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Welcome back to open, where each week we talk about tips, trips and methods for grown amazing small business pipeline. By your host, Dr. Conor Oberst, I did a podcast next seconds on communication.

Sales, prospecting and closing.

Thank you everyone. Supporting 100. so at 100 days goal going into 20, I enjoy the shift.

We are live here, so 14 on the prospecting show, today we were talking about virtual assistance, and the reason this episode came up is we have some clients that are doing our business prospect in platform and they’re asking, Well, how can I do more? How can I keep more organized? How can I scale my business? And they only have three, four, five, six, maybe 10 different people who work on their team, and they don’t really have enough capacity to take on new people.

So today, I wanna talk about what is a VA, How do you use them? What task should you give them, what should you not give them, what kind of communication should you have with them, what kind of metrics should you be using, and then how can you scale when you get the next one, when you add another VA… When you add domestic labor, when do you… All those different pieces we’re gonna talk about today, so to start it off, what is a VA VA is a virtual assistant, and a lot of people kind of heard that term loosely been thrown around.

There are two types of virtual assistants for the most part, there’s domestic and non-domestic it for you, you’re in the United States, and if you get a domestic virtual system, you’re essentially getting an administrative assistant, meaning that they’re gonna be paid probably between 10 and 15 per hour us, and they’re gonna do all the administrative task, check your emails, do basically whatever you give them, but the big point is that they are definitely gonna be costly, meaning that added on the day, you’re probably… You have to spend 25 to 30 grand to kinda get them and keep them for 40 hours a week, and if you transition that labor outside the United States, somewhere like the Philippines or India, you can immediately cut that cost by four or five and still get the same result.

So let’s talk about what you gain by going outside the country and what you lose by going out to… At the country… So the thing you gain is obviously payroll, labor, stability, you’re not gonna spend as much money on labor ’cause you’re gonna be paying 300 to 5 per hour for the VA in the Philippines, whereas the United States, you’re gonna have to spend a lot more money somewhere around again, that 10 to 15 proud.

So that’s an obvious win there. Now, the trade-off though, it’s gonna be a couple of things, one is gonna be time zone, you’re gonna have to find a VA that is willing to work in your kind zone, if you’re Eastern Standard Time, you’re gonna want someone who’s maybe 900 to 500 PM Eastern Standard Monday to Friday, and if you go to the Philippines or 12 hours ahead. Same with most of India, again, 12 hours ahead.

So because of that, so it’s different, maybe a little less than 12 hours at some part series, some of the people we work with their in Bangladesh and things like that.

So it changes a little bit, but at the end of the day, you have to figure out that gap in time, make sure that they’re committed to working in the time zone that you need them to, if that’s what you need, there’s two ways you could segment your VA, you could have them available during US business hours or you could have them do like the night shift or the early morning or early evening shift, and the reason that that could be useful is if you have a whole set of tasks and need to be done the end of every day, and then you’re gonna roll that into the next day, and you wanna have a work list of all the things your US labor needs, the US labor people need to do, then you can use the VA for that. You can basically sit back and say at the end of each day, here’s the 20 things that I want you to do, fill out this sheet, Do this list, and then when you’re done, let me know so that my US team, when they wake up in the morning, can start working on which segments as directly into what task should you give the VA… Generally speaking, you should do three things, The high volume tasks, the easy tasks, and the repetitive tasks, so anything that’s high volume, you gotta do more than five times a day, you should give to them things that are repetitive, like a lot of data entry, you should definitely be giving to them, and then the things that ultimately will end up taking the most amount of time, so even if it’s a bunch of short tasks, but over a day is gonna take you an hour, you should definitely source that out ’cause if you’re paying yourself 100 now, and you can pay them three… Why wouldn’t you do that? Right, just make sense mathematically.

So that is how you make those decisions on basically time and the effort that’s gonna go into having the VA in terms of the actual tasks though, you need to segment them into two different categories, Sales and Operations. If you’re gonna use a VA for sales, they’re gonna be doing top of final appointment setting for you, and they’re probably not gonna be on the phone, so those people are gonna send that LinkedIn messages, emails, Facebook messages, Instagram message, whatever it is, all the way across.

Your branding platforms and basically say, Hey, we have a service and a…

We wanna offer it to you. Is that something you’d be interested in? Would you be willing to do a phone call and the NBA would send all those messages for you, and then you would jump on the call when you’re available and you’re 90 to 5 Eastern in the US time zones, if you don’t wanna have a lead generation virtual system, what you could do is you can transition that person to an operational virtual sit-at version would be checking the emails, telling you which emails you need to read, doing spreadsheets for you, gathering list, organizing invoices, all the different back-end operational components that are not sales my recommendation is make sure the VA you get is doing one or the other, that VA needs to be either on the sales side and prospecting side, or need to be on the operations side, do not try and Chris cross the BAS, they’re already affordable enough that you could just get to if you need to make sure that you could do both of those tasks, but do not make your VA do Le generation and try and do back-end fulfillment for whatever years… Product or services that said, If you get a really good VA and you want that VA to manage the other VA, then that is definitely a possibility, there’s lots of great people out there, there’s Ayala… He is a guy who’s 25 years old, do an extremely Welles business, has a system called scaling with systems. He didn’t ask me to do this plug, but i mean, i as well, ’cause he’s been really good to me and it’s really opened my eyes to the VA world.

He does, is he teaches a course basically along with training of a full 360 training on that VA to allow you to plug into his platform and basically have a VA that’s gonna be able to do that lead generation, he focused mostly on the generation, and he does have operational VAs as well. But at the end of the day, the most important thing or the very first thing you should hire for is definitely gonna be sales, once you have to my sales, you can’t handle the operation, the higher operations, and then it becomes a balance of sales and operation sales and operation where you can go back and forth… Now, the cool thing about the PAS is also that their 199 basically write their contract or their own business, so at the end of the day, if you don’t need them for 20 hours this week, it’s not like you gotta pay the payroll, and if they leave, you’re not gonna have this big legal, you know, constrained around that, so I highly tests people try out as if you need to have a talk time, which I recommend you do have talk time with all of your VAs, definitely make sure that they are from the Philippines or have really good English. If you go to India, you’re gonna find that time zones a little bit screwed up and most them can’t make that work.

So go to the VA and the Philippines, get them on Zoom, Skype, phone calls, whatever it is.

An email even, so that you guys can communicate effectively every single day, but I recommend you have a VA that you can chat with on the phone. My team in India that I use is strictly data entry, they do not communicate with me other than any other way than Facebook and email, so for that reason, they’re not gonna be a good fit for all the tasks that we have, but they’re really good at what they do, which is straight data, and re-tell them, Go to this place, get this data for me and send it back to me, and the best way to be effective with your VA, regardless of if they’re gonna be doing sales or they’re gonna be doing the operations, have a training system in place, have videos of the standard task that they’re gonna do every single day, and if that’s not enough, make sure you have videos that talk about the tasks that you would like them to do at that one particular point in time, so maybe every day task is check email, segment them into different categories and then notify you about the ones that you need to follow up on, that could be an every day toss, but perhaps you have a new list. You’re looking for a list of CEOS and Atlanta, Georgia.

Well, instead of just trying to explain it to them, go out there and make a quick video, go out to Indeed or go out to wherever, LinkedIn or wherever you… As you’re searching, showed my video, this is the search I’m doing, these are the people I’m looking for. This person is a good fit because X or This person’s a bad fit because of why show them on video, download that video, save it on Zoom, upload to Vimeo or some other video platform, and then give it to your VA so that they can actually do the task properly.

The last piece of it is, make sure you have a system in place for scaling, you need to have training videos, you need to have a training platform, and you need to have ongoing videos that allow your systems to scale over time, meaning that if you go from one VA And that VA has to train the next VA, well, then your self-limited by that, the first VA that you hired, so instead of that build out the training platform, you can train VA 1 or VA 100, and when you lose someone over time, ’cause every business has turned over, even though they’re contractors, make sure that you have a system in place to train the next person so you can be successful.

On another session here on the podcast, I will go over some of the details of how to fines the sales component of the VA and also how to finesse the operations component and where I think we should focus depending on if you’re a service business or a product business, but that’s all for today’s episode, thank you so much for listening to the prospect and show. Have a great IT. totalitarian.

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