consistent effort over time, if that consistent effort is never there in your team, you’re never gonna make a dime, but if you figure out how to develop layers… You’ll win all day long.

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Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today we have a curry Russel in the show. How are doing real well on… Or how are you?

Awesome, so the lay the land here to get the framework going, give us some background on where you came from and kinda what you’re doing now.

Sure, so I’m from a really small town in West Virginia. I left a long time ago. Joined the Army, jumped out of planes. Went to War and Afghanistan, got out. Was living life in Tennessee and moved back to West Virginia. And many years after I was in the military, a buddy reached out to me on Facebook and introduced me to an idea, and I fell in love with the process, and over the last five or six years, I’ve become a professional network marketer and started building businesses and have had a great kind… And so for the people who don’t necessarily know what network marketing is, I know there are some people who have an idea of it, but in your words, could you explain what that model looks like for the people who don’t quite get it?

Absolutely, so it is more or less word-of-mouth marketing, so a person who finds a product through a friend, like a jewelry or a nutrition product or a vacation club or whatever, they find a product through a friend and the company doesn’t pay advertising methods, they literally do word-of-mouth marketing by enlisting a army of volunteers who get a piece of the pie every time somebody sells one of their piece of the product, and if you go out and share it through your own organization, you can start building that leveraged income where the money keeps rising up to you and through you, so it’s just a great way of creating real leverage residual income.

And what would you say the biggest outcome has been for you so far now that you’ve been doing this a little while… Well, I’ve been on the cover of a magazine. I’ve not one but earned a out, I’ve had built a team of over 8000 people in a year, I’ve been at the forefront of a couple company launches and had some great success by being consistent, so… I’ve had a lot of fun, I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had in the world. In network marketing, they’ve become my family, so I will say that it’s become the greatest part of my life, and for the people who are maybe on the fence, they’ve had a network or a multi-level marketing kind of individual come to them and say, This is the product we have, this is the model, and they’re kind of on the fence, what would you tell them to… Those people that are sitting there waiting to make a decision or what’s gonna push him over the edge and kinda convince them at… This is the right model for that.

Honestly, I’m gonna be really… But if you don’t see yourself being passionate about the product, don’t do it, if you can’t be behind it 100%, for example, I could never sell candles, I would just never be excited about candles, I could never sell jewelry… That’s just not for me, that’s not the thing that’s gonna drive my excitement, but I can… So I have to be in something 100% mentally to be excited about it, to wanna share with other people.

And for you, when you start going on this path, we have network marketing or multi-level or whatever it is that you wanna call it, how did you decide, this is the product that I wanna go after?

You probably have multiple people come to you, or multiple friends or other individuals that were in different systems, and you said, Yeah, this is the one product that I wanna do.

Actually, I actually wasn’t presented network marketing ever until my buddy I was in the Army with… He presented it to me in 2012, and I said, no, for two years.

A one day, he just hit me. When it was the right time, life had changed, life was going a different direction and it was great, everything was good, and he asked me to watch a video again, and I watched it and I said, I spent more money on these floating pool heaters. These little lily pad pool heaters that we literally threw in the trash the same year we got them. And I talked to my wife and I said, What would we lose? Let’s try it. So we tried it, and honestly, the first four months that I was in the business, I didn’t even know I was in a business, I joined because of the product, and I fell in love with the product, I became passionate about the product they wanted to share it with everybody and that. So I highly recommend a person use a product first before you become a distributor of anything, that way you don’t have that itch to quick because you don’t like, why would you wanna sell something you’re not excited about, so try and product… Use it, and if you like it, then share with other people and what products are you selling right now, give us your or link or something at that, or kinda background on these products so that we can hear more about what it is you’re actually representing. So I represent the world’s only, and I’m gonna say only DNA personalized supplement. So we actually have a… We do a DNA test and you actually… They check for 18 actionable snips in your DNA, and then they create a personalized supplement specifically to your DNA down to the milligram, so all of the vitamins and minerals in A… And so there’s mostly organic that can’t, ’cause some of the products are fielded from outside of the US, so they can’t say that it’s 100% organic, but it mostly is… And that product is unlike anything else in the marketplace where they say that it’s personalized and they put your name on a little baggy, we actually down to the milligram. Your product is made after your DNA test, so it’s like my wife’s supplement is completely different than mine, we have our ingredients list, you can see exactly what’s in it, so… But people can get more information at the, I need the number one in a kid to come.

Gotcha, and what would you say you noticed the biggest difference with… So you have this product, you test it, then you decide, Yes, this is the product for me, I can get behind it and I can sell this product through your methods. What have you noticed actually trying the product yourself, what kind of things have you benefited from… One of the weirdest things for me is that I noticed that my joints don’t hurt nearly as much, I spent time jumping out of airplanes, travel and went to war, all these creeks in my joints walking up and down the stairs, and a lot of times I don’t notice my joints ever in any more… And last year, I even went through a really bad health scare with pancreatitis, and one of the Strom, not saying it, we don’t heal anything, we don’t… I don’t ever wanna make any kind of health claims, but for me, I see other people who have this health issue and they’re dying, they’re seriously going through a terrible situation, and they told me that I had a cross on my pancreas, mean my doctor was seriously concerned but for some reason, it’s been September is when that happened. I feel great. Like life is, I don’t feel unhealthy, I don’t feel… I mean, I don’t know if it’s made a difference in terms of giving my body the actual nutrients it needs, and it’s taking care of itself better, but I don’t wanna assume that it’s gonna do any… For anybody else, I want people to understand that this product is so distinct that it’s going to do for you what it’s gonna do for you, it’s not gonna… Your product’s never gonna do the same as mine because it’s got different stuff in it, right. And other products that exist on the marketplace, at least for me, coming from a chiropractic background and practicing for two years with that, one of the things that a lot of people talk, what is the lack of custom health care, right?

You go, You have diabetes, you all go, you get pretty much the same medication, there’s a couple of variations, but really at the basic level, the same thing, and then you go and you have another problem and there’s three or four options, but again, they’re basically the same pharmaceuticals or the same interventions, so with what you guys are doing, you kinda have this more custom approach where you’re saying, Well, that’s not good enough… Right, that itself is not a good enough solution. You have to take a one step further, make something that’s a little bit more custom, and it’s very, very interesting the way that things are transitioning over time right now because everything’s going custom, right, clothing, shoes, health care, all these different pieces are getting very, very custom over time, and I think that’s creating a better outcome.

Do you agree with that?

I absolutely agree with it on… Or the point of the personalized is to get rid of the excess, too many products out there right now, they give you 500 milligrams of this and 1200 milligrams of that, and your body is like, I don’t need any of that.

Why are you putting this crap in my body and then your kidneys have to filter out all the excess and essentially you’re paying for expensive urn… That was the very first thing that I noticed. I’ve got a brother who works for a major nutrition company, and I’ve taken their paths of pills before, and you get that neon green our… You know that on mean to make your show gross, but… No, no, no, that’s the way it is, right? You get that access filtration, you’re running the kidneys, heart, then what ends up happening is you do basically just being out extensive urine, right, you’re gonna have that filtration, especially on the water-soluble side, if you take the fat soluble S-A-D-E and K, right vitamin A-D in… Those are fat-soluble, so they’re gonna sit around for a little bit longer, but if you look at the water soluble, like the vitamin sees, you’re right, you can pretty much shut the lights off and P in the toilet and it’s gonna be long… You know what I mean? That’s actually at… And that was the first thing that I noticed. We take five pills in the morning and five in the evening, and I’ve been taking it for a year, and I’ve never had a single discoloration in my urine, and I was like, This is impossible, how could it… But it’s all natural stuff, there’s no… Nothing funky in your body is taking exactly what it needs based on your DNA, discovery like that profile.

Right, and with the model that you guys have, do you serve more consumers or do you also go through healthcare channels where you’re actually going through a physical therapist, a chiropractor, medical doctor, who’s then reselling that to another consumer? What’s the actual model there… Strangely enough, I’m glad you asked that question. It’s not my… You’re asking it at the very beginning of where we’re actually adding to our direct-to-consumer market, so our network marketing channel has been for science, now we’re moving towards a direct to clinical doses to medical professionals, and that’s become my shift… My shift right now is actually showcasing this to chiropractors, wellness centers, fitness center spas, and what we’ve been able to do is we’ve actually put together a wholesale to retail side of this that is white labelled to the doctor.

So let’s say that Dr. Connor wanted his own DNA personalized supplements for his patients, his clients. They set it all up, I don’t do any of them. I don’t try to explain it to you corner, I actually get… We just send you an invite to work with our medical board who puts that all together for you, have the ability to even go in and say, I don’t want my patient to have this face of the puzzle, and so it’s very, very personalized. And so my shift this year in 2020, so I’m doing a very hard push to show the very first few doctors, family practices, like I said, and I think it’s going to be literally game-changing for the whole industry, and I’m very cautious using the word game-changing I think that’s overused. But when you have something that a doctor can stop selling, I know, I know chiropractors are selling lots of third-party products that your body doesn’t need, and when they can get this in front of a patient who actually has a need and go, Look, it’s designed for you… It’s gonna change all of it.

Yeah, and that’s kind of a good point you make, the even healthcare providers who are maybe even more educated than a typical individual who’s pushing a product, they’re sitting there and saying, Well, I have this stack and the stack is all the vitamins and minerals and whatever else, is in there buffers that are in a supplement and then they’re saying, Take this, this is gonna be the right thing for you, and I don’t really blame the practitioner because prior to probably two, three, four years ago, there hasn’t really been a great alternative that’s been publicly accessible maybe it live longer than that, but there hasn’t been a great opportunity for that, so most help most… Most healthcare providers are focusing on what they know, which is a other commercial brands like you’re talking about, that have 40 different supplements, and the provider saying, Okay, you need vitamin D, cutout the winter, you’re gonna need to magnesium and you’re gonna get in vitamin K, and it’s like That sounds like a good concept, but if you can get that personalized love like you’re talking about, and have a B2B to C play, where you’re going to the physician and the physician’s going to the patient and having the control over that particular product, I think that’s a real winner for everybody, right?

It’s gonna be unbelievable. I think this year is gonna be the test phase of the deployment, you find out who’s going to be your first round testers in the marketplace. I think 2021-2022 is gonna be when you see mass appeal and you have… This is available on a mass market scale, but I’m gonna use a term, the end of blind nutrition is here, you don’t have to just take a product off the shelf anymore, there are products that are available specifically designed for your body’s needs.

Yeah, and the way that you kind of put that is really key, right? People might look at the products that you have and say they’re more expensive, but at the end of the day, it’s really about optimization of what you’re getting, right, again, filtering through the kidneys, not ideal to put a bunch of stuff now that you don’t need, and then also taking other supplements that you don’t need, it doesn’t matter how cheap they are, if you don’t need to be… Don’t need them, right?

With what you’re doing, it sounds like you guys have a system in place that’s gonna be very, very efficient and quality and price typically go together, the more expensive something is, for the most part, it’s core with because they’re trying to extract up with what you’re doing. The cost of doing business with you guys is probably related to the fact that you guys have a custom opportunity and custom is usually gonna be a better fit for the patient… Right, I can tell you right now, the machine alone, it’s called the nutrition that separates the formulas was millions and millions of dollars to design, and with the 20 plus years of software behind it and and the genetics at people and the geneticist who developed the specific formulations, for the cost you pay in our direct-to-consumer market, we actually even have a path to free, so you can actually get this product entirely free for you based on some stipulations that we have, but I haven’t paid for this product for me and my wife since we got started, but I got real excited about the nerd type stuff in this… You got a lot of the science. You got a lot of the technology, and I got real excited about it.

Yeah, and I think that’s what a lot of people kind of miss out on. His understanding that it’s not just about the product or the people, it’s both, you have to have good people selling good products to good end users, and especially when you’re gonna switch from this business to consumer direct to consumer model into a pass-through model, where you’re going through a health care provider, you’re getting an additional check point there where the providers saying at the education, I see what you’re doing, you’re the product expert yourself, but I’m the clinical expert, and so together we can have an even better outcome for the patient. It’s really like two people helping one as opposed to us all kind of just in a circle together. Right, it’s a lot more efficient.

And I really like the fact that our company has designed a platform for taking our distributors who are certified, you have to be certified to sell to a practice through our patrician program, and what they’ve essentially done is just made our people lead generators, so the company can answer all the questions, the medical board, the genetic board, they can give them everything they need because they don’t want the hillbilly from West Virginia going up to the doctor and trying to explain nut re-genomics… That’d be just silly, even though I have for a year, deep dived into nutrients, I don’t know to have that conversation, so today, I stopped my local chiropractor outside the bank and just gave him five seconds and said, Hey, I want you to shake… You look at this and he’s gonna go have a conversation with them, and I got out of the way, so it’s an incredible business model to help reach so many more people, and to kinda wrap this whole thing up, what would you say is the two two questions for you one, as a provider, why would somebody do this… Let’s start with that question. They already have supplements. They already have patients. Why would they choose you guys, what’s the number one reason to end that blind nutrition, if why give your patients something they actually don’t need, just because you can make a commission off of it, don’t give something to somebody they don’t need, give them something… Their body actually needs… By scientifically proven based on white paper results, you know that these are specific nutrients for that specific person.

Right, and then number two, for individuals who are interested in the model with what you’re doing, what is the best way for them to contact you specifically?

Well, I’ll give him my phone number, they can call me sharing… So for real, 30-48, 12-21, 83, that’s the call. Me say, we can have a nice conversation. I’ll tell you everything you wanna know.

Absolutely. Well, I appreciate you being on the prospecting show, thank you so much for diving into euphoria and the different components that you guys have, and I hope the listeners enjoyed this episode and they will reach out to you directly.

Thank you very much on or

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