Life and circumstances, they’re gonna co… Surprises are gonna come, emergencies are gonna come, but the most important thing is that for you to mentally stay grounding.

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Well, come back to the prospecting show. Today we have drones on the show. How area?

I don’t know, I’m doing well, man. How are you?

Absolutely great today.

So let’s kick things off right away… Give the listeners a little bit of background on who you are. Yes, so I am a spiritual life coach, and I primarily help entrepreneurs and other people who truly want to live the life that they want, helping to heal from the traumas and unresolved issues from the past, and how to reprogram their mindset so they can get out of low confidence, negative thinking, and truly have the abundance and the case in their internal life and in their finances, in their business. We’re starting off serious here today on the show, so let’s break that down for everybody, so ideal person, they’re on Entrepreneur, they got a million balls in the air, they’re juggling a bunch of things, and they have some stuff that’s going on. Where do you start with those individuals, how do you kinda get the lay of the land with them and say, This is where you’re at, and this is where you’re trying to go. How do you start that process?

Right, so first, I tell everybody that your business only a reflection of your mind, just like everything, your relationship is only reflection of what you’re at mentally say with your business.

So normally, when people come and talk to me in our first conversation, I kinda get some data points, so where they’re now with their traumas, with their negative thinking, where their finances is in our business, where their thoughts are when they’re bunse, and as you get these data points, then I help them to have a bolder and bigger vision for their life, ’cause most entrepreneurs, they think that negative thinking, it’s just natural, but that’s almost like it’s okay to… So is it a… And so I I get them to that to understand that, no, it’s possible to have nothing but positive self-affirmation run in through your head, 247 as to some of the top players in the business, they just have these natural loops automatic. So I hope to realize that it’s possible their ability to live in a way bigger than I was, way possible than what they’re currently thinking.

And how do you transition that for people… So there’s a lot of people who get into an entrepreneurial journey, they start a business and there that the excitement is going up right there, we’re starting to build, we’re starting to get better. The business is growing, and then something happens, this happens with all small bus is in to do this big goal crash down, there’s these funny memes are really graphics online that you see, it’s like the entrepreneur journey, it’s like, This is awesome, I love this. And then it crashes. And then it’s like, Oh, I’ve got a deal done. It’s going back up and then it crashes. So in that process, a lot of that’s really mindset, because what’s happening is the outside world is kind of given you some circumstances and you’re looking at and saying, How am I gonna respond to those circumstance because nothing really changed. Right, okay. You lose 500 bucks, you gain 500 bucks, you lose it, you gain it is what it is, but how do you prevent that kind of up and down in your mind… Yeah, so it’s really… It’s kind of like a wave. And what I tell people is that life and circumstances, they’re gonna come, surprises are gonna come, emergencies are gonna come, but the most important thing is that for you to mentally stay grounded, that the most important thing, because what happens is that when we see… Let’s say we get a client or I remember back in my first drink, I will just share my own boner experiences when I were first starting our entrepreneurship and I remember I was selling programs and I will get somebody to buy a 1000 program, but then they were refund, and then internally, I was shut down.

And it’s because we haven’t built a strong inventive mindset to whether the Storms I was watching… I was listening to this audio book by Dan Pina, who’s the… Yeah, yeah, I know, yeah.

Yeah, in his book on the first 10 million, he said, to survive in business just like in… Or you have to be the toughest on the battle field, and it’s that same mentality that you have to have a business, especially ’cause it’s so many entrepreneurs copier single day, and most of them, they think that mindset is over there and taking care of myself is over there and businesses all over there, but now they’re actually connected it through links, so it’s about really understand that it’s gonna happen, but it’s about how do you respond to it and how do you ground yourself so that you’re not over-thinking or so that you’re not taking this one time, a little circumstance or these three people that told you No, I… And then blanking that belief across every other platform in your life, it’s really understanding that, Okay, in any process of manifesting anything, there will be temporary and convenience and understanding that this is only just a temporary anchovies, Oh, I didn’t get any clients as much.

It’s not said A man, everything’s going to mean… No, it’s a temporary and convince who is going to yield first you or reality, right? Most people just have you… They make it in the out one, two times, and they quit, but you have to really build anything powerful if you just quit, you have to understand that you’re gonna be in the mouths, you are gonna get tripped, but it’s about really waking up every single day, like cocaine, I, I looked up in so much as waking up every single day, identify your weakness mentally working on that day and a day out, and then in 20 years from now you would be in a completely different state, but it’s really about having that rock-solid mindset and turning it every single day, consistent to be a lifestyle, to make sure that no negative thoughts, now, a negative beliefs are festering and growing inside of you, which could also… Nate, destroy your business.

And when you say that, the part that I think is critical for people to understand is, it’s really not what happens to you, so like Dan Penn, you says the same thing, right? It’s not about what happens to you.

It’s what you do back against that. I hear a lot of these people, the Dan locks of the World, Grand pardons the world. All those guys are talking about, it doesn’t really matter what happens to you, it doesn’t… What matters is how you respond to that and how you build a system or put something in place that’s gonna allow you to be unstoppable at some point, right, if you get the train moving, if you put something on the railroad, it’s not gonna affect the train, it’s going right through it, tree falls down, it just crushes right through it because it has enough momentum and enough stability to enough vision to go that direction.

There’s really no way for you to stop it. And in business, what a lot of people do is they get going and they do have that tree fall down and they just totally stop everything, right, and then they get in this mind set kind of like… Well, you’re talking about like, Oh, everything’s going wrong. It’s like, No, you just pick the tree up and move it… You know what I mean? It’s really not that big of a deal.

Absolutely, it reminds me of this about Tony, Robin says, he says… If you asked anybody, Why did you fail? And then they say, Oh, I didn’t have the resources or I didn’t know how to do it. He said, No, bill, because you do have the emotional resource, you didn’t have the emotional fire in the belly of the gods to keep going.

I remember a story, I remember when I first got started in Jordan three or four years ago, and it was May 21, I just graduated college, and I only made 100 that month in May, because I had to also make sure I didn’t feel class, I graduated, came back home, right. And I moved back into my parents house and I was like, Okay, I know, I don’t wanna stay here for the rest of my life. I know in three months I wanna move in. Tomoko, this place I’m in now.

So I only made 10 that me and everybody around me, my mom, my dad, my girlfriend, they were all like, You should get a job, so you can say, Oh, some money to get this condo, and I was like, No, I’m going to sit my as down water going at gauge, I’m gonna make this happen to hell. Oh, water, it’s about having my mindset, I don’t get a… Food is not come out way in for a quick, I don’t get a fool, I won’t do anything to get through it, and it’s about having that mindset, if you think that One temperate failure isn’t failure, failure, it’s only showing you something that’s not working, something you have to get to rate mentally, emotionally and state and strategy-wise to keep going. So I remember it made me a 100 then June didn’t make anything.

Everybody was like, Oh, got.

It was a temporary inconvenience, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just a temporary… A convenience, it’s just the… On a recent… Okay, how bad do you want this? Okay, I, I was on at this… The rate, two months went by and I made 1000 next month blew my mind. Then I was moving into this condo in August, and I needed at least to grant to moving to get out my stuff. Right, but a week before, I only have 500 bucks in my account. And I told my girlfriend, I said, It’s how crazy, and this is how much faith I got in myself and everything I’ve been doing for this past my whole life pressures on persons on right, COBIT that… Or, let’s get it. So I said, I’m going to take 10 of these dollars when I didn’t even have money for it, I didn’t have money for any of that, I needed too grand, but I was gonna take a 100 of those dollars, put a down payment on my bit for my apartment.

My girlfriend thought I was at that.

Okay, I Moshe was like, Oh, you are… You insane, you never have the money for rent, but I understood reality is conforming to my dominant belief, so if I keep pressing and keep projecting my beliefs on to read and keep taking action, it must yield to my manager stations. So I put it down on a fake, then I just can’t take an action.

The next day I closed the client for three grand, he paid two C up front, I was at… So moving to a very made it, and it’s crazy how it works like that to a lot of people will look at their circumstances and say, Well, I don’t know how it’s gonna happen, and the question really isn’t how… The question is, why is it gonna happen? Right, and the Y is gonna be, if you put in the work every single day and you have some kind of plan, doesn’t have to be a perfect, plan needs to be some kind of plan to move the needle forward just a little bit, then you’re gonna be able to achieve that. And the interesting kind of mentality that people don’t really have is that they’re over-estimating what they can do in a long period of time, and their underestimating what they can do in a short period of time. And so if you wake up every single day and you send 10-000 emails today and zero tomorrow, I promise today was more proton tomorrow, it might not be the right thing, it might not be the perfect thing, but it is moving the needle forward. Same thing, if you message 50 people on Facebook, Instagram, linked in, whatever it is, every single day, that is gonna have a bigger impact than a you message zero people. And the thing that I learned, I kinda self-remembered, I guess you would call this in the last six months, is when your appointment calendar is not looking good, when it’s got a lot of white net, pick up the phone, go to the phonebook to the first person, lead them a voicemail. Go to the next one. Do the next person leave a voicemail, if you call 300 people, you will have people call you, so… Right? outflow equals in flow. So in anything business life, any practice, you’re doing anything you’re building, the more people you know, the more people you talk to, in the more outflow you do, ultimately the more in flow you’re gonna get… And if you listen to this podcast, and I go back probably three episodes from one, this actually gets… Launch a here one with Rabbah. And he and I are 100% on the same page with this. The only thing that matters in business is outflow, if you outflow enough, people will info, they will know, you won’t have to worry about brand, you wanna have to worry about hardcore marketing because people are gonna know who you are because you’ve done so much of… People are like, Who is this guy? Who is this guy? Who is this guy?

Then they start asking questions and they will come back because they know you create a valuable service, does that mean you just take people’s money and run… No, absolutely not. You have to create value for them in your service, but if you have the best service on the planet and people don’t know you… It doesn’t really matter, right?

Absolutely, and I think it’s so interesting because most entrepreneurs, they start… Or remember, I grew up and Southside, Chicago in a very poor neighborhood, and money was always a big belief for me, but I had to understand, and this is what I could tell them on my girlfriend, my family, I said, Look, you cannot think from your current circumstance, I don’t get you more of what you currently do, you gotta think bigger, my mentality is, I think expensive as fuck or nothing is expansive. Or nothing, you might as well go all in. Right, there’s no more effort to go all in then half them… Let’s just be real.

Exactly, exactly.

Again, that’s mindset though, what you’re talking about, which is for small business owners, when they’re starting in what you’re talking about, if you have a plan and you have a service that you can offer to people, service, product, whatever it is, it’s not about making the perfect service, it’s about telling the right people that could buy your service, that you have that service, right.

So if you say, Listen, I have a consulting business, I got a coaching business, I have a marketing business, an ads business, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is go, Listen, I have X. do you want X? I done. About the price yet. Do you want X? Or if they say yes, then you say, what is that work to you?

And you can figure that out… Backwards to figure out what the price is. One of the things that we do is we focus a lot on business to business prospect, and that’s a huge thing, we do… Don’t do consumer work. And we have lots of people who come to us and say, Well, I have something I wanna sell in Amazon. Listen, we don’t do consumer work, what you want is not what we have, it doesn’t matter what the price is, the price could be free, you still don’t want what we have because it’s the wrong service for you, so matching the product or service to the customer up front to create the value before you change the price, that is the most important thing in terms of having good relationships with your clients as Motel, and I think that’s what power because… And I was just talking about this earlier to somebody from France, I would say most people just try to sell just… And so, but it’s like if there isn’t no alignment, my mentality is that, Look, if our boats don’t float down the same stream, that’s okay. If they’ve flown the same stream and there is a limit that that’s also okay, and it’s like on that first college… Just the first thing I tell people, I say, Look, I’m here to act questions to see if I can help you.

If I can, I will transparent that you know that and you feel that confidence for my voice, if I actually questions and I see I cannot help you or my services are not the best fit for what you need to jump in your life.

I’m a transparent, let you know that ’cause the last thing you want, and I understand if you are a first-time business owner, you just want that stale you in with that, so… But the thing is that if you don’t have that perfect alignment and you get a client who really don’t need your services, they’re gonna refund, they’re going to have a bad say for you, it’s gonna be disliked, and then you can’t get in your flow with whatever service you provide because that person doesn’t need it, so I always let people know if I can help Olof, I can’t… How let you go because it’s no sentence, you pay me five grand to me help you, but then you don’t need the help, and then now I got your money, but now it’s like weird because you kinda want your money back ’cause you didn’t have… ’cause the service and the fit wasn’t re… It’s all about that right fit, and what I recognize that once I tell people the kinds of people that I work with, that I only work with on that first phone call and the content, I do not work with, the polarity… Oh my gosh. It shows them, Oh, If I’m lazy, if I’m shiny, I syndrome. If Isolator, ion gather mode, if I’m not prepared to invest myself, this kind doesn’t kinda work with those people, he only works people who burn desire to win, who are willing to take responsibility for the undermining performance and truly grow by severing the wife in Terry Day. Then themselves, tell you you, no, no, no, I’m in that group.

I don’t know, I’m in that group, I wanna be one of the people that you work with.

Right, and that qualification process is really important to get, right, because when we sit down clients, it’s the exact same thing, we talk them and say, Listen, we have a service that solves a very, very specific problem, if you don’t have this problem, but you just think our service is cool, were the wrong people for you because you’re not gonna put in the effort on your side that is required for this whole system to be successful, and on top of that, you won’t be satisfied no matter what we do.

We could do everything right, and if you’re expecting something different than what we’re gonna deliver on, it doesn’t matter, even when you’re talking about the groups that you’re in, it almost doesn’t matter what group you’re in, if your mind is whacked… You’re never gonna be satisfied. Right, you could be a non-beer today, you could be saying, I’m just looking around, just looking around me. And you don’t really know what you want.

Oh, that’s all it means. You don’t know what you want, and if you don’t know what you want, it’s gonna be very difficult for you to make a decision.

So you can have problem X, I could have solution why, and they could be perfectly matched, but if I’m looking around stage, it doesn’t matter because we cannot do business together, it’s impossible with… So you know what I mean? That’s a critical piece. And so with people that work with you, what do you find their biggest barrier is before they start working with you, not in the sales process, not necessarily in starting working with you, but what is it that they’re trying to solve?

Where we were at the… The main thing and the main thing, especially with entrepreneurs I work with, is their own identity, that is their biggest problem, their own identity, because what happens is that they have go for this or seventh goals to make four friend on a busier, five figs a month. And buses or get five class with whatever.

Right, so that’s the go… Then they have this character that they have created mind from all of their experiences up until this point. So most people that I work with our Metis of 20 and 60, so that’s like decades of old programming… Replaying, right? So they understand that there’s an awareness gap, but the problem is, is that the person that they are right now is not the same person that is needed to get them to the goal, is the same thing that’s the caterpillar and the butterfly situation, right. They come in as a caterpillar, they understand that they want to fly, they want to get whatever goal isn’t ahead, but the thing is that identity that kinda came for… So it just moves… Would like that.

So their identity isn’t this alignment with their goals, so so I… That happens to… So Satoshi is and I editable.

So they go, senapati, himself, relate their relationship, they want sabotaged business calls, unconsciously doing even knowing it, and we’re gonna even sabotage the money flow by the words they say on a call, but not… No, so it’s really helping them to understand that you have to create a new character that can effortlessly achieve these goals, just like the butterfly… Right, when the butterfly comes out, that could cool, it isn’t got to think to flat it just done and through, and you get it to the unconscious love with thinking and acting and behaving throughout the day based on their identity, that’s when the goal just go just… Yeah, as they come to… Yeah, and what you’re talking about is very true, there’s one thing on the sales process that we’ve learned a little bit over time in the real Brady, he’d appreciate this if maybe we’ll tag in it after, but he calls it sealing scraping. And really what that comes down to is, you know your value of your service, and most people make their price around their value, so you think your service is worth X, so you say That’s the price, but if I came you and said, Listen, in order to generate this kind of business, or get this kind of consulting. It normally cost you 50000 by… We’ve gotten rid of all the stuff that doesn’t matter. So now it’s gonna cost you 5000.Now, in your mind, your price anchors 50000, the can hold… This is an expensive service, but I’ve anchored your mind against that 50000 number, but I’ve told you, listen to our service is actually only a 10th of that 5000 ’cause we gotten rid of all the shit that doesn’t matter, takes you time, it doesn’t get your goals.

That’s it. So when they’re going through this process with you, and I would imagine that a lot of these people have this 50000 mentality or the huge mentality, but it stuffed with all the… That doesn’t matter, right? They think, I gotta check me emails every day, I gotta check my tax every day, I gotta check Facebook every day, you don’t turn off your email, turn off your phone, turn off Facebook and watch what happens, your life will change over night.

Just do those three things, that’s straight for our work week from Tim Farris, just do those things, and you’ll never have a problem in terms of being distracted by this stack of goals, the caterpillar can become the butterfly because the branch is there, the system, the foundation, the opportunity is aligned in the way that you’re gonna actually be able to grow, which is different than when you have all this weight of all these other things you guys do… You got a check, 100 emails day. How could you possibly do 20 sales calls? When you got a check, 100 emails.

Stop checking the emails.

They’re not doing anything. It’s spam, it’s not related to your business. Does not help you move forward, it’s taking time, it’s costing money, it’s costing time… It doesn’t do anything for you. So why do you continue to do it? Because of comfort, right?

It’s something that… To pass, he was like, poor people have notifications on their phone, and when I heard that two years ago, it blew my mind and I don’t have any notifications except for phone calls, ’cause people called me in stuff like that. Sure, it breaks this cycle that you have to have these Facebook notifications because of my life or It or in student, but I use those things to generate revenue and generate new clients in my business, and it’s having that mindset to be like, Look… Anything, instant gratification is going to make you poor or if I immediately too not even delayed, just right now, you’re gonna be time-poor… Exactly, and then that time and is now evaporated and now you can’t really focus and home that fire in your belly. I teach how to really home that fire and that focus in that consistency, so I wake up with the fire of the gods and the bellies, so that they are now energized, they’re now doing the focus work over time, which are beautiful, friend, compound interest. Then comes in and helps us a lot.

Right, yeah. And so to wrap things up, just to kind of get a framework here, give us just a snippet of the kind of work that you do, so just like, How can people find you? How can they reach out to you? And then very specifically, what problem can you solve for them?

Yeah, so how I basically… So first off, the first place that you can find me in the best place is my website where you can go and schedule a free call with me is www Dean S dot com, does X dot com for schedules.

Just go there and then you can schedule a call with me to help entrepreneurs with… Is that it’s to… To to do things, it just depends on which ones they need, first thing, if they have trauma and wounds from the past of childhood, divorce, trust issues, lost a lot of money, death and the family, any trauma that is still holding the emotional energy at a low vibration, help to heal that and dismiss that and replace that within a piece, people who they have negative thinking or they’re not confident in himself, ’cause that only is gonna reflect the your business types ten, a business is only a big… As magnifying glass.

So what happens is… So what happens is that basically I help them to recreate their self-image to be a braver, bolder confidence version, and so so that they can go on those sales calls, so that if people tell them that, if five people tell them no, they just laugh that off you’re like, Oh okay, they’re just not… For my service, and then the last thing that I help people with is that if they wanna start a consulting company or a coaching company and they wanna Celso to four to five figures a month, help them to set that up, and I help them to loose market and create a course that people he… And so that’s what I help people do. One of my case studies is a stele PEs, he has a business, he helps me, musicians with their social media, and he came to me because he recognized that even though he made over a million now in his business, he still felt something was often inside.

He saw that his childhood wants from his mom, and from his relation with his mom was still affecting every single relationship, cause Antigone from divorce to the horse, and he saw this pattern and he was like, I don’t want my current list be like my last three relationships and so he came… Started working with me, and then after he started working with me, I was able to help them heal that within six weeks, help him completely take this anger and take this on infestation, this quick pastimes and completely turn himself into a month as peaceful as a feather floating on water, and a result of that help in shit his identity from this hurt little boy to this confident God, like the Vive version of, he was able to make more money in this business than ever before, he was able to lose physical weight because he was literally lose Nate motion, a way that was so stuck inside as we lash went from Dan near bout to fall apart to a beautiful or our beautiful state, and he was able to be a peace within himself by him such… So once again, if you wanna have that kind of transformation, the best place to reach me is www, that Deron S dot com for a schedule.

He as a sex or on for a scout.

Well, thank you so much for being on the prospecting show and have an awesome day.

Then you went, you took a… The last.

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