All be stigmas around BAs as well as whatever it is, but I am consistently pushing the boundaries on what’s possible with our virtual system, they bought bikes for gifts for my family before I had to deliver it, the… The book, my flights, my hotels ever my snow boarding passes, they’ll do prospecting, phone calls, co-calls, qualification calls, you on how to do sales right now, they do Facebook ads, they do funnel creation. This episode is brought you by scaling with systems, scaling with Systems is a comprehensive program for small businesses and entrepreneurs that know they need to scale their business, but don’t know how by partnering with them, you are able to get a fully trained virtual assistant, a killer Facebook group to ring the bell as you close deals in a fantastic support system, if you wanna grow your business and have a framework for success, then reach out to the team at scaling with Systems, at scaling with systems dot com, or contact Rive directly on Instagram at Robby pool, that is Ravi Abu Vala, enjoy the show.

Hey, we are a fall, how are you today?

I’m doing fantastic, man. It was an excellent pronunciation of my name, and there he got in facing all day.

So let’s set the stage here for the audience, give us some background where you came from, what are you doing now, let’s talk a little bit about scaling with system so everyone can understand who you are.

Yeah, one, so first, I appreciate you have me on here, man, it’s been awesome, cool journey, how we… How do we actually originally was in an ad that you first came to astral… Yeah, so this will be interesting too, for people… So long story short, there was this video of you, I think you move into an apartment, you’re filming a video… I wasn’t even in a just organic video talking about you’re in your car saying like, Oh, you know people I love people are going out on the weekends and wasting their time… It’s one less person. I got a waste on getting to the top, so I thought I was watching this video over and over again, I wrote it down a piece of paper, and then I said, fuck it, let me get this thing made for Robby, so I get this place… It made… I go find out your address, mail it to you, you’re like What the exes guy doing. So I’m Maly, this thing, and then probably three months ago when you guys moved or whenever that ended up being… I saw it in one of the videos on Snapchat or Instagram or something like that. So it was funny to see that move around with you as you got to your new place, that’s like my favorite piece of art, and it’s literally right in or it’s in our content room when we shoot content every single day, so yeah, I… That people walk in here. I’ll have dates on water coming in, be like, Wow, did you really make that about yourself? I’m like, No, I swear. So inmate that for me, the tiara.

But yeah, so just a really quick recap or any one, It’s… Tina, me on here, I do appreciate you very much. That is awesome, and I wanna try to give you to listen in this… I promise you, depending on how Connors ways these questions, this will be one of those valuable podcasts that you listen to, but essentially a very long story short, Whole Life were to be a lawyer that was around… I was taking… I was going down that kind of rabbit hole, watched every episode of Law Order there was out there, so I thought that I knew what law was about, graduated from Florida State, and I was gonna spend a year studying for law school because in it… One of the top class was the nation, which I wanted to do… You had to spend a lot of time to any for the lead.

So I, to recap it very quickly. Graduated and three days at her I graduated, I was maybe match my house in Florida so I could spend a year studying for law school.

My dad was diagnosed at stage for lung cancer, and I hadn’t really had a relationship with my dad in a while, and he was living by himself and… And he had no one to take care of him.

So literally the day after I unpacked my car and Florida repack to back up again, moved up to Atlanta, moved into his house, which I don’t know if anybody here is to live with her parents after you’ve gratuity college, but it’s a whole different experience. And went to chemo and radiation with him five days a week from 90am until about 6000, and then I was studying for law school there, and then also 6 to midnight every single day, and I did that for an entire year of my life. And my dad’s in remission right now, so super blessed, that’s like one in a 600 or something like that, that actually go into remission from stage forward, but super blessed that happened and also in bless had happened in the first place because… Near the end of it, I was going to chemo with my dad and the DBS, 12 to 15-year-old kids, and these 35 to 40-year-old guys, they are sitting next to my dad with these needles in their arms, and it can… You could see… And I had a conversation with them that they were saving parts of their life or later on, once I get this job, once I do this off work and I have enough money saved on enjoy.

And so after African all this and talking to him, I was like, I really know if I wanna go to law school, I don’t know this what I do, I’m just doing what other people tell me I wanna do. I don’t even now what I wanna do, and I read a really great book called The Star of not giving a fuck. And after I read it, I realized that I really was only doing it because he only Oli and adored my mom, my dad. And my dad side of the family, right? I’m Indian, and at least in our family, it’s like Doctor, lawyer, and ironically, have nobody that was wanted me to be a lawyer was a lawyer, and then everybody who was telling me not to be a lawyer were lawyers, so who was… It was a very skewed. And I just remember after I read that book, I had just came downstairs one day, I told my dad…

I was like, Aw, school. And he was like, You’re thrown it all away. What are you doing?

And I was like, I don’t really know what I’m gonna do, but I know it’s not gonna be law school.

So pretty much through that ran down the pipeline, I took the test because I was already really close to the end of it, so I took the test actually scored the top 10%ile I got in the university ago, which is my dream law school. But once again, still was that doesn’t deter anything is, I wanna do it the hat, I Googled how to make money online. I got re-argued by Tayloe and bought in a his course created an agency, did a real wrong in the beginning, like real, real wrong in the beginning, for six months was in debt, losing money like crazy imaging money, and then I started realizing… One of the reasons Conran I are so close in my program, I kind of realizing the power of VAs and the power of daily prospecting and having outreach going every small day, and when I shifted my focus to that, within 30 days, we were doing 30… 000 a month. And then now how we average a few six figures a month in that company, and then spin-off from that company was from people, Connor and other people that have fled me online that were like, Hey, I see you’ve created these multiple companies online, how do you do it in the record time, and I was like, I kinda just followed approving process and VAs… And people are like, Well, can I get those from you?

Not sure.

And so from that, spun off my new company, which is scaling with systems, and we helped about 400 entrepreneurs, a little over 60 of them are hitting six figures a year, and we have seven doing seven figures a year right now, all from kind of our systems and processes, so two years ago, I was just talking today, ’cause we’re gonna have our first five inter a month here in February, and two years ago, I was literally gonna be in law school and… And then at one point of my life when I was maybe 50 years old, I could maybe make 5000 the year, two years later, we’re gonna have a first 5 month in the next 30 days, so it’s… And that’s huge. Take that step. A lot of people wish for a five-figure month, never mind a six-figure, half a million, that’s the step that people need to get to, and the interesting part about what you’ve done that other people haven’t done is they figured out how to diversify and source out right, delegate, eliminate basically Four-Hour Work Week stuff, Tom Paris, basically straight up, get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Do the stuff that does matter, and now you’ve really taken that to the next level, so for the people who are maybe starting off a business or entrepreneurs, really just getting going, What is your biggest piece of advice or the mistake that you… They should not make… What could they do? A very question. Yeah, yeah, that’s awesome. So whenever we start working with somebody, we usually just follow three simple rules, and I didn’t come up with this by any means, but I’ll just break it down for you, and it’s three steps it, automate, delegate, and so, first thing you should do in your businesses realize that the 8020 rule, Prato principle. So 80% of this up you’re doing is producing 20% of the results, 20% of the super doing is producing a Reed the results.

So firstly, we’re gonna do is highlight that 20% of us producing the 80%, start doing more of that, then find the 80% that’s rousing a 20% and cut out that so example… So that could be just scroll, scrolling, amsl in social media, maybe going to conventions, but not closing anybody there, you’re just spending weekends and week is a convention, but you’re not doing anything there, you… On a little in emails, I never check emails anymore in my team… Check my emails for me.

You can eliminate watching TV, whatever it is, he’s all seem really, truly tribute, you guys, but almost everyone when here can probably agree that when I tell you I, you need to spend three to five hours a day doing prospecting, you’re gonna go, Roy, don’t have three to five hours a day to do prospecting, and I’m gonna go, Let’s audit what’s your next two weeks look like, and we’re gonna see actually how you’re spending your time, so eliminate everything in your life that’s not moving you to Ford, so pretty much everything that’s not prospecting you need it eliminated or You need to automate it, which is the second step, and we automate a lot of stuff in our company, onboarding new clients, client fulfillment, client management, check-in, reviews for our company, whatever it is, proposals, all that kind of stuff is all automated and then finally, what can I was talking about? And has allowed me to scale all these companies well as delegation, it doesn’t matter if it’s overseas virtual assistant, which we place for our clients or a Harvard graduate, a super solid team member can make the difference when you make it or breaking it, and if you can give them what are known as top center operating procedures of proven things, then you can make their job a whole lot easier. So for an example here, if you’re listening this, you have no money, you have nothing to do, how would recommend eliminating everything out of your life for the next 90 days except for lead generation, then I would find a virtual system… We place them for 30 now, or you can find them for 5-80 a hour somewhere else, and then give them a task like emailing Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram every single day to find your target market, and then have him start conversations that you get on the phone within close people, and if you do that over the next 90 days, I guarantee you money back or Connor will give you money that you will close some deals and make some more money than you are right now.

And I can definitely attest to that. I think the interesting don’t have people miss out with the VAs is they think, Oh well, it’s not maybe English-based work, or it’s in another country, or… It’s something that’s less than ideal. But if you look at 8020, would you rather do 10000 things a day that are not quite perfect or one per day, ’cause you’re stuck in everything else, and the crazy thing is that everybody would rather upfront, they think, let’s do the one… Let’s get one thing perfectly and you realize that’s never gonna move the needle forward, and because of that, you get stuck in this trap, right. Fulfillment, try and get sales, lose a client, get fulfillment, and you kinda go through the system over and over and over again, and the crazy part is that it’s so simple to fix that and it doesn’t cost that much money, right.

And it’s a role of coach, right, you all just describe it to you. I think it’s a crazy statistic of the percentage of trees or vines that have no Le generations is in place, especially we went with chiropractors and medical falls, hever, it is… Majority of it, lion share comes from referrals, and referrals are great, I love referrals, don’t get me free incredible. But it’s very hard to grow a business on referral is like like a on-demand system to grow business on referrals, right.

So you define another way around it, and that’s why we start talking about consistently generation daily, whether it’s Facebook, is you to bads, email, Instagram outreach, whatever it is.

And if you can do that, then while you close a client and then either your VA are used fulfilling the client, you can still have calls in your calendar tomorrow or the next day, and Billy gene, which I don’t know if you’re familiar ability genes, but… Yeah, a great guy, and he talks about, he’s the amount of money you make is directly correlated with the amount of offers you’re making on a daily basis, and so… Absolutely on Frank on talks about the same thing, so i series… The exact same thing. Yeah, I love Frankie.

He says, words, a grant as well. And it’s just like… So that’s, that’s my goal right now. Our goal is to hit a million a month in our company, and I was based on all the numbers that we’re doing right now, I’m working backwards on what we need to do in order to hit that. And one of the things we do is we had to make 19 offers a day based on numbers that we have very conservative, very conservative base numbers, we have… We do make 19 offers a day to hit a million dollars a month in our company, and so that’s everything I say to my team, or I’m like, you need at a oversteer a day.

And so I have that number of my mind ’cause I know it, or day if this percentage closes and this percentage actually pay whatever it is, we’ll hit the million a month part, but you… We have no idea what their number is, and most people aren’t even making one offer a day, little on 19, so it’s kind of cool and you can work on that itemize the back end, the point where you’re only getting to play with the lead generation side and then just like, Can I get more leads from… And that’s why I reached out to Conor ’cause I was like, I wanna get on a podcast so I can… And more leads, ’cause I’ve everything else systems and delegated especially to find more ways to make more offers. Right, yeah, and that’s the crazy thing too, is that people have the opportunity to make the offer, but they don’t… They do these discovery calls and then just talk and just talk and talk, and then it’s like… And then what… So what you have to make that offer, and the interesting thing that I’ve noticed is if you just make the offer upfront, people take it, then the proposal, send that off or just say, Listen, what’s it gonna take for us to move forward right now?

So what you gonna take… You a, their business. That’s why I like B2B business, the business versus business to consumer, ’cause B2C… Okay, you might have to have these conversations how your kid as tutor, but as a business owner, and you might agree as well, I respect my time and respect other people’s time, so… Sure, gonna pitch me on something, let’s get to how it can help me and let me see if I’m gonna do it or not, I don’t wanna have the whole small talk thing, just tell me what it is, tell me how much it costs, and then I’ll tell you, if I wanna be a part of it or not, that’s why I like me to be… Right, and I think the proportion of risk to cost is one of the most important things when pitching, because in our business, we have such a low-cost product for them that, Hey, when we pitch it… Most of the time, the answer I get is this.

That’s it.

And so we see in retail, right on her.

Yeah, it probably does. We… We didn’t create the price, but here’s the thing, people say yes, and the reason they say yes is because the value we’re providing above and beyond our price is such a great gap that they just look at it and say, Yeah, absolutely, no problem at all. But what other people do is they have a very high price and don’t create no value, and I go up that stack, and so people… They do the call and then people say, No, I’m not interested in that. Right, and on the day for me, people always tell me You gotta increase your price, genres your price, but we close nine of 10 deals, we talk on the phone to… So for me, I would rather take 10 calls, have a lower price and close them all and not have to go through the new… The follow-up, we don’t have to follow-up, if you do one call, you don’t have to do follow-up, it saves me lots of time… Right, and add dollars.

So for us, I just like that it’s a lower costing, I tell them, If you wanna leave a day, 301 knock yourself out lead, but you won’t because you’re paying such a low price and getting so much value that you’re just gonna stay.

Yeah, and that makes sense. And I just say like, I took it, but at the same time I… Sure, I have a consistent low cost recurring products then, yeah, you can make… I know people that have literally made tens of millions of dollars from those, they don’t have high ticket is just low tie like that, and that’s even… And that’s even more of a reason why I should be more offers. Like if it’s such a low ticket, it’s like Then why would they not even at least try for 30 days, whatever it is. Well, that’s exactly… And for us, when we talk about our business and some of the prospecting that we do for our clients, I tell them, Listen, we’re 50 bucks a month, there’s no start-up cost, there’s no anything else that goes on, but for six grand a year, you can work with us, that’s it.

That’s all it takes, you wasted six grand before on probably a good night out.

You know what I mean? It’s one of those things is it’s not that bad, but here’s the cool part, we scale based on the number of sales reps they have on their team, so if they have 10 sales reps and they pay 500 a month at times 10 sales reps, and so we built out a system that allows them to scale their business and we can scale with them at the same time, as opposed to a traditional model, which is price per business.

Right, and so because of that, we say, Listen, let us earn your business, let us show you how we can take you to the next level, and when you hire the next rep, guess what, you can plug them right into our system. And we can help you generate leads for that individual, and so the cool concept is like you have these high ticket, high quality services, but look at the VA at the end of the data, pain 30 to 5 for a… You can get five of these guys in your team for less than a US labor and they’re doing way more work, you have a… That’s insane. to mount a Prosper, and they’re doing… And you said earlier like, you know, it’s 0000 things in perfectly or one thing perfectly, and there’s all these stigmas around VAs as well as whatever it is, but I am consistently pushing the boundaries on what possible with our virtual assistant, they bought bikes foot gifts for my family before I had to deliver it, the live book on my lights, my hotels, every my snow boarding passes, they’ll do prospecting, phone calls, cold calls, qualification calls, and get you on on to do sales right now, they do Facebook ads, they do funnel creation, it’s like one thing that I’ve learned my… Two words that have changed my life and a lot of my roommates quote all the time, it’s just limiting beliefs, so just because you don’t think something as possible, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually not possible, it’s just because you’ve been predisposed to believe and it’s not possible so I was told, based on my parents experience of VAs that, Oh, they can do this or they can do that, but we live in a modern world where everyone has access, almost everyone is as the Internet and modern education. And it’s like I have a team of a… Other than my sales guys have a TM VAs that run a one bigger company for me, like I’m not even a part of that company at all, and it’s just a VA is running it, and they know what they’re doing as well, but it’s a different culture over there, they’re very disciplined, they’re very hard working, you can attest to how great they are as well, so it’s like people… We are afraid of them, ’cause these are you really option for you a three options, stay where you are right now and continue to having a whole lot more of what you’re having, which I’m assuming if you listen, this podcast might not be everything that you want, number two is hire someone in the US or in the first world country, have them pay them 50 to 80000 a year to do something that a VA could do for God patents an hour for around 7000 for the entire year, and then also pay for their health insurance medical insurance, payroll taxes, you got to be careful in case they ever sue you, you do E to be care for with the hours you tell them to do, whatever it is. Also, they’re gonna be on Facebook and Instagram the whole time going through. We pay for their body potty breaks whenever it is, or third, final option is wash away the stigma you have against VAs, try it out, you’ve literally nothing to lose and find out that for us, replacing the Philippians, they are… We place or 400 bars EpiPen right now, and we treat them very well. They are the hardest working people I’ve ever worked with in my entire life, they’re so disciplined, they’re so honest. There are family people as soil all built another culture, and for me, it obviously all just ways down on one side and whatever I say solely like Ruby or taking jobs from the US or you look… We have an 18-person team right now, and half of them are as and half of them are in the US, so I’m still placing in the US, I don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing it as well, but the real secret to all this is I allow my VAs to do the stuff that needs to be done, but my US workers don’t wanna do, or it’s not worth their time at…

I don’t want my sales guys to generate their own leads, I’d rather have my BA generate the leads and qualify them into my sales guy can do what they’re best at, which is closed deals, but if I’m making my sales guys generate the leads and close a lead and follow up with the leads, you’re gonna get exhausted and they’re not gonna be hitting a P potential the entire time, so it is actually, they compliment each other really well. Rather than contrast each other.

Yeah, and that’s the concept that I think a lot of people miss too, is they think that a sales person has to the full sale cycle, the prospecting, the actual lead generation, the first appointment, the qualification, closed, the implement, all these pieces and not just not the case and again, that’s one of those limiting beliefs where you just think, this is how I’ve learned it, this must be correct, and that’s just not the case.

And one of the things that I’ve noticed the most is kind of what you’re talking about, test the limits of your people, test the VAs, try to get them to order something on Amazon for you, try to get them to book something, see what happens, what’s the worst that’s gonna happen. You lose a couple of hundred box… Who cares, right?

The goal is how far can you push the boundaries to make sure that you can get the result you’re looking for and still grow your company month over month, right.Mote literally has a discretionary fund of 5000 every single month, where if they wanna try something or they wanna fix something, if there’s an issue and it cost less or 50, so do just do it and don’t even bother for me about it because I’m like, I am worth my time, we’re coming here and try to do it, so then we’ll just tie it back on again, if you’re worried about them making a mistake on an Amazon order or on something that’s a client and you might lose 100, so you might lose 100. they do it wrong, if they do it wrong, or you can actually have them to do it and they do it right, and then you can spend that same hour or you’re gonna do coupling all this stuff over here, or doing a 200, 300, 500010000 an hour to ask as well, right?

So you start realizing, how much is your time worth? And if you realize, I think the average US business owner is, I charge 20-50 an hour in the US.

And it’s like you think you’re a time is worth 21 of your dollar on power and you’re not willing to pay the all there’s an hour to have somebody to do something for you, then you’re all ask backwards. And then on top of it as well, the reason why I stuck the first six months my business, ’cause I just didn’t wanna do lead generation… Right, but consistent. Basic messages, consistent inscribe messages, consistent email. I was like, That’s boring. And it’s very mundane, it’s very redundant, and people are saying F off and I hate you, and so email in me and you’re the workers the world over and over over again. And I’m like, This is exhausting, I don’t wanna do this.

And I was like, Okay, well, I can either rely on myself to do it where I know that I’m really not reliable, and I can get distracted easily and I won’t do it, or I can just pay someone less than 400 a month to keep my calendar for the entire time, and since I can, I came to that realization in August of 2018.There has not been a day in almost two years now to why we’ve had the success we had across our businesses.

Wow, and so for the people who are listening, what would you say is the most important thing to do once they’ve gotten to be… So we talked about before that, right? They do have their business and they’re taking this leap and they’re thinking, How am I gonna spend some money to grow the business, what you’re gonna start with lead generation, you’re gonna spend again, 30 now or 40, 500 a month. And then what… Yeah, but what you get… A few things we always say is, first of all, established a management is super important, they’re just employees. Anywhere else I first you do is expectations and KPI. So whenever we hire someone, it’s like, Hey, can I’m taking you my company right now because I want my counter full every single day, I went non-stop until I literally am falling asleep on phone calls, I want my counter for that is why you have a position in our company right now, and that’s what I need you for.

I’m gonna give you a bunch of trainings, I had to do it based on your past experience or while you’re going through this, if you realize there’s a more efficient way to do it, just do the more efficient way and let me know how that you’re doing it that way… Because the bottom line is, I just want the end result, which is book appointments, and if I don’t get those, I’m gonna have to say it’s something that you’re doing wrong, or you’re not letting me know that I’m doing something wrong.

So he’s expectations by saying, This is what we want you to do, and then I actually say, when I did this by myself while drugging fulfillment and CEO responsibilities and exercising, whatever else it is, I was one to do three appointments a day, you’re gonna do this full time every single day for eight out of the day, so I want a minimum of six appointments a day for ease… That’s sound fair.

And at the end of the… You let me know exactly what you did and how many appointments… We got that today.

So I ate what I want them to do, that there’s Sol Dobson Mets and that I want six appointment today, and then once I tell them all day and we’re on the same page for all of it, then I just give them the instruction of the training, we talk about sops. And in our program, people literally get all of our center operating procedures in our company, be Lily, copy and paste, personal branding, public relations lead generation, Facebook ad you to bad form creation, they really get inside of their company, but if you’re listening this right now, all you to do is just created hecla, you can do it on Google Docs ever it is, Hey, open up my Facebook E-type in chiropractic, the search bar, or cofactor a land in the search bar.

Go to each of those tapes, send this message, attach below if they respond sisak channel or respond back with, this is the bot, whatever it is. And so whenever someone starting with in our program, the Generation is probably 95 or so of the people… That’s what they need, number one. And so that’s what we tell them to do.

And that’s all it takes.

You don’t even need my program, I just gave you guys like the secret right now, most are you guys won’t do it, but it’s… I just… You go online, you create a little to-do list and how to do it, you do it once to make sure that you can do it from the SP. And then you just give it to somebody else to do it for you.

Yeah, and do you think that people… The biggest difference is that they don’t actually… It’s the action step, because what you’re saying is, in your program, a lot of it’s accountability, making sure that people are doing stuff properly and actually doing it every day, but what about the self-motivated people, do you think they are just separate from the pack because they know that they have to do it every single day.

Yeah, it’s an interest. Same question, and yeah, so obviously with our program, you get an entire course, we cover all ads, training you at all, or ops, all of our pitch Tex proposals, every messaging we’ve ever done.

And then you also get the Q and A calls in the Facebook group in addition to the virtual assistant. And so for me, a lot of times I see even self-motivated people, whatever it is, you get enough nose and fuck off and you’re eventually gonna be like, Oh… Or if you get enough days where you’re having made money or you like, Oh, this is so talk a mass for me when I got into this world is ’cause I saw on Tio, but testimonials of other GIS or making money online, and also be rest Econ or I was like, If this idea can make money online, I know that I can make my… These guys couldn’t even speak English.

I know I can make money online. Right, so I think the benefit of the program, in addition to the VA and all of the coursework is the community, the Facebook group, it is an incredible 400-plus people inside of there, it’s literally every single day people are posting wins, question his ideas, thoughts. People are starting businesses there, we hold master mind, those are community of people, number one, number two, it’s also motivating because we have something called ring the bell, or any time someone and get a deal in the ring the bell. And then right now, the reason I was late to this call was because I was trying to put in a Facebook post, all of the ring bells we had the past seven days were 38 of them, so I’m trying to upload them to Facebook for… Yeah, that’s why I was like This all… And so imagine you’re like, I don’t know if this works, I don’t know if I can do this. And then every day you’re seeing somebody else who, boo money, money, money, I am… We are doing it and I obviously can do it then, and so it kinda motivates you back, and then the Q and A calls motivate or not motivated. A lot of the coaching calls I get on, it’s just me going like, Yeah, well, did you do the things that we talked about last week? Or like, Well, no, and I’m like, Well, this conversation’s pretty much use… This is calling people out on their bullshit… Right, right. Which is accountability. Yeah, is right, and that’s why I tell people, my sales team says The anything on the call, if you are fanat and you want somebody you like, Oh, it’s Okay, Connor, it’s fine. You’ll get to it. I know you’ve had a tough week, is the wrong program for you, ’cause I just pretty much straight out, come on, I’d be like, honestly, we’ve been saying the same stuff for six weeks, and the definition of insanity is saying the same thing or doing the same thing over and over again, I expect you different results, and that’s exact what you’re going right now.

It’s cool having discipline, but for me, the biggest difference was when I started making money, as I joined an online, I paid for a course, and when that course gave an online Facebook group for all the people that paid inside of it, and half those people are now so my closest friends, I actually just moved to San Diego with three of them that I met inside of that group as well, so I think business can be lonely, and if you can find a community of other people would share a lot of the same values and beliefs, so they’re going to the same journey as you, you can get so much value at it, not even just a monetary value, but just like a happiness value.

Yeah, and that’s probably the most important thing about entrepreneurship, there’s a lot going on, it’s extremely difficult, it’s hard to have that grit all the time, so what people really need to focus on is making sure that they have the opportunity to have other people around them all the time, right? And so to wrap things up here, what is the number one take away you give people, whether that’s in lead generation or in VAs or in the course or working with you, what is the biggest thing that people can take away that will help them that… Not like six months for now, but now… So the first thing is gonna be kinda go back to that, that step, and I’ll tell you I have a course, a little free course called three steps calling, and we’ll just link it down below… I honestly don’t know the URL, but I’ll link it, that’s it. It to you, whatever it is.

Because a free course, and I break this down and individually, but it’s so eliminate, so I would… Your listening right now, and you wanna make… Cause right now, moving a lot is not gonna do anything, it has to be moving towards the right thing, so I would start auditing your time. I have my clients for the timer on their phone every hour, and they write down in the jornal what they’re doing in the previous hour shows are auditing your time and saying how you’re spending it, figuring out where in your company are US doing that 80-20 rule so which clients are taking up all your time, but making you least amount of money, hire those… Which clients are you never calling you, but they are… Have the big trainers call them and figure out how if they have referrals of their friends because people like that hang out together.

So I live in a lot of the busiest your life, don’t be super root this with it, and then I’ll get the automated stuff ’cause that’s hard to do without the course because there’s a lot of automation softwares, but… And the final ones, delegation, if you’re a solo entrepreneur, you don’t have to go through scaling with systems, don’t have to go to Royal dot com, all you have to do is coach a Fiber or Upwork or Facebook group or whatever it is and say, Hey, I’m looking for a VA who can help in… And if you guys want a actual step today, it’s literally you’re a solo entrepreneur, which a lot of you guys are, or if you have two or three team members, but nobody’s doing prospecting full-time, I would recommend getting a virtual assistant so they can do that for us, we average… Our clients do 30 to 5000 pieces of touch points of the day to their target clients, so 30 to 500 a day, 30 days. You’re talking about literally 90000 such bonds.

And so I’m at having that going out every single month, what your business would look like, so if your listeners right now, it would be to find a team member that can… Full job is to move the into forward for you. It doesn’t matter how much you do pay the at 3 hour or 15 an hour, if they’re making you an extra 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50000 a month.

Who cares, right?

Any for cellars in cost makes your money… Doesn’t cost you any money. And I love that saying. So that’s what we’re talking about as well.

Yeah, well, I really appreciate you being on the prospecting show here, and thank you so much for coming by.

Yeah, as absolutely, please think for having me on here, I hope you guys all got some value out of it if you… Circa, drop my links down below. But I was hearing from people that come from or come from podcast, so if you guys want to, you can just go to read COM and you guys can find a little bit more information about our program, what we offer, there’s some free trainings on there, a bunch of different links or find in Ingram more Facebook at Rolla BI avala.

And so we… Essay, you came over here, a limit of you guys… So any one person on a SAN, thanks so much, man.

Yeah, we should atone.

At a anaesthetist.

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