get some new connections. So I started building out this tool, some email, some text message, direct message, LinkedIn, everything I got, and I connect with key, and I’m trying to sell them another product that I’m side Hussite, he got… What was that the product?

It was like a chiropractic vibration-type device, soft tissue device, capital equipment both 5000 guy was working with was making it, and so I basically went in there and to try to sell it to him, and he said, I don’t like the product.

But I like you.

I have a client in Atlanta next week, I’m gonna be down there teaching… Fly down and meet me.

So I jump on a plane, I worked 8 o’clock on Friday night, jump on the plane at night, fly over land, meet him and his client.

Alright, yeah, and then we’re like, We gotta do something together, so we figure out all this immigration stuff, ’cause he had to change all my papers and all… ’cause I wasn’t gonna be a physician anymore, I was gonna be a consultant, it’s different category, so I fly down and meet him, we do the deal, I come back up and he says, We gotta work together. We gotta come up with a partnership, we’ve gotta come with some way to work together to… We said, Boom, done, within 30 days. We started working together.

Love it, man, I love it. And what a transparency out to the actual audience as well, I love data product and myself, that’s why man, you got linked up Leaside working together, I was like, Man, this coming great for the team.

Me being a sales guy, knowing that one of the biggest problems, if you’re good at sales, let’s assume that that person all has these sales, the line.

And so if you got that part down, one of the hardest parts is trying to fill your action, you can ask you in front of enough people if you are a real close at… And so the top of the funnel issues, and I was like, Oh, you can automate this process for us in a way that’s not like some robotic looking field, I just got just blasting out 1000 people and everybody knows it again, not something… Yeah, I’ve been there.

So that’s a smoother process. So, sorry, right. So you lay this out, U and T for pretty straightforward with each other, ’cause you guys autopsies on get that and healthcare is Desperado something like this, right? I would say the B2B SaaS guys, those guys do a pretty decent job, all the guys out of the valley and everything else, they… Yeah, kind of laid it out to have a pretty good sales structure, a healthcare… This is for a… For virgin territory, for live Platte businesses. So what type of… What that of gaps are you seeing within the healthcare sales on line? Yeah, yeah, this is a good question. I actually was just starting to record a little segment on this the other day, so here’s the big gap, right?

They have a budget, so you got a product, you have a service, whatever it is, when you have a budget and you say, This budgets for marketing, and then the first thing everybody does is they go, Let’s do trade shows, they take their whole team to take three or four guys, they spend 600, go to the trade show plus hotels, plus food, plus flights for three, four, five, six guys, whatever it is to come to the booth, and that’s what any other marketing to… Let’s spend 5 to 10 Kapoor, gonna spend 60 Gs a year to go do marketing, and then they have no strategy before the event, no strategy during the event, no strategy after the event, and then at the end of the year, when we do their Q4 report or end of your report and they go, I’m not even sure if this worked, and so they start right back at the beginning and they don’t know anything out, so… So the next year going in 2020, for example, they do the same thing… ’cause that’s all they know, and they don’t know, there’s a different way. So what we is, we basically set out there and said, This is what people are doing trade show trade show trade show. Tons of money on Facebook. And here’s the problem with Facebook. It’s a consumer audience.

We’re not gonna sell a 10, 15, 20, 30, 50-00000 product on Facebook. It’s not gonna happen. It’s the wrong audience, if you’re selling a drink role at tape, something small that the consumer combined, maybe the price of Facebook’s going through the roof right now. And the cost of advertising is ridiculous, so for us, we developed a platform that says, I don’t care how my sales guys… You could have one guy, you have 100 guys, we have a solution for you that’s by sales rep per month. So instead of having to sit there and say, How much do we spend on Facebook? All you do is you come to us and you say, I wanna put this product in front of these people at this time with the sales rep, one problem of right now it’s up to you to be a killer out there and make sure that you get the job done was selling stuff, right, we cannot make people better sales people, but what we can do is shorten that gap between trade shows and cold calls, ’cause no one likes to and neither of them… They just suck. So this is an opportunity for people to do both of those. And at the end of the day, individuals like yourself who have a really good personality around the sales process are gonna be very successful. And that’s just the way it is, man. You know what, man, it was one of those things that I clearly got a… So you talked about it for less than five minutes, I was like, Oh, so that is… Yeah, and trade shows. You ever so funny. So I’ll be honest about this. I’ve done trade shows, very have just kinda coming to Him, I… Okay, I’ll be the show to… Yeah, I gotta tell you one thing that I’ve really flipped now, I’m like, Okay, you know what, I don’t like going, but to be clear, and I don’t like living on the weekends, ’cause no one… We leave my wife so we… I can leave so cold, sunny, you take that as… Yeah, and this mod and whole bunch holes, we was… So it’s cool, I don’t wanna leave it so kind of a hot on the bird go to some place like Momin, then I don’t really wanna go the in the mid of winter, but I am in Otago Muswell just dominate the show. And so one of the things that I’ve been trying to implement is being natural podcast host at the shows, so it just elevates my presence and I can add body back up front.

Right, I know that you have some skill sets when it comes to helping sales people really understand how we can really rack out her, show you mind having it to… Yeah, yeah, yeah. So there’s some really simple ones actually… First of all, the number one thing I’d always say at the trade show is think about who the audience is.

In pre-sell, pre-sell, pre-self-result, you’re going to a trade show and have no idea who you’re talking to. When you’re talking to or what you’re talking about, your options creek without a paddle. Going backwards, right? So here’s what you gotta do, step number one, make sure you know who’s gonna be there, get the list of the vendors, get the list of the other members that are gonna be at whatever it is, figure out who’s there and do some homework. Number two, connect with those people on LinkedIn ahead of time, go out there, tell them, Hey, I’m gonna be at this show, let’s link up, it’s not that hard, a hammer, a 100 messages yourself if you want… I don’t care, do it before the show so that you’re prepared and maximize to when you’re there, talk to people, don’t just sit there on your phone like I see with everybody else and hammer down you’re spending money to be there, talk to the people who wanna buy the stuff you have… That’s so simple to do.


Step three, when you’re there, collect the leads, what we do is two different ways to collect leads, way one geo-fence, what we do is we balm the crap at a phones with advertising on Facebook, even though Facebook’s a consumer platform, we put it only on cell phones, every single person in the room gets our boots ad for the next three days, go 150000 impressions cost you probably 250 to 300 bucks, you already spent the money for the trade show, just spend the extra to get it there, put on everybody’s phone. Step number two, when you catch their leads, don’t scan their badges, which is what everybody does, you spend 250 bucks to get a badge scanner and scan… And nobody really cares. These go is Can My bad Cabana relax.


So instead of that, we create a form, first name, last name, cellphone, email, a form on your phone, you get people to fill it out, it does two things, first it eliminates the people are just tire kickers, and two, you can have multiple touch ones, you can tax them… We text them right away. Hey, thank Jim. Joe, whoever it is, thanks for coming by the booth, I wanted to give you this piece of value upfront, Here’s our product, here’s what it solves, and here’s how it can help you, we text them as they’re leaving away from the booth.

Automated, we do that, then we follow up with emails and text messages, so those are quality leads, and then at the end of the show, you have a list of 150 people who actually wanna talk instead of these badges that you just were any scan throughout the show and give me your bad… Give me your bad. Like it’s crazy, it’s… So that’s what we do in many… What… Having that actual conversation does help qualify me 100%, I think that’s the part that people kinda miss… Okay, And Obed is almost like it. Like my dad car, it is… Yeah, you will get a couple of hits, but the guys that I won’t go over some cash at the rear and… Right, and just someone stops and actually say, Hey, I’m gonna fit his form and why they’re feeling it out, why not ask about their life and understand who they are a little bit, so you got some context at… You do hit them up. I mean, man, that’s how you separated, right?

That’s exactly it. And you have to know where to start on the list, I don’t care how big or small of an organization is, there’s no way you can prioritize everybody, there has to be some focus.

So if you have a list of 400 people that you just bad scanned randomly just running around with your scanner at the booth, scan people that no idea who to call… Right, it’s like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all. You’re just slam in this thing around all day, try to get it done, you gotta be focused, right.

If you want something, you gotta be focused on it, so that’s why we build out those forms and then have a real conversation, do a podcast with them, do an interview, find out what they actually want, maybe they don’t want what you have, so why would you waste your time selling them that particular product that doesn’t fit their needs, but that’s what they do, and you know what’s cool about you to the man is that you understand what these guys are trying accomplish, the people… Because you were on the other side of the table, you would… Guys getting fished, right?

Yeah, and… And one of the misconceptions, I would say in our space, because it’s like health to be a… So we won.

Yeah, I need to just look at everybody else.

Right, I… Its true, nobody would do this if they weren’t in it for help me out, the inpatient retreat they were doing wouldn’t have any positive results in her life, but what do you see people doing in the healthcare space, especially around the sales and marketing and where they’re like Man, they’re coming to you and they’re not doing blank, obviously, trade shows are dropping above and that in a pre-sales and… Yeah, follow, but whenever they get in front of the person, I just try to think of some areas the ways that we can make… Is whole industry better? All yeah, so I think the actual cost of a strategy is like, it sounds simple, but people don’t do it, so here’s what I hear when I do either sales calls or consultant calls or whatever it is, people go… I ask them, I say, What are you doing for marketing right now, and they go, two things I don’t know or, or I do act just because… So Facebook, I do Facebook. Okay, well, what do you do on Facebook? Oh, I don’t know.

Well, so now you’re telling me you’re spending 4 600 a month on something, you don’t know what it is. To me, that seems like a bad idea. Right, it’s okay to say there’s someone else on our team that manages that, but even if you’re the CEO, the COO of a small organization or a sales manager or a director, still have an idea of what your strategy is. Our goal is to have 50 social media post a year on LinkedIn and X number of post over here, like you gotta have some strategy around it, and then look at how does that drive sales and the people that lose every single time, or the people who think I put an ad up and money just comes in the door, that’s not how it works, the goal of the ad is to get on the phone, and the goal of the phone is to educate them to get in the office.

Once you’re in the office, you can create that value at them and say, I have a solution to your problem, it’s gonna help you in three different ways, better clinical results, more money, and ideally save you time or be a service that can be delegated.

Those are the three things that people care about as a physician, I don’t care if you’re a pain management standard, running the mill medical doctor like a family physician, or if you’re a CIO or PT, doesn’t matter, everybody wants those three things, better clinical results. Last time spent on things. And ideally more money because… Who doesn’t like going to Mali in December?

So yeah, those are the three things, right? So if you could solve those three problems, which sounds very simple and kind of generic, then you will win every single time, but you know what the man simple weds do because people don’t wanna think of a brand new concept, they don’t wanna have to go outside outside of wings have to reinvent something that’s ridiculous. That’s beautiful. So thank is a kind of… Into those that men.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

It means we’re getting close to the brand of year 2020, her sounds meds. I feel like we should be in flying cars, a riding a… You hit that.

Tell me what’s going on for 2020. what type of things are you gonna… Are you seeing in the whole atmosphere, especially around marketing and I… Yeah, we see this or seeing some crazy stuff on social, so one of the big things is Twitter, Twitter is like Otto, it’s not back. It’s going down, it’s going down. Twitter is terse phasing out, right? So the question is, there’s always been this kind top before really, you got Facebook, you got Instagram, you have YouTube, which were kinda like the top three pillars, and then you had Twitter, which was this fringe… It was great for a while, but it’s been kind of going down over time, and then you got LinkedIn, which is in the business space, let’s just leave that over there for a second, what you’re gonna see in the consumer space is tip talk a 100% tick talks will exceed Instagram. This is on a… Right, so a talk is going to exceed Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. Guaranteed, mark my words. Two Years or Less.

The renter, that’s where it’s going, so… Or you wanted to talk a mini watching it get strategy before I go all in, ’cause I gotta learn something a little bit before I do it, even though I am an action guy still, I can’t just go running around doing everything, but I think you’re gonna see huge uptick in Tick Tock, and the second thing is almost 40%, I think maybe the numbers are hiring out, 40% of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a week, podcasting through the roof, easy to record, not too difficult to edit. Lots of people on it here like look at how we’re jamming right now, so for me to do tick talk and podcasts are gonna be the next biggest thing, and I think you’re gonna see LinkedIn really gonna take a surge in the next six to 12 months here, because people are realizing, if you wanna get business done, trade shows are not the only way anymore.

Yeah, that’s what I think…

I love both of those men, so I’m on tactic and I’m seeing the actual crazy amount of growth that’s really happening there.

I heard the part that got me is that when I started playing around on it, distribution, it can easy… You can distribute to all the other platforms, it basically, I’m like, Oh shit, these guys wanna run distribution that the… That’s the model that’s exactly the most the for… And what about any Celeste Carter? Let’s go back to podcast. Anchor distribution platform. Yeah, you go record, yeah, you can do all aether things, but it’s all about how can you distribute to all these are networks, let’s go Spotify, Google podcast, whatever it is. It’s going out. So same thing for tidal, that’s a distribution network for audio and video, you got anchor, which is distributing audio podcast across multiple platforms in Terai platforms every week, man, I just keep popping up. So distributions King and I.Let’s talk advertising, right?

At the end of the day, advertising is only as good as the audience you’re putting it in front of, that’s straight up. So where is the new advertising gonna be consumer, it’s gonna be tick tack, a business is gonna be podcast, 100%, it’s gonna be all podcast gonna be audio blurbs, 15-second cuts, little intros, affiliate, cut, all these different tools that are gonna happen, and then people are gonna cross-market that with anchor and cast out to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as secondary sources, and maybe if you’re recording a video session of it too, then you’re gonna have a video ad thrown in there to 100%. That’s where it’s going through podcasts advertising, is that right now… And there’s a couple different angles looks, and I gonna throw out Mahottari too, ’cause I want your honest feedback with the retro… So one of the things that has blown me away by podcast as is the fact that podcasts, guesting in particular, is doing this, if we have the right audience that’s engaged and that’s up to actual podcast to kinda do that, but sumanth, great audience. People actually like me, you come on my show, people that follow me listening by sales of marketing on have you could sit it off my traits, easy.

Right, I love with you was contested, he knows his shit as well, I wanna check out his podcast ’cause you got the whole prospect and show that you’re doing right now, so that’s a major for you.

Yeah, but what I’m seeing from a couple of these case studies, very growth from sales DC, one podcast on the right up a side has led to 100000 in actual revenue for… Right, absolutely. If you give it the right podcasting and you go in, you go, person the person lights out and the slide, and then you wrap in the whole pre-rolls and this awareness of if you have a really highly engaged audience that’s showing that people are definitely resonated with those actually as well, it’s just a different way to live in… That’s exactly it. So if it… We just talked micro there, let’s go macro for for a second, the back before TV, the radio radio was the place to go, people consumed sports games, talk shows, whatever it is on the radio, then the TV came out in, TV was starting to run ads there already got the cops of the world, the Pepsi, like the real big guys or clothing companies running that, then we took the TV and said, Well, that’s not good enough. Let’s put it on this little, you know, two by Finch device that we care around all day, called the phone.

So we did that. Now, what we’re seeing as well, we skip the whole fixing the radio thing, so now what we’re seeing is podcasting, I think is gonna replace the radio and even cars now, day, some of them aren’t even having radios installed and then they don’t get a letter. They go, exactly, they got a… A voice-driven kind of thing, and because of that, what ends up happening is you have to focus on that new market, which is podcasting, how can we run advertising, how we got good brand awareness in that platform, because TV is no longer the place to be long term for the small guys, unless you got a million and you’re spending on the Super Bowl commercial for 15 seconds, you’re not doing it, so podcast and gonna be a huge thing. And then your traditional consumer ads, Facebook Instagram, tip talk, right? So absolutely, podcasting is gonna be probably one of the best ways to do business-to-business marketing going forward, here’s that think that this might… We could possibly break the actual system here for guys who are like yourself, ’cause you’re doing 00 episodes, 100 days, right. And you’re just getting into podcast, you can do enough… How long on?

Yeah, a lesson on… Alright, that what you’re gonna notice next year is that you be booked out for 2021… Yeah, the one, if you wanna be a… So here’s my thought, is that because the quality podcasts are gonna start in so many requests, do I think we should sort charging people to actually get on the shows just for… To access.

Yeah, yeah, well, here’s the thing is, you’re paying for… You go to a trade show, you’re paying for access, right.

You go to a sales of vendor marketing event, you’re paying for access, so in the podcasting space, there’s gonna be paid per access and then you can plug it… So if you go to these night clubs, these fancy kind of restaurants, they have events that you pay to get in the… And then you pay to have Bacardi brand sitting right there at the front door, it… You’re paying those two things, the podcasting world is gonna be exact same thing, you’re gonna pay to show up and you’re gonna pay to play… Right, those are gonna be the two different things, the men… I think it’s gonna be one this really interesting years because people that aren’t doing this type of lease have actual efforts now, whether you dominate LinkedIn, would you dominate tick talk or wherever your audience is, that you have to be… Right, if you aren’t taking these measures, I really don’t know how you’re gonna function within three to four years, right, because if you don’t have a podcast or you don’t talk to your ad and somehow some way, whether that’s billboards or whether that’s Facebook as whatever you’re doing, as a sales person, I… If you’re not personal branding, I don’t know how to go to exist in the future, many… No, no, 100% of growth. You sort… Here’s how I think that’s gonna get face, great.

Dynamically, it’s gonna eliminate the week, and it’s like natural selection, right?

If you have a small business and you’re still doing 20005 techniques, unfortunately, you haven’t learned yet and you haven’t had enough pain yet, so you’re not gonna get to the next level, right, and that’s not to say you suck at business, the people… I’m sure great business people, but if you can’t keep up with the trends, you’re gonna feel it, right. So if you’re on Facebook, I just talk to a lady today who runs primarily Facebook Ads, she’s thinking of switching careers, ’cause she’s saying the cost per ad is going through the roof, and I said, You got to adapt. Everybody’s running Facebook ads, of course, the price went up. You used to be able to spend 10 a day on Facebook and absolutely crush it. Now you can’t 10 a day, you can’t sell anything at 10 a day, right?

So that’s why you gotta adapt and go to the next level in the way that that’s gonna happen, honestly, is gonna be the companies that can’t figure it out are gonna disappear, so you’re gonna see a lot of these small businesses do not really make it anywhere, I be pretty stagnant, and then you’re gonna see some hyper-growth, right.

We’re seeing the first trillion dollar companies, we’re seeing lots of millionaires, multi-millionaires had to be informed today from online businesses, and at the end of the day, podcasting, your reach is unbelievable. It’s on people doing, understand how big the reaches because when you cast out the 10 different platforms plus the social networks, you’re gonna have a million views, there’s as a… But then even with the actual million views, that’s one, but the depth that you get, right, he helped about talking about how your first couple outreaches have been with other people as you’re trying to get involved in on your show.

Here’s the real cool thing about what the prospecting system that we created, which were like, Wow, this is gonna be good for selling some other stuff, so we’re gonna get to introductions, build the network, sell some other products. We flipped the script there, and I know you and I talked a little bit about this, how can we get the right people interested in podcasting with us because we wanna grow the network, so we… We retrofitted the whole system, we built the prospecting system around podcasting, how can we introduce people, how can we get them on the podcast, how can we invite them to be sponsors? How can we do a 15-second plug for them? What is it gonna take to get the right people at the right time and the prospecting systems, 100% the way to get there.

Now, you can sit there and open up your LinkedIn or open up your email and be inundated with 50, 60, 70 people that are like, let’s chat, right?

Or you can go to another trade show and go run your butt around for five days or four days, hoping that you can get some stuff done.

I personally would much rather sit at home and have great conversations, 247, then sit on my 20th South West Flight of the year to somewhere in the United States for two days. Right, yeah, that’s where it’s gonna… I think that’s really where it’s gonna go, and at the end of the day, for anybody who’s listening, if you have a podcast and you wanna hook up with the real value exchange or anything to do with Joe, hit him up because you’re blowing up right now and I think that that’s gonna be a great opportunity for you guys to link up and talk about what you got going on, put those plugs, and I do mean that effect… I plug the way myself, the real value date stage doesn’t got the whole network because really, I’m passionate about this, and obviously you Betjeman even talking about it. I love your tool and lots of sites that I’m hacking a way, I didn’t try to go to podcast and set up, it’s a very nice marriage, man. So please tell people how to find you as well, tell them how they learn more about doing your actual systems as well, metabolite. So we have two different places can go if you wanna learn about the system itself and watch a little video on it, you can go to syntax dot com, that’s S-T-A-C dot com.

If you wanna listen to the podcast, which you’ll probably have some segments here from Joe as well, that’s the prospecting show, dot com, that’ll redirect you to anchor and then you can choose you your favorite way to listen to it, and that’s really the two ways to do it, other than that, if you wanna email me Connor at syntax dot com co or at syntax Stadt Com, and I’m happy to hop you up here, introduce you to Joe, if you haven’t tardy met him, get you on the show there and show you a little bit about the prospecting tool or Connor, you are a straight a SAS men. It’s one of those things that as soon Eveline up in pester, I was like, This guy is gonna dominate the actual industry, soman you’re off to the races other… So thanks, I really precinct, rest of this year and next year come to, but… Absolutely, thank you so much. No, thanks to me on the show, other route, the… The but I attentional

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