So that when you guys are doing your day-to-day and you have something that’s like, Oh man, the customer needs this, do not get stuck in fulfillment, that is the number one way to die as a small business, don’t get stuck in fulfillment of what you should be doing is you sold… Take those emails, have the VA address it, if they can’t address it, send it to one year ops people, and if they can’t help you, then you actually have to be it yourself.

Welcome back to prospect for each week to talk about pipers methods for growing a main Amal business might of…

I’m your host, Dr. cone Robertson on disco task, you can expect segments on communication sales, prospect in closing.

Thank you to everyone. Was super my 100 episodes. 100 as Col, I’m going to 120. I enjoy the show.

Oh, what’s… Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today, we are gonna be talking about virtual assistance, and this is kind of back by popular demand of had a few people recently reach out and say, Okay, well, how can I actually use a VA… What’s the VA 4? What are they doing? Where do you think it’s gonna be best in our business? How can we expand? When do you hire… How do you train all these different questions about the virtual assistant process?

So today, we’re gonna break this down, six parts, we’re gonna talk about emails, CRM management, data entry, LinkedIn lead generation, which is gonna be for your B2B businesses out there, direct messaging, and then billing in QuickBooks type items.

So to start emails, one of the biggest things… One of the best things I’ve done recently is I’ve split off emails into different categories, I have our syntax email address and we have different groups where it’s support, sales management, all these different sub, basically sub-domains or sub-emails within the email system.

And the reason I do that is so that when a customer needs something, what they do is they actually send an email to that address, in that way I can… And my VA can look at it at the same time. If it’s something that I absolutely need to take care of, I will… If it’s something that the VA can do, they will do it for me. And let me know that it is done, so make those kind of front-end email address is like support at company name dot com, so that when you guys are doing your day-to-day and you have something that’s like, Oh man, the customer needs this, do not get stuck in fulfillment, that is the number one way to die as a small business, don’t get stuck in fulfillment of what you should be doing is you take those emails, have the VA address it, if they can’t address it, send it to one of your ops people and if they can’t help you, then you actually have to do it yourself, segmenting right into CRM management. Most people use CRMS, we use Zoho, which is a subscription suite software, but the big thing is our leads that come in, we make sure that our VAs are always manipulating that data in a way that makes sense, so if we need a trigger a workflow, a spelling mistake a phone numbers, wrong, whatever it is, they can go in there and they can make that change, and because we’re using… So they can be logged in anywhere in the world, and we just white list an IP address so that they can be super productive, and that way I’m not sitting there moving data around all day, which is like the fastest way to really kill your time, it’s just moving data back and forth to make sure it looks good outside the com, there’s also opportunities for data entry, so our VAs will also build lists in Excel or Google Sheets, and they’ll go through that whole thing and say, What is it that you need us to find first name, last name, phone number, email, LinkedIn profile, whatever it is. Go all the way, I would find all the data about the prospects we’re gonna talk to or potential vendors, whatever it is, data entry, and they can do that over and over and over again, thousands of rows per day, some of the VAs will actually do up to 3000 touch points per day, which is absolutely ridiculous, that’s probably on a 10 to 12 hour day, but nonetheless, the data and treat a super, super key.

If you’re in the B2B space, most of your prospect and is probably gonna be done on the phone, email and on LinkedIn.

So if you have a LinkedIn account and you have sales navigator, maybe even if you don’t have it, but it doesn’t really matter if you have an account that’s well, well-aged or well-season, meaning that’s been around for five years or more. Have the VA login from a remote location whilst their IP, send the the two-factor authentication code so they can use your account and have them send out messages every single day.

The number one thing you can do in your business on the sales pipeline is keep it full the way you keep it full as persistence every single day, all the time messages are going out, there’s no exceptions, no Saturdays off to some days off. No holidays off. Nothing.

Always be sending messages. prospect, prospect, prospect, as Rabia Bala says, he says, set appointments, take appointment. set appointments, take point, that’s all you should do. Once you get to that position where your operations are fully taken care of, that set, make sure that the activity that’s happening in your account is one, Kocher and two is not gonna get you shut down, so if there’s a specific space you’re in, maybe you’re in CBD or maybe you’re in some other kind of friends, a medical component to areas, make sure that the content that you’re actually sending out is super complying cause identity you don’t have have fucked and basically have your account shut down because if you have a season in innocent, it’s gonna be a huge problem for you when that actually gets shut down because your virtual assistant didn’t do all the proper steps that I’m talking about.

Number five here direct messaging, direct messing, Ben, Instagram, Facebook could be part of LinkedIn as well, but this could be the consumer focus, we have a product that’s consumer, not just B2B, have them use these other platforms, they are super useful, they’re very effective and they cost nothing you can send out hundreds and hundreds of the hundreds of messages on Instagram every day, have the VA change the script a little bit. How… Five or six different messages you wanna have sent out, don’t just copy, paste, copy, page copy pace, ’cause that’s not gonna work, you gotta get strategic, you gotta have a method behind the messages or sending… So with the van, showed them, do this search, these kind of people, this kind of message, and then they can have another example her, it’s a different kind of search with different kind of people in different methods, that kind of direct outreach is gonna go so much further than you think as long as you have the VA being consistent every single day and showing up, the best part about hiring in the Philippines… In India, but really the Philippines is that one, they’re 12 hours ahead. So if you get two of them, you can have 247 basically outreach if that’s important to you, or maybe you do all of your outreach during the day, so 70-0m Eastern a 70 PM, you start, and then from 7 PM Eastern to 7, A M Eastern, which is pretty much there a local morning time, ’cause of the 12 are difference, they could be doing all the operational stuff for you, so get them to do it, they’re super dedicated. Their cost is anywhere from three to 40, sometimes even less, but that’s a really good rate for them in the Philippines, and they’re very happy and dedicated to do 40 hours or more per week. So don’t feel like you’re being held back.

Always push out the VA, get your first one on the generation once you’re full, get the next one on operations, once you’re full again, go for the third one on operations probably.

So because you’re gonna have, it’s easier to close a deal and have the pipeline management, if you have a big fulfillment process because you’re a service company, not a product company, you’re gonna need more virtual assistants or maybe even more domestic US labor to be able to support that fulfillment, so you might have to go one to two ratio of sales operations, even though in a lot of other organizations, it’s the other way around, if you’re a small business starting out and you kinda have the laptop lifestyle, make sure you have enough people for operations the worst thing is dropping clients all the time, don’t get sucked in to managing all the clients, have the virtual systems, do that, and then do a phone call every week or every two weeks with them, we’re Sendai and the clients in email.

The last piece I would give is make sure when you’re managing clients, do not make it a phone call, do you use email, you slack, use text message and any other method you can… So you can, one, have your VAs help send that out in two, also have it so that you’re not stuck talking them all the time because of 15-minute call turns into 30 minutes and then you can only do 16 of those a day. And your eight-hour days gone, not to say that you’re only working eight hours, but you know how it is, it kinda gets eaten up quickly, if you have all of those other five things taken care of, the last thing is you could do billing, you should be doing recurring billing services, if you have a service that you’re selling it to, recurring monthly service, you should be putting that through QuickBooks and putting that on auto bill, that’s the easiest way to do it, but if you’re not happy with that, then what should be happening is you should be switching that over and basically having manual transactions occur that maybe you have a one-time hit where it’s a capital equipment sale or something like that, or a product sales one time, get that filled out. That’s no problem at all, but just make sure that the VAs are always keeping up to that, and maybe if they give you a report like an export into Excel or maybe just a QuickBooks report or some other kind of financial reports that you can always see how things are going, but if you take appointments and set appointments and you basically focus on the front end of what you’re doing by getting sales in the door immediately, every single day, you’re not gonna be as worried about the clients that are gonna leave, they will be… No matter what you do, the client that you have in day one is very unlikely gonna be the client you’re gonna have on day 3000, so just make sure that you manage the clients appropriately, leverage the virtual assistance the best you can, spend the time to get the job done properly. And at the end of the day, if you’re having difficulty getting everything done, just look and think about your time, what is your time worth, what is the virtual assistant’s time worth? And if there’s any difference in that, a one full, two folder, three-fold factor, definitely give that work to the virtual assistant, so you are not a dog to your business, get out, go enjoy your life. To do the things that matter. And don’t get stuck in the fact.

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