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Welcome back to the prospect. So for each week, we talk about tips, Corin methods were growing, an amazing… All this side, I’m your host, Doctor, On a Robertson on this podcast, you could back segments on communication sales prospect, I included that.

Thank you to everyone who supported my 100 episodes in 100 days goals going to 202, I enjoy the show a.So welcome back to the prospecting show. Today, we’re gonna actually talk a little bit about automation, and this kind of topic has come up a few times now because I’ve been reading The Four-Hour Work Week, and one of the interesting things about the Four-Hour Work Week, written by Tim Paris, you talk a lot about how to automate everything you’re doing in your business, now, the reason that I say that that’s probably worthwhile investigating or kinda talking about, is a lot of people are doing things that are not super productive every day. And one of the easiest ways to fix that is through automation, because you as an individual are not really gonna change your patterns in the way that you do things, you actually have to put systems in place, they’re not gonna fail regardless of how much effort you’re putting in every day.

So with that said, These are the top five tips to automate pretty much any component of your business and even your life.

So let’s start with number one, notifications on your phone.

There is a super easy way, if you’re on an iPhone, really any phone, but let’s just take an iPhone to go into the notification settings, so just going to Settings notifications, which is the fifth icon, and then you’re gonna see at the very top, show previews, you can put, never change that from always to never. And then under the Notification style, you have all the applications, what I recommend, I turn off all the banners, all the sounds and all the badges for anything that you don’t think is super important for you to be working on or getting notifications about every day.

So that would be every application that you have in there, and the next step of doing that is making sure that you still have emergency alerts on a public sailer to Dr. at the very bottom, you can leave those on in order to make this more effective, the next thing you should do is go into your contacts, and under each contact… I’ll actually do this well. Well, I’m talking here, you go in, you click on a specific contact, you scroll to the very bottom and it’s gonna say add to favorite, they’ll say Send Message, share contacts, add to favorites, and then add to emergency contacts. If you click add to favorite, it’s gonna pop up.

Do you want the Messenger… Do you want to have the calls or their emails to be out to favorites at all three of those to our favorites, so that when you put your phone later in Do not disturb mode, what’s gonna end up happening is you can filter out specific people that you wanna actually have communication with still, even though your phones on do not disturb mode, so what you’re gonna add those people to your favorites, if you wanna know who your favorite or ones you’ve done, this step, you’re gonna click on the actual phone icon, and then in the bottom ten corners, low star, you hit favorites, and then that favorite section, you’re gonna see a bunch of different people’s names, I would limit this under 10 people, there’s no way that you have 10 people in your life that you absolutely need to get a hold of, you during your productivity time, so you could actually set that up… Now, the next thing you do is you decide whether or not you wanna have Do Not Disturb in the evenings because you’re gonna filter all of your work contacts, or if you wanna have Do Not Disturb during the work days so you can focus on your work…

I personally make the Do Not Disturb in the evenings and on weekends, so that when I… A customer wants to reach me at 9 o’clock at night, I don’t take their college just goes right to voicemail, or they don’t get their tax… Just goes right to voicemail. And the reason I set that up because I wanna be having boundaries with the clients and understand that, yes, I can get to them and work, we are to hours, but at the same time, there’s a certain amount of time that I need to focus on either production or I need to focus on something that’s family-related, so I would set that up right away. Then the last step is to set up the actual Do Not Disturb, so the way you do that is you actually go again to the settings section, and then the seventh icon is Do not disturb. What I would do is turn it on scheduled as opposed to just on and off of the toggle, I schedule mine from 70 PM to 90 am. Yes, that’s beyond the work day, meaning that I start work before 9 o’clock every day, but what that allows me to do is not have the baggage of everybody else in the morning with all of their problems, so I silence all of the notifications there from 7 PM to 8 AM, and again, that’s in your local time zone, so if you have customers different times, so just be aware that that is the case and you should be able to really focus around making sure that those contacts are taking care of.

Now, there’s another section, if you scroll down a little bit further, called repeated calls, and it has a second call from the same person within three minutes will not be silenced, that’s a good feature to turn on because if someone really needs to get a hold of you and they double call you, then that might mean there’s an emergency, so that’s kind of a cool feature to have on, and then I also turn off, you do not disturb, bog driving. I just had that to manual because sometimes people say it detects on them in the car, but I’m a passenger and I need to get back to people, so don’t turn that setting on unless you absolutely feel like there’s no instance where you’d be moving in a car and need to turn that off.

So those are all the things that you could do in your phone to make it more efficient for you, I guess this transitions us right into email, and I’ll talk about a little bit of email on the phone, but this would apply to your computer as well, so in the phone, what I do is I go to settings again that go down to a male, and there’s a few different sections, but you got Scroll kind of way down past passwords and accounts, and you get to the male section, once you’re in the male section here there’s a couple of different things that you can do. First of all, I’d set your signature with the number that you want people to actually call, and then that way when somebody tries to send you an email and they can’t reach you, they have a specific number to call as opposed to just any number that they have maybe it’s a self or maybe it’s lamp the number that you actually want people to call in that section right there.

And then the other thing is that when you have the push settings, you can set that to be pushed at a specific period of time, and so what I do is I leave in my voice mail, I say I’m available to check email at 12 o’clock Eastern and 4 o’clock Eastern, which comes directly from Tim Ferris, the four-hour work week.

And the reason I do that, so you’re not just constantly checking email all day, it’s not meant to be a productivity kind of section for people to communicate with you, so in your voice mail, you tell people that you check email twice a day, and then you can leave them your email address, they can actually send you a proper email about what the call was about, that way instead of leaving a voicemail that’s gonna waste your time. Checked, not be productive. Just say, Hey, I check my email 12 o’clock and 4 o’clock, please leave me a voicemail if you absolutely need to, but instead of that, just send me an email at this email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I check me a motor, that way you set some expectations with everybody that is in there, in that way, there’s no real given in take a mile type situation.

The next thing is you could set up email filters, and the way that you can do that in Gmail, I got my computer here in front of me, so I kinda just walk through those steps just in case anybody wants to specifically try it, but basically what you do is you go open up your browser and you go to Gmail dot com, and once you’re in Gmail in your account, what you do is you find the emails that you’d like to filter, so you find a sample email from somebody, and what you do with that is you click on that email, and then in the top right-hand corner, there’s these triple dots, and what you wanna do is choose third options as filter messages like this, and then what it’s gonna do is automatically pull that senders… It’ll pull that sender is email.

Now, what you can do is you can automatically forward or you can do whatever you want, but you have to click create filter when you set this up. So what I do is we have some different technologies that… Semi-notifications every day.

What I do is I actually archive from my email and then I redirect them to one of my virtual assistants so that they can actually handle the email themselves, instead of trying to focus on how we can do a better job of managing myself, I just create the filter, send it to somebody else, and then that will get you most of the way there, if that is something that you can’t possibly do, at least create some filters to put them into folder so that you know how to organize your inbox and that way you can get rid of some of the spam with text messaging as well, just to kinda jump back there, you can set up the automation to have that do not do star mode, but also make sure that you can communicate with your clients via text message if you use a specialty kind of software. So what I like to do is automate with Active Campaign, and what you can do is you can create some loops and active campaign where you put everybody that’s a current customer into the system, you can create a weight step where it says, Wait until Monday morning at 10 AM then send out a text, everyone say, Hey, first name. Hey, Jim, just wanted to follow up on how our systems work in this week for you, do you have any questions or concerns if so, click this link to schedule meeting or give us a call at this number.

And then what I do is I create the action step to be a loop, so every day, it’s gonna take that individual… Every week, sorry, I’ll take that individual, take him back onto the funnel, put them back in the top of the funnel, so that what it does is it falls with your customers automatically, so that way if you forget to message them to them, call them, email them, whatever it is, you can actually follow up with those people, regulator, so I would highly recommend that you put in those automations active campaigns, really not that expensive. If you want the text functionality, you’re gonna start a 49, 49 a month for 500 contacts, it’s super affordable to make your life easier, so I would highly recommend that you spend the time to actually do that, and if that’s not gonna work, then you just need to find a way to make it more efficient for you so you don’t have to manually follow up with every single person, the very last piece, and I spoke about this multiple times as virtual assistants, make sure you get them, make sure you train them, make sure you make videos get a Vimeo account, use quick time to record videos yourself and make sure that you can make it super easy so that they can understand exactly what it is that you need, make a video and then hit play, let them replicate a 100 times… 1000 times, 1000 times, whatever it is that’s necessary. Get a virtual system. There are 4 or 5 online, they’re gonna save your business, they’re gonna make things super easy for you, and I wanna make sure that you get those in your business because it’s gonna be super effective for you as a whole, that’s gonna save you time and drive your cost down dramatically over the course of your whole business career, but it’ll also save you the effort of things that could just be replicated once you get one that you like, train them, treat them well and make sure that they have a good experience. Because then they’ll just be able to do the same task over and over again without any problems, that kind of wraps up the top five tips. Thank you so much for listening, the prospecting show.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday here. Alright, I-

I… That one I one.

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