In short face as a form of facial exercise, so just like we can take care of the muscles in the body, we’ve got 43 muscles in the face now, some of them are wildly overused while others are under God.

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Welcome back to The prospecting showed. So to kind of like… So I can get a bit of a background. Can you tell me a little bit more about your business and your vision?

Well, the idea essentially, which last about… You may or may not know, but I’m pretty much like the person in Toronto, there’s about, I think three other face good teachers. I’m not sure how much they’re actually… They’re actually doing that.

So based on is a form of facial exercise, just like we take care of the ILE was in a body. We’ve got 43 muscles in the face. Now, some of them are wildly overused while others are underused, so a really good example of muscles that are over-used are the muscle around our foreheads, when we lift our eyebrows, we create lines across before head, another example is a Peters muscles right between the eyebrows where we get those 11 lines referring a brow. Another example of overused muscles would be the crow’s feet from smiling when we plan our eyes, so that’s an example of overuse muscles now, the muscles that are being habitually used over and over and over again are what create the lines and wrinkles a… There was also a dehydration which plays into creating wrinkles if you’re not sin hydrated, so due state on top of drinking at least two Esquire when it comes to sagging skin, okay. Is generally, there’s two things that we notice when it comes to aging wrinkles, as well as sagging skin, when it comes to the underused muscles, is what we’re talking about when we see the setting skin, so we’re talking about in the cheeks area, we start seeing the cheeks drop, we see the NASA labial folds or Marian lines, those are those simple smile lines, and we see the dreaded double chain, of course, as well as genes, and that’s a combination essentially of gravity as well as the natural process of aging as everything begins to drop.

Okay, so in short face IGA combines resistance as well as relaxation exercises, so the relaxation exercises are meant to release the tension that has been created from those muscles that are being really used over and over and over again, whereas the resistance exercises are specifically used for the muscles that are being under us, like the cheeks, like the front of the neck, the Latina muscle, in order to essentially lift in to…

Okay, so the resistance exercise is lifted and told, the releasing exercises helped to domination get rid of the wrinkles. And in a nutshell, that is how face yoga works.

So my vision with face yoga to really spread the word about holistic care because so many people are unfortunately turning to cosmetic procedures that are quite invasive and can be also problematic, so my vision with the sagas essentially to eventually create online programs of people to follow right. Now I’m doing one-on-one coaching as well as workshops, and in regards to sort of the future of face yoga, the idea is that eventually I will be predominantly online with video programs, doing select few private sessions, but I’ll also be launching a teacher certification program, probably within, I would say maybe a year or two, just because I’m trying to get it people a little bit more familiar with face ever before that actually happens.

And what kind of… Started that kind of outreach, like why face you, how did that kinda come about?

Yeah, that’s a really good question. So at the time, this was six years ago, so I was living in Indonesia, and I would on a trip of essentially self-discovery, and I was really, really depressed, so I had taken this year and a half off just to travel Southeast Asia solo with a knapsack and sort of rediscover myself, which I cussed out was a bit cliche, a little bit like that of Eat, Pray Love Story, but it wasn’t quite like that, it was really a romance with myself. So at the time, I was living in Indonesia, and prior to that, I’ve been living in Australia working for a marketing company. And I was really stressed out. I had gotten out of a really terrible relationship and everything was showing up on my face, so I’d say a lot that stress shows up on our face, and it really, really does. So by the time that I got to Indonesia in mind, I’m only 28. every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was this gigantic line that had developed across my forehead from being so stressed out and constantly lifting my eyebrows, being animated and communicating with people, but the fact was that I was still unhappy with my life that it came to the point that I was having a difficult time and looking at myself in the mirror, I would get to the point where I had been at the point, I guess at that point, where even seeing myself in the reflection, I just couldn’t actually handle facing myself, now, there was the aesthetic aspect, which was essentially seeing premature aging, and again, that came from a combination of not taking care of myself as well as just being very stressed out. The son in Australia certainly didn’t help hither with that. But I basically felt that I wasn’t able to really confront myself, so I started doing a lot of internal work with a separate project that was essentially all about critical thinking, and I do very deeply into that, and while I was sort of unraveling all of my layers and dismantling a lot of my psychological patterns and having a better understanding of what was going on within me, I started being able to slowly look at in my face and kind of see what… What was really bothering me? And that was when I started looking into essentially how to get rid of wrinkles because it kind of turned into to, Okay, I can see the stress showing up on my face, I look unhappy, but there was also the aesthetic of actually pretty much our age, which I was getting very, very nervous about because when it comes to aging it, so many people feel completely out of control, which is completely understandable because it’s inevitable for all of us, so I started researching crazy.

So in… And I’m in Asia, so there are all of cosmetic procedures that you can do that are very, very inexpensive at very, very high end places, so we’re talking everything from Bo talks to fillers, to all kinds of really hard core cause medical procedures.

And of course, that was not something I shouldn’t say, of course, but it was not something that I was willing to consider. I’ve always been somebody who appreciates natural or holistic care, as I’m researching on Google of many people do how to cite wrinkles naturally, I came across taiga and initially I was… Actually, no, I came across facial exercise and initially I was like, What is this? And I started researching and understanding the concept behind using natural facial muscles, and then I got brought to meeting my teacher, who at the time was only teaching in Japan and certifying only in Japan, and then… Fast forward two years later, I’m living in Portugal. I’d been practicing face now, I sometimes… I started practicing some exercises specifically for my forehead area, and within four weeks, the line that is in talking about completely disappeared. So in that moment, I was entirely hooked for myself, I really like, this is it, right? You got to do exactly.

I hadn’t really given any thought to teaching it at the time, I just felt like I found a golden nugget, I tell… I found a tool that was kind of like a saving grace really, and so I started seeing the shift on my face as well as in the way that I was feeling… Reason course, I was feeling a lot more confident. I was able to look at myself.

Fast forward two years later, I was living in Portland, probably tell… I’ve done quite quite a bit of chafing, and at that time, the woman that I was following, he launched a certification program internationally, so that’s when I jumped on board of that because it was something that I felt was so invaluable to me that I really wanted to share… And part of the reason I walked away from marketing and part of the reason I didn’t really pursue journalism broadcasting was because I didn’t really feel like I was helping people.

And that’s something that I always really wanted to do. However, I always knew that I had to take care of myself and help myself truly before I could help anyone else, so in a nutshell, that’s essentially why I decided to… To become a certified face a coach and to have this business that can really help people see themselves and love themselves and really heal from the inside out, a lot of people come to me face-to-face yoga, specifically for the aesthetic aspect, which is totally understandable. We all wanna look our best, but often as we start delving into what’s going on in their life, we often see that people are repressing a lot of their emotions, and as much as we do repress, particularly in the Western world in regards to communicating our emotions and how we’re feeling, it all ends up showing up on the face, so I always like to say our emotions in print themselves on our face, and it’s really true, you really can’t tab… You really can’t hide that.

And do you find that people are getting more and more open to that kind of treatment or systems that they’re going through because they’re not happy with the other results that they’re getting and maybe more of like a traditional kind of Western medicine kind of approach?

Yeah, I think that’s a good question. I think that it’s a combination of things. I think that with the rise of awareness and mental health, people are starting to really correlate and understand the connection between mental and physical health, first of all, secondly, I think that people, particularly in the Western world, we’ve now been playing with both talks and filers and cosmetic procedures for… Not very, very long for, but for long enough for people to have noticed and seen horrific stories of people really just watching their face, and of course, they end up a much less attractive and much more unhappy because they’ve filled themselves with chemicals and now they’re looking at themselves, and they don’t even look like the same person, they look like 10 years ago, so I think that people are generally curious initially for face yoga for the aesthetic purposes of essentially being able to be a natural face lift without the invasive procedures.

There are some people that come to me, so the actual therapeutic aspect of helping things like migraines, TMJ, clenching a job, but again, I think those people that are interested in via are also starting to have a better understanding of holistic health in general, and again, that connects entirely to the mental as well as the physical.

And when you have these people that are coming and saying, Hey, I’m interested in doing facial. Do they normally know what it is that you do before they get to you, or is it… Are you kinda going through the discovery process of saying like, Okay, well, this is how it actually works, I do people… Are they well read in this topic generally… No, generally know the people that are following me on Instagram. They probably been, even though I haven’t really been on so long, in fact, it was right before breakfast television, which was on the 30 of the December, that I sort of got on Instagram because I realized that we have to… I have to be on social materially exist one time.


So I think for those people that are following me on Instagram for the most part, they’re familiar with face it, I’ve been talking about it for a little while, some people have followed me that also we’re following with my teacher, but in regards to my workshops, but particularly for my introduction to face ego workshops, I would say 80% of the people have no idea what face Soga is. And they’re there to figure it out, the 20% have heard about it and they wanna try it up for themselves because they’ve seen on some sort of social media platform the results… Generally, after the intro Workshop, people are hooked and either come to my themed workshops or to my private sessions or both. So in answer to your question, the majority of the time I am explaining what facet still is, it is catching, and I would say from a year ago, I would say the awareness has increased by probably about… This is just me, I don’t actually have numbers, but maybe about 35%, so it is, it is increasing and pretty quickly it… So yeah, and with people having the greater awareness, do you find that people are coming to that already did something like Botox, or is it more so that they are… They know there’s gonna be an alternative and they haven’t yet done like, Are you trying to undo some stuff or is it people come in to trying to get a solution before they go down that other road…

I’ve had about 30% of my clients, I have cosmetic procedures in the past, an array of actual surgery as well as Botox. Now, when it comes to Botox, let’s just say somebody had just had their Botox injection a few weeks ago, they would really be not much of a point for me to be working with them in that particular area of their face that they Bo talks how ever… Once the Botox starts wearing off, I can certainly start working with them, now, let’s say they booked their forehead, well, we can still work, for instance, with the lower part of the face, like the cheek area, for example, the jewels and the double chin, so that’s not a problem, the issue is, is that sometimes when people get Botox is they have a difficult time, essentially, because what you’re doing when you have Botox and not… And not an expert on Bo talks or feelers, to be honest, but essentially what you’re doing is you’re freezing the nerve, so you’re not able to actually move the muscle, and in that case, sometimes what happens is other muscles will overcome and say… So I always do a consultation of all of my clients just to have a really good understanding of what they’ve done so far up until now, if anything, just so I can make sure that I’m best helping them.

And when you have these people that come to get a treatment with you, how does that actually work? So is it one session as a multiple sessions, are they doing step at home, maybe break that down for people who’ve never seen it merely with traditional yoga and that seems to be kind of a recurring type of… They steer process that people are going through, maybe they’re doing a daily weekly, whatever it is, but with face yoga, how does that work?

Yeah, really good questions. So a few things. In regards to my actual services, I have a one-off intro session and then I have a four-session package, generally, I…

I like to have people doing the four-session package simply because I can follow up and I can see the actual progress.

The most important thing is just think about working out your body, right, if you had no idea about working out your body, it wouldn’t make much sense to go to the gym and start lifting bench-pressing really, really, really heavy weights. Right, it could really create some damage, so… Sure, absolutely.

There’s actually been a couple of times where I’ve had clients come to me after trying to practice on YouTube, which is really, really not advisable. Okay, and the reason is, is because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can actually create more harm than good, meaning you can create more lines, you can even create more tension, face in their job, they already have TMJ, so you really do have to be cautious.

Essentially, what I’m doing is I’m essentially a personal trainer for your face.

Okay, okay, so when it comes to one-on-one sessions, what I do is first you… We will do a consultation, I’ll send you a questionnaire just so I have an understanding of what your lifestyle is because just like any form of exercise or yoga… Right, the lifestyle on the self-awareness aspect is very, very, very key. If you’re going to the gym five days a week and you really wanna lose 10 pounds, you’re certainly not gonna be going to make Don… Doesn’t make sense.

So the same thing goes with Tara. The lifestyle aspect is very, very important to making sure that you’re sleeping enough, that you’re eating properly, that you’re drinking enough water. Hydration is very, very, very, very, very, very key. So when it comes to the actual sessions, what we’ll do is we can in meet one-on-one online, or we can actually meet one-on-one in person depending on at my private studio space, depending on what the person wants.

There are some exceptions where I will also go to somebody’s help… The one-on-one sessions essentially look like… We do an analysis of what it is that your main concerns are, so some people only have one main concern, let’s say that the 11 lines, those lines right between the eyebrows for forming the brow on you’re stressed out or worried or just focusing on the screen. A little bit too much.

So if they have one specific concern, I’ll normally advise about two sections just so that I can follow up with them and make sure that they have… That they’re doing the pose correctly and that… Yeah, the proposed that the poses eventually being done correctly, because baga is a combination of resistance and relaxation exercises, and it’s very important to be able to relax certain muscles while they’re isolating others hands me, reiterating the importance of actually having a coach with the… Be me or somebody else to actually watch what you’re doing… Okay, so what happens is, each session, I will add on new exercises for different parts of the face, so let’s say we had somebody concerned about several areas… Again, the standard, I would say would be to do four sessions, let’s say they had a concern about the four headlines cross-feed around their eyes as well as a is sister get so… Okay, what we would do is each session, we would do a combination of exercises for that particular area, or if they would like, we can do one or two exercises for the different areas of concern, by the fourth session, you’ll have had a routine every session, and we meet approximately every two weeks, so by the fourth session, you have an entire package routine that it comes with a see online videos for you to follow, so you can continue practicing that.

So generally speaking, what happens is after about four sessions, people are seeing massive changes in their face, and they can choose to continue working with me or continue practising their online routine until they’re ready to come back for more, and then once they finish with the four sessions, how some… It’s like exercise in the fact that if you stop doing, you’re gonna lose, so how long or how often do people end up doing this appear… We’re done with you.

Yeah. Okay, so face yoga, okay. Just like any kind of exercise, if you don’t use your muscles, you lose them, so I had a client to and Europe, she was being really consistent with the excise, went away for three weeks, and she’d only been practicing for about four weeks prior, and she said the same changes, she had a lot of a symmetry that had been created from having her teeth removed, which is very, very common chewing on one side, so often after dental surgery, we will C-symmetry and face iMentor is often some that is created as we age through habits okay, but that’s maybe a different part of this interview, so she goes to Europe and she messages me, and the third week and she says, So, I haven’t been practicing for the last week, a few weeks as I’ve been here, and I’ve noticed that my muscle seemed to have gone back to where they were.

That will absolutely happen.

Okay, it’s just like going to the gym, you’re building a muscle for three months and then you stop for another four months, the muscles will certainly fall back into the place that they once work. So consistency is key when it comes to face yoga, it’s like any other exercise regimen, This is not an overnight fix, this is a lifestyle change, so this is something that you would implement and this would be part of your lifestyle, just like any other exercise routine.

And so when you go through the process of doing it, is this something that’s a couple of minutes, is a couple hours, how long would somebody do within a day, so they might do this every day, but then within each kind of session itself, how long does that take on their on their own.

Yeah, so the actual sessions that we do one-on-one or an hour, but when you’re off on your own doing the actual routine routines will take anywhere between five to 15 minutes daily.

Okay, so it’s pretty easy for people to kind of fit that in their schedule then, especially ’cause they don’t actually have to go to a gym like they would in retreat. And what’s so cool about it is that you can do it once you have the exercises, when you know what you’re actually doing, what you’ve got them that exercise, when you have the exercise is memorized, you can be anywhere, any time doing the… So you can be cooking, you can be breastfeeding, if you’re a mom, you can be driving on the way to work, so that’s one really great aspect is you’re right, you don’t have to show up to a gym, it’s all you… Wherever you are.

And another great thing is, is it becomes so easy when you know the ex-ICES because you’re implementing them into your daily routine, so I do a morning and night time team, and then I’ll do a couple outsides throughout the day, just when I feel like it.

So when I get up and I wash my face and I brush my teeth, that’s when I do my morning routine and then it’s over, and I do the same thing right before bed, and the thing is, is it doesn’t really feel like… Sometimes I feel like going to the gym feels like real work and you do have to put the effort in, but face, it is so very relaxing and it just feels so good that it kind of gives you a lift for the day, and if you’re doing it right before bed, kind of puts you into a very relaxed, relaxed state, so a lot of people find typical exercise regimens challenging to keep up with, but when it comes to ESG because it is the reason that’s called face yoga, it’s so over like in nature. So it’s very, very, very relaxing, it’s not facial boot camp.

Well, and that’s an interesting point you bring up, ’cause I think a lot of people would think about this and try to imagine a traditional yog environment with doing with your face, and I think that that’s kind of a big bridge to get over because they don’t really know what you’re talking about up front, but when they see what you’re doing, if they visit you on Instagram or kind of talk with you, I’m sure they’ll have a more better appreciation for how to actually work… Right, absolutely. And again, so essentially what I’m teaching is facial exercise, however, the reason it’s called faces because the lifestyle, the self-awareness are really, as well as conscious breathing are very, very key factors, the self-awareness and the lifestyle factor are interconnected, and the self-awareness factor is probably… The biggest thing, and the reason is, is the more we become aware of our patterns, and that is that I can tie it to a… Psychologically as well as physically, so when I’m talking about our patterns, I’m talking about the way in which we create particular facial expressions, I are habitual facial patterns, so the more we become aware of those patterns to reason that were doing them, and there could be emotional triggers or there could be just on a daily basis, maybe you’re on the screen all day, so you’re firing your brows all day and you don’t even notice you’re not checking in with yourself, you’re not checking in with what’s going on in your body, you’re not checking in with what’s going on emotionally and mentally? So again, most of the time we’re using our face entirely unconsciously, so what a lot of what I’m doing is also teaching people to catch their habitual patterns so that we can start breaking them and new ones in regards to how you hold your face… Because how you hold your face is also the way you present and project to the world at an interesting conversation with a gentleman who came to me, and the reason that he came to me was he was constantly being asked by his kids if everything was… If he was mad, if he was okay or if there was something wrong, and the reason was, is ’cause he’s worked in a very stressful job, and he’s constantly, again, coming back to those… The firing of the IRS from his brow. He is this very deep lines right between the brows that we call levies that are those vertical lines that go write up and down between the eyebrows. I thought that was really interesting because the reason that he wanted to work with men was essentially because he didn’t wanna look like he was angry to his children, which he was looking even though he wasn’t actually feeling that way, so yes, our emotion show up on our face, but sometimes it’s also just habitual facial patterns that we’re not even called Nissan to… Yeah, in the application of what you’re talking about is very broad, there’s a lot of people just… The use case you just gave or somebody is the reason they’re coming to you isn’t necessarily because they say, I want my face to look different, what they’re saying is that’s been a symptom of the stressful life or stressful work environment, now my kids are asking me about it… So I gotta change this. And so they’re solving their problem in a round-about way, which is to come to you and actually get… Get the face yoga sessions when people leave and are completed with your program, what do they typically do, do they continue to do those exercises on going, or do you find that people fall off and… It kinda stays the way it is. How is that transition happen? Is it usually pretty successful?

Yeah, so to be honest, it really depends on the character, and I think probably if you were to ask any trainer or fitness trainer of any kind, they would probably give you the same response, so those that start out with me that are really committed and stick to the routine that I give them from the jump, they usually continue that those that have a difficult time with routines in general, ’cause sometimes people like the idea of taiga, but when they realize they’re gonna have to start shifting on their lifestyle habits, it becomes… For them may be a bit more challenging because there’s a little bit more investment because people are doing the facial exercises, but I’m also asking people check in with themselves, right.

Checking with themselves on an hourly basis, what does that mean? It just literally means checking with your body, are you creating a jar and firing a broad… But a lot of people forget to do these things, so I would say I have a good chunk of students that continue working with me after because they just find that it’s helpful for me to help them with that self-awareness aspect, and again, there’s also more than 70 for exercises. And often, when people start working with their phase, they start seeing improvements in certain areas, and then as typical human beings in the last of the world, we start looking for other problems… Right.

As a pursuit of perfection, they wanna do all the different things, I can get them as close to their goal as possible, be Cicely, and that’s also something that I talk about as well is our relationship to aging, which is really very skewed in this world or in this particular, again, I kind of referring to the Western world because I’ve done a lot of my travels in east and the relationship to aging is not quite the same, perhaps in big cities it is, but it’s not as a dominant as it is here and… Again, when it comes to Botox and fillers, essentially, that’s what people are doing is they’re trying to preserve their youth, unfortunately, it doesn’t actually a cure that way, I’m seeing so many girls in their 20s that look older than me, I’m 34 years old, I met a 21 year-old girl that told me she was doing her lips with her mom every six months, and I was a bit shocked, I actually, there’s an area… So I’m in downtown Ironton, there’s this place, it’s like sort of a club that is on King Street, which is one of our main streets, and there was a huge line-up of the other day, some kind of the event was going on, and it was honestly shocking because I know what books looks like, because I know what folders look like, especially when it’s over done, which is more often than not, I could… This entire line up, I would say a good… It was definitely more than 50% of these young girls, again, in their mid to late 20s, who’s…

I look just horrendous simply because they had pumped so much into the face, you start looking like everybody else in the line, they look like the same people, but it wasn’t attractive and it didn’t make them look younger, in fact, it quite literally did the opposite and made them look older.

And again, unfortunately what happens is, is years years later is that because you’re not using your muscles properly, if you still keep injecting that Botox, well, now your muscles have actually moved, they’ve fallen, so where you’re actually injecting the BO talks, what happens is sometimes the other muscles around can actually atrophy in trying to essentially over-compensate and it’s… Yeah, again, I’m not an expert in total, but it’s a pretty scary scenes or I think I may have gotten little sidetrack there.

Yeah, and I don’t know. That’s all good. So to kind of wrap things up here, where would somebody go right now to find you… How can I contact you? Maybe a website, Instagram, whatever it is, give the handle so that people can reach out… In contact, yeah. Yes, so for my website, it’s face yoga renew dot com that’s renew ran, and then they can also find me on Instagram at face Yogi, that’s face face yog with two eyes. So yogis to eyes, however, because I’m still fairly new to social media, I didn’t realize that I should probably be my business name, so in the next couple weeks, it might actually be changed over, it will likely be changed over to the actual business name, which is also pagena.

Awesome, well, I really appreciate you coming on the prospecting show and talking a little bit about your small business there and how you can help people, and I hope the listeners enjoyed this episode.

Perfect, thank. He’s so much more in…


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