The main medium size enterprise HR consultant is more fact, we use a term consulting because we’re working with you and we’re not working as an employee, but we’re a far better option in that you still have control of your business operations, we get involved as if we were input, we’re still at that distance to be able to work hand-in hand as you, so that we’re giving you an outside perspective of what you do right, what you’re doing wrong, and all involvement is as much or as loud as you need.

Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today we have Mod OM IT on the show from Mo dynamics. How are you?

I’m not… To that in yourself or KANA. Great, I am doing well. So just for the listeners, just so we can start this off right away, give us some background. Tell us where you came from and what you’re doing right now with Mo dynamics.

Absolutely, so initially, I actually grew up in South Africa, so my initial background is obviously in accounting, and then we moved here to Canada back in 2000, so in that process, I switched over to Human Resources Management as my area of studies, and by the time I graduated I found that obviously a more extended educational background, a couple that with other arenas which were in Six Sigma and a little bit of health and safety, and so a more widespread of business expertise in the average person. And what I found specifically for me as an individual that led me to grow in my business or starting my business, was that I have more dynamic capability in terms of what I’m able to offer professional.

So typically, people go into one line or one area or they have one set of expertise, the same can not necessarily be said for me within let’s say a business domain, but they’re all related capabilities, and I found that project-based work or working for companies that are that need more of a HR person or professional in a more Ciccone, that’s where I actually had the greatest strength and our greatest premise to be offering in a professional capabilities and eventually very simply or led to me starting more dynamic specific was that I… So use disconnect between people management within house in businesses, which was really reduced to just recruiting people every time things didn’t go out, to just outsourcing the need to recruit people to an agency, and I found that there needs to be some tie in between recruiting people and the actual management of people within a business, so that there’s an actual direct translation into the operations and the actual revenues for business, and also the sustainability for the business, but also overall responsibility to all the key stakeholders of the business, not just to management in being able to generate revenues for stakeholders, parent are a pretty broad category, there’s a lot of people who have been in HR, there’s a lot of people who have had experience managing people, there’s the recruitment side, the agency side, internal, external, all these different pieces. Where do you focus most of your efforts, what do you specialize it?

Absolutely, that’s a very good question, Can… So what I say is, if you put a framework or a physical shape to us, and we say that the physical feel we operate in is in this try was first of what we’d say it’s momentum size enterprises, and we say startups, but really it’s technology companies in any corner with 3 that we said is a growing company, that’s really the area that we would operate in, and specifically when we say HR, we say we focus on two to of or… So we focused on preemptive or Supreme is different from what you’re thinking of right now, most organizations focus on the recruitment, the compensation and all of that, and that’s all great in trying to fix a problem that already exist, but most people actually forget about the primeval and that’s basically to lay a foundation for HR to begin with as you’re competing and growing for your business, so we focus on setting up to platform for companies when we say, you know, we did to see it the basics and foundation for your people management so that you know how to government in the self-independent in running your business, and we’ll help you in terms of being an extension to do so, whether you want to work with us on a practical basis or have much AR or a little… As you grow your business in terms of people management, so that they so have their control, they still have their involvement in their business in terms of people management, which we should.

And then the other aspect is that if there is an existing company, how do we take the existing company in comparison and how do we revamp strength and the approach to people management, and that’s supposed to entice… So then we will work with a small amount of companies as opposed to working with a demon of companies, and then we work with a specific focus for the post-enter, so it could be compensation, we could be coding a training and development plan, so it would just depend on the specific needs of that particular company, Gotha now, for most businesses that maybe already have one HR person or somebody, maybe it’s a CEO that’s having HR responsibilities, how do you fit in with those types of companies? Are you able to go in there and do the work, or are you typically looking for somebody who doesn’t have HR, you know, it’s a token, and He is what… Because the thing is that there are both two sides of the same point, and there is obviously a middle ground in between the… And that’s really a transition point in terms of their… Where they are in the content, so the reason I help the existing business, the one, the person who does, who are doing HR on the own is because it isn’t supposed to be something that they should be focusing full-time, if their primary focus is supposed to be growing their business, or continuing to grow their business, so I help them in that case to be in a state of self-empowerment where maybe hire an HR person for them if they don’t have one.

And if they have an HR person to see how that HR person is actually doing… I mean, easy, just doing paperwork for the sake of doing sort… It is the actual translation in terms of the strategy and operations for that business, and that’s more… So for an existing business, we petitioned it doesn’t have a… Or I would just help them build an HR system in place with him to go… And I use… Gotcha. Now, in your professional opinion, when do companies know that they need to start focusing on HR, there’s a lot of one, two, three person companies out there, especially in Canada, in the US, how do they know that it’s time to start working with an HR… External HR agency or somebody, bring somebody on board who’s an HR… How do… They know when that time is right.

Okay, so I really ask you, do we say we have four stages in the cross of any business, so we say that there’s an initial state, we used to a business, which is the one to 23 person, that initial… I’ll give the tak industry is example, because it’s a very good primer for this example, so we say typically, three guys get there, then they say, Hey, we’re going to vote out an app, and we’ll get you start doing that. So they pretty much pain night and day to do that.

That’s probably not the best time to do so because that’s in. You want to get your product out, you want to take it from proof of concept, an actual product, when you start getting to a stage where it becomes an issue to do the sales or we pretty much one person or a couple of people cannot do enough to meet all the business needs.

And it becomes an issue for you too, either get to the stage were you need to start doing sales or these things with A to team to be able to manage to grow your business as usually it stage to when you’re starting to grow and compete. So it gets to a stage way you now have… You need a full-time team, and you need to be able to manage the team, that’s a simple One size… One is, I would say that varies, so if you’re a people service industry, like let’s say accountants or design team, or they work hands-on with people more so in this technology, it could be anywhere from 25 to…

I’m throwing it out there, but around 75 people, it just depends on how people in tense of your businesses, it could be more so that it’s 82 24 tech company, because if they’re in the SaaS industry, then they’ll be automating most of their work, so they need to get to a stage where they need people on board all the time with it, that’s an extended development team and infrastructure to be able to support their existing business.

Yeah, and that’s a really interesting idea, because I think at the end of the day, the best part about the growth of a company is making sure you have the right people at the right time, that’s probably the most critical decision that people need to make in their business, would you agree?

Yeah, absolutely, timing is everything on… And sometimes they make the mistake that we’ve seen in our research is way to add those people, so they think that they can just continue to manage people on their own, when at some stage you’re not necessarily letting go, you’re delegating, and the other problem also become… Is it sometimes they delicate all people management and that create a disconnect between the actual strategy and the goals of the business, so they’re not necessarily knowing how the people who are actually working for them or actually tied in to their overall vision, and that causes a disconnect a role for people who were coming deterrence role goals at the end of the day as the business owner.

Yeah, that’s a really good point too, because there’s revenues obviously that need to continue to go up, and when you’re going through an elimination delegation process, you have to make sure that you delegate the right tasks because if you give something away to somebody else, that’s just a cumbersome, it might actually be a really important task and it shouldn’t be delegated, so in your business and what you guys are doing, do you recommend that they delegate first, should they eliminate things first, what should they do as they start taking on more and more people, so Alan, what I use to sit with each and every single potential prospect, but I personally don’t have my potential clients prospects, I don’t really like that term though, it’s really… The individuals that want to come on board with us. What I do for them is I go to a process where simply asking of questions to find out, Look, what are those toss that you as a business owner need to do that’s solely on a shorter versus the toss that you can eliminate, it’s causing your burden from doing what you are supposed to do as a business on that, so if they are responsible for closing deals, bolting partnerships, they can’t ever delegate those toss, like you say, and leadership to foster will be delegated.

Right, so those things, those require the official seat of a pool and that sort of stuff. I try just make a separation very simply, and after that separation is made, I think try focus on those TAs that are maybe a need for ongoing operations or whatever, or need their attention, but they can easily delicate.

And that’s where the HR, the incomes.

Yeah, and in your experience, what do you think is the magic number of people that you should report to? I’ve personally heard seven, so there should be… Every time you get to seven people, you take one of the seven, you promote them, and you make sure that they now manage those other seven people before you create the next business unit. Is that some kind of strategy that you guys have looked at before in terms of having a multi-level structure within the business?

Honestly, we haven’t necessarily looked at it that way because here’s the reality of the core, I would say that that that is a very good approach to do, so to do it that way, but that remains to be seen at this stage, to be very honest with clientele just because most of the clients we work with have not been in that huge growth phases, you would put it, but I would say that in an existing structure, regardless of how it’s managed, you save and the save is a good proportional number.

I would say that regardless of the company size, one is to save is a reasonable proportion of a number.

Yeah, yeah, and I think that that’s important too, because you have to have some objective measures in the business, right, as to when you’re gonna delegate, when you’re gonna eliminate in all these different pieces.

So what kind of hacks or what kind of systems have you seen in place that help with communication internally in the business, what it would have been like your best things that you’ve seen… No, honestly speaking, what I’ve seen in terms of… And it varies, you need to understand that first of when people talk about structures and they took out all these things, they get very typical, but what I simply say Is that your structure needs to be reflective of your business means… Okay, so a lot of companies, they make this mistake that when they hire people, they just say, are put this personally charge to govern these people, it ends up become very compartmentalized in department Aland, we get what we will the classical structure.

So you get this permit or hierarchy was, you could sub-divide the pervert into half or three or ever at each Neo and is reflective of the different departments and the different department or manages.

So trust me, you don’t necessarily want that because if your employees or individuals who are supposed to add value to your company with new ideas and everything, they need to be cross-functionality, so when I’ve seen the base companies do is that they have cross-functionality, and what the top means is that you… You have a cross-functional structure where you have reporting to you, one manager, say The one is to an example that we took, so you have one manager managing is department or seven people, and let’s say you have a… You have 15 M2s, and based on the structure, what you then do is that you have OCR passport met to function at these things get together, let’s say, depending on different products that the different… Different campaigns that they’re running. So they say you’re running a campaign for a new sports Aline for mains coding… I’m sorry, for me, for an Asia. And what happens is that you have the design team, you have the advertising marketing, to simply have a traditional structure with each of them, or given the reporting activity separately is a very bad idea, you wanna have a cross-compartment to function where they come together, they have the individual reporting in terms of deadlines and accountability, and that’s who the mantis come in, but you have cross-camp across the department too, because they need to be a tie-in between the person in the marketing department was going to be marketing a specific finalized prototype or whatever, and it needs to have input from the research and development team to make sure that he is marketing a property, and you need to make sure that you have the finance or department or the other estimating department day, so that they’re in charge of making sure that… The proper budgeting in terms of resources is tan. Proper. And they’re estimating the proper cost for that particular production, and I know you talked a little bit about some of the businesses that you’ve worked with in the kind of industries, but do you have an affinity for tech or SaaS products because of your experience, or do you think that you could really help any business, it’s really… Any business, the reason I mentioned as corner was just that I needed a string point and that sun, because I so much go for what we do, it’s really the reason to medium-size enterprise, that’s really the… Some of what we do, we’re working with any time pretty much give an accounting company, it’s an advertising company, it’s any professional service company, to manufacturing, to construction. It just depends on what their needs or… So it could be anything from recruiting to HR, her policy development, to ongoing hore development, to pretty much health and safety in this depends on that business who’s growing to any people, do they need to Manitoba? That makes good sense. So if you had to leave kind of like a tidbit or a summary for people who are listening to the show here, what is the number one takeaway of your experience, the small business owner listening to a podcast trying to understand what is it that they should do give kind of a takeaway for them, I would say the big thing is that when you getting to a stage for care about the actual size of your operation, so a lot of people get hung up on numbers of people, if you’re say, numbers are important to excuse me, what I would say to the audience is that if you’re in a situation where you’re simply growing the hands-on day or not sufficient, and you’re having a problem to manage your people and it’s impacting your ability to manage them effectively, and you’re there doing a very poor job of delegating. Or You’re not delegating. Well, just overground very simply, that’s when you need to call an an person like us, and at the end of the day… Let’s get one thing straight.

The smoking medium-size enterprise HR consultant is more fact, we use it in consulting because we’re working with you and we’re not working as an improve, but we… For data option in that usually have control of your business operations, we get involved as if we were into, but we’re still at that distance to be able to work hand-in hand with you so that we’re giving you an outside perspective of what you’re doing right. What you’re doing wrong, and our involvement is as much as or as you need, so we’re really literally there for you practically be as you need us, so… And that it’s not that experience as opposed to you going to a traditional consulting firm because they only deal with the large sized companies, so that’s a huge advantage for outsourcing the work to us to do it completely for you, or to work with you in terms of hiring new people or… Yeah, that’s a really good point. So to kind of wrap it up here, how can people find you? Is there a website, an email, a phone number, how would you like people to reach you?

Not very simple. Yeah, absolutely. So we have our number, could I share it on the podcast yet, what would you be able to… Yes, yes, absolutely. Share it away.

Well, absolutely, so all the number is zero for 6, 71, 27, two, three… So again, I repeated once more, 6-0 for x71, 27 to three, it search for more dynamics, that’s a D dynamics dynami, he… Is it more dynamic? So if you search for us when Google will come up, you’re actually, I think the only one of two businesses who uses that name and the only consulting business we uses that name, to my knowledge, all santande.

Any research for us on linking to pop-up Facebook as well, we’re also on Twitter, and absolutely, you can personally message me on my LinkedIn and on my Facebook as well, and the spelling is M-A-He set in.

And make sure it’s a one… And I’m the only HR professional, pretty much an banks within that segment, and just make sure it’s… It’s in Canada, the otherwise, you’ll land up with a lot of Morelos, that’s all.

Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for coming by the prospect and show and kinda sharing us a little bit about HR and where it’s important and where it’s valuable for companies so that they can grow, and I look forward to the listener feedback on this episode.

Thank you so much.

I would love that two, you’d be very good for us to… You get their feedback to… And it’s all on in forest, be on the show with you. Do one.

Absolute in, or Thank you so much for your time and do as we hope that this was interesting, this was in personal, we just… We need to be open as opposed to very formal, and then that’s really the difference at the end, that they believe people… Or the most important thing in working with your business, the revenues go up and down, but it’s really the people there, they for your business, and it needs to… It needs to be more than just managing them as tasks do is, and that’s really often also being making sure that every body on stakeholders, not potent, just the customer, and everybody is working in synergy and in the level of inter-accountability and connected.

Thank you so much people.

Have a great day.

I… Ioannina,

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