If a crowd in market extremely competitive, obviously have and are in particular more so, it seems like it’s at every tool like and got a really tread lightly in a fee of madness or a tangerine in this space, and with that, there are too many companies out there that are going to tell you that they’re happy from a certain place, and it’s actually not… So again, when you’re buying a product, most of the companies and mass processors or the giant facilities, and they’re just pumping out high volume quantity and products that are basically dealt… This episode of the prospect and show is brought to a APOGEE as Ben green as a leader in USDA certified organic Hemp and CBD based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To learn more about as in green and how they can help you. Visit www green dot com or contact Brandon Lewis directly on Linkedin. Again, that is as in green dot com. Enjoy the ship.

Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today we have Brandon Lewis, CEO of Aspen green on a call, Harriet.

I’m doing quite excellent, Mr. Roberts on. How are you?

Good, good, good. So to start things off, for the people who don’t know about As and green and don’t know about the CBD space, maybe give us the 30-000 foot view. What is asking green? What are you guys all about?

Well, thanks for asking. Well, first of all, we’re one of the way handful of companies in the M and CD space that are actually certified organic by the USDA, The Dream logo, which means our farms directly are certified organic by the earth department agriculture, as well as the extract and we take USDA certified extras, and we put that throughout every single one of our products, and then the top it off, the topical products, we actually are free from Alderman Fallon sulfate, and a lot of consumers don’t realize that over in the EU, you have over 1300 of the ingredients that are pointing us.

That happened, if they’ve actually abandoned then you… Yeah, you’re in the States, the FDA on band 11 of these. So we’re passionate about being having the Juris cleanest products at our consumers and patients can case, and so we’re free from, again, all these different types of taxes, we’re really going to put only company in this space that speaks to that, and it’s out off of… Don’t having Darian extract, but in every single one of our product, Adam very Farris too, so we’re passing about giving people relief with the highest quality, purest and cleanest products, but at a pair, he further not getting down to, unfortunately, what’s going on is the vast majority of products in the CD cranes on the street are actually coming from China, approximately 70% of the ham on the street is for China happen itself is a bio-mediator. What that mean is, it literally soaks up everything out of the grant, so the Chinese use him as a cover crop, and it’s looking up those pesticides and having medals loud, they shift it over to the States and they’re laying down their food crop. And so obviously, I don’t want their food to have these talks, so the gasping it over here, American consumers are buying it left and right, they don’t realize this stuff, and they need to be educated on that, so that’s a few ways and how we’re different.

And when you look at the hem space, that’s really exploded over the last maybe five years, in the most recent years, where do you think a lot of people are going wrong as a consumer, is it that they’re not educated enough, they’re choosing products just based on recommendations where do you see people that are maybe a little confused or unsure of what they should be getting… Great question.

The consumers are seeing the term CBD, which is the acronym for Canadian, and that is one, Tito cannabinoid in the hemp plant along with the those, the two that everybody recognizes obviously, but there’s another 80 to 20 that scientists have yet to name. Some of these include CBBC and the CBC. You’re gonna start hearing more of those in the coming months and years ahead, one thing I would say is, Look, if you’re gonna buy a pod it, please don’t buy it at a gas station or a convened store, chances are that very Vidhan is… That is an inferior product. And it may not even have any spin it, so there was actually a study that we found where we… I think it was 244 brands were actually just selected, and again, it was about a 70% rate where their claims on the amount of CBD and or and their products did not align with… After the after third party tested did not align with the statement that these companies were making additionally, it’s not just about the hem or CBD, it’s about what are the carrier oils that are added because you’re not just drinking or in just the… Your extract, it’s like a molasses, it’s a very rich color, it’s gonna be anywhere from a de-pony that if its CO2 extraction to an even older action where it literally is a Dr color ’cause it’s got more Cortlandt and basically somebody who is on their death that would wanna get a hold of that stuff. It’s so powerful.

So you’ve got these carrier oils, and one of which is McGonagall, another one comical oil, these are the two that are really the best that every Nutrition is that I’ve come across.

They have recommended that these are the two are oils that the body recognized is naturally as a food, so now it’s becoming more bioavailable when you take your symbol, for example, onto the tongue and you’re getting this into your bloodstream, to the membranes of your gums, but you also need to have this terrier will again, MCC token, organic well, or auto well, that the body truly recognize as a food versus many companies on the street, they use vegetable oil, they’ll use Galician. And so I used to think olive oil was actually great, and it’s actually not, so consumers are really uneducated, and so many times I’ll make… People will, they’ll say, Well, I tried CBD and it didn’t work, and I’ll go further. Well, brand did you take… I don’t know. And I look at him like, You gotta be kidney. So you’re gonna judge a whole industry on a brand that you can remember that you took… And then I’ll go further.

Where is the hand from…

I have no idea.

Well, this is something to me that just is from a common sense perspective, if we had a fine bottle of wine that we were going to have here in the state… What region? Cotter, would you expect out wine to come from… Probably California, not a Valley area.

I go, Well, the same holds true with cannabis.

Colorado is the pioneering safe in this movement, and the reason is, is that topography and climate is ideal for growing cannabis and half… All wonder. It’s really all one and the same. There’s some minor differences. We’re good in through here in a minute book, humidity is 50 to 55% Daly average year, 00 days of son. And we don’t have support summers in Colorado, so in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m not saying that you can’t find some good help, you can… But the growers in the Pacific Northwest battle the overcast weather, the dampness and mold, the bacteria is extremely prevalent in that type of condition or those conditions in the southeast, they battle mold and bacteria, I’m talking to tucking Genesee and so forth, but they’re battling that because of the humidity. So we don’t have this battle, we don’t have this fight in Colorado, and so this is something when I talk with any type of customer, consumer, patient, whatever it may be, be ream the packaging, where exactly is the Ham from… Main times, some of them will tell, Hay made in the USA.

Okay, so they might as well just say, bottled in the USA, they’re not telling you where the ingredients are actually from doesn’t make any sense, so if we were gonna go buy a bottle line, and he just said greats from anywhere around the country, or grapes from somewhere around the global.

Would you actually buy it?

Well, you’re looking for the finance, highest quality products, and you find that really with Colorado growing USDA sort of or an icon, frankly for asking, great.

And when people are looking at selecting these products and they’re looking at getting advice from a healthcare provider, chiropractor, physical therapist, maybe even someone like a yoga instructor, is providing some health advice, why would somebody pick your guys product over another… I know you talked about climate and where it’s from and all of that, but how do they know which specific product like a tincture versus sad versus some of these other different categories of products?

That’s a very good question too, and we’re happy to answer that as they have the term… So first of all, there’s very few competitors that we literally have respect for in our space, and if you were to go just on our website that as angry dot com, if you scroll down on really the second page, we have what we call the purity matters checklist.

These are the most hands for any consumer when they’re looking for the white brand to purchase, if it’s not as in green, as long as they check all these boxes… We’re totally good with that. And so let’s start it with easier, Hemp and CBD certified us are… Is it actually free of toxins and pesticides, is it actually grown in that possible climate topography of Colorado?

Is your Hemp and CBD actually made from what’s known as full-spectrum had extract versus distillin, which is known as broad spectrum or CBD isolate, which is the most inferior of what is a legitimate on the market.

Next is, are the products literally free from all these toxins, the formal… The hides, palliser and sulfates.

Another thing you’ve gotta have, and this is being mandated by each state, and every state is catching up is the packaging actually have what’s called a QR code printed on every box in every label, and then does that QR code take you directly to what are known as CAs certificates of analysis, where we get to see the bonafide third-party testing, and so we have eight different lab tests that we run on every single one of our products, that’s included the vital cannabinoids, the TH, CD, CCTV, etcetera, the terpenes serpent give you a smell in a robo that gives you obviously an experience based on your personal dynamics for Biochemistry and your body have a medals and cut the sides, the Collie mail a yeast, mold bacteria. Also residual solvents in Michael toxins.

So we test for all of these and we give these to every consumer right at your fingertips, every product has a batch number for a lot number actually on the bottom of the jar bottle, and they’re very easily legible, the easy to find these test results.

We don’t make our customer go dig for them, they’re actually just right on our site, now, that purity matters checklist, if you actually go to the bottom of it, it says Download as just like that. And you’ll see a reparative analysis on every single one of our products, in fact, we use two different testing labs, we test in bolt actually at the farms on the book products, but then the final package products we send to a second lab to make sure that everything is on the up and out… And what percentage of people do you think actually do that? So you look at all these other brands, if there’s hundreds, if not thousands of brands that are popping up, white label is not way label their own thing, farm to table, whatever it is. How do you know that that’s getting done or are people doing that or not really. The testing process.

Now, there are a handful that are. So I just got… When I even know what the County back here, there’s like 2200 brands out there right now selling, claiming it, her selling CD, and more often than not, I will not see a QR code on packaging is I just go to various trade shows and conferences, or walk into retailers, and it’s not the norm by any stretch, definitely the rare, and so the consumer has got a look, if there’s not a QR code on the packaging, that should just be a dual killer right there, I don’t even buy the product… Just stop the conversation. I don’t care what the brand is. This is one-on-one, you have to have a QR code with on a 5-1-0 testing, however, there are companies that have actually been busted, if you will, for saying that they were really bonafide third party testing, and they got found out by having the same corporate address on their third party testing are on those results as their actual brand, ABC brand of CBD, and anyway, there’s… Unfortunately, this space, there’s too many that are bad and a come into this space that are all about the margin and the dollars, and they’re really not trying to help people… From our viewpoint, we’re founded on three core pillars, Quality, integrity and transparency, and that this is a web service, what does that mean to me into my partner, Kyle thong into my life, had to Reid and to Kyle’s wife, Valerie Chow, what quality means? It starts with the Hep itself, the farms themselves, the extract were USDA certified or gone, that’s unbelievably taxing to get the integrity portion, the topical were free from all of these chemicals, this cost us more money to put out a cleaner, pure product, and then the transparency portion we want you to know about the and know what you’re looking for, and we give these to the consumer or patient, literally right there at their fingertips at every turn right here on our website.

And when people are looking at price, this is a big thing that a lot of people look at, and they don’t look at cost, to look at what the sticker prices, is there a direct correlation to quality and price in your mind, or is it really come down to the brand as well.

No, there’s not a correlation. The pricing is all across the board, and again, the customer, the consumer, that patient has gotta get more informed on, are they buying first of full spectrum extract that costs way more money to produce than CBD isolate, it’s vastly a different number than… Okay, I… And so, many consumers are buying CBD, is it for prices that are frankly two and half times to three times more than they should be, but they have no idea, they just look at a number on a bottle and they might see 1000 milligrams, and they have no idea, does that mean… Does that say full spectrum haaret, they’ve got 1-000 milligrams of… Hemp is at 1000 milligrams of CBD isolate, and if it was the CBD isolate, you can’t compare CBD isolate by itself to CBD, coming it from full spectrum had extract, which has all these other nutrients from the plant, all these other… FIA cannabinoids and terpenes.

Got it, okay. So when you look at these bottles and they say 1000 milligrams, 20300, 750, how does that actually break down, ’cause my understanding is that that’s for the whole bottle typically, right, when you’re looking at a tincture, and depending on the number of serving that’s gonna be smaller and smaller, is that correct? That the milligrams that are on side of the wellbore itself, that’s exactly where I… What you should see is frankly, a supplement fact section on the side on the packaging to break that down, which is what we’ve gotta ask in an… So in the forebrain, we want to talk about the whole hemp extract, it’s not just about CDLI, a quarterback get and all the intention, one or was in game, and so on the side of our packaging, we actually break it down per serving. So for example, all of our teachers are in a one ounce, there milliliter bottle, so our strongest feature is a 3000 milligram strength nature of full spectrum on astrak, of which that would be 30 servings in the bottle, and if there’s 30 services in the bottle, we have 100 mill ran a whole extract in each server, which is one dropper, a pipe that is a few inches tall, and awful serving goes up about two-thirds of three-quarters of the pipe at and at 60 milligrams of that, 10rd milligrams of whole Hal extract is actually set.

So it’s good to know what is the total amount of extract I’m getting, but again, it’s not just about C. We did list the other FIA cannabinoids on the side of our packaging, but we do have those again on our test results for each mile, so again, there’s a lot number that you could type in and you would see the test results, those that come in the CA for certificate analysis section, and you will actually see the other fit Canavan in there in addition to… Obviously, again, THC and CBD.

And what would you say the biggest piece of advice you could give to either a healthcare provider or a consumer that’s gonna to work with as an green or any CD company kinda getting into this space, what is the biggest thing they should be looking for before they kinda take the punt, the what… Those are two questions. Let’s talk about the HCP healthcare providers.

Everybody, body is different, and we have what tenets that found in the early night, what is known is the endocannabinoid system in our minds, and dogs actually add this as well, so we have the receptors, they’re called caning CB2 receptors, and the CD1 receptors are more urethral, nervous system and the CB2 receptors are more for the auto immune system in our bodies, and so we have great testimonial patients and consumers taking our products, right.

But not everybody’s going through experience the same exact result at the same dosage, again, everybody Bonny different and everybody need to realize this too.

Well, it’s the same thing if you were getting a pharmaceutical pill and there are no pharmaceutical commercial, you’re gonna hear about 15 different side effects, well, why don’t we all experience the exact same thing pretty soon. Our body is different.

So that’s something that people need to understand. The HCP as well as we ended their patient’s last consumer, that they’re gonna have to find what works for their own bodies with how they do, and they’ll figure that out realistically, within a few weeks of taking the various strengths of the teachers, the topics are pretty straightforward because if you have, for example, a muscle on cream design, really for sore muscles, we have a pain lead body bound, that really helps with some other types of critic and joint pain and so forth, and so with that, it’s actually attacking that area from a topical perspective, where consumers trying to find relief on the body and with the sibling will the entire set that’s different because now you’re getting this really more into the blood stream through the membranes under your tongue, in the lungs, again, everybody body different and they’ll experience is differently.

Again, we’ve got so many testimonials, we’ve got a 40-year-old kid take our stuff, we use our 500 Milgram strength mature, and he’s borderline autistic, he has ADHD, he’s kicked out of three schools, so there’s a four-year-old kid, and within about a 25… The three-week period, the mother reached back to hear in my life and said, My kid is absolutely a different kid, this is frankly amazing. And thanking us for the help to an 81-year-old lady or Parkinson’s, and everybody in between, so many folks with different conditions that found relief and looking were not saying that as in re… Here’s everybody, we’re not making those statements, okay, here I’m just telling you that we have people using our products who truly found eleaf. Now, the second part, or the second question that you had about any company trying to get into this space, it’s a crowded market, extremely competitive, obviously happen, CD are in petition or more so see, it seems like it’s at every port… Right, and got a really tread lightly in a sea of madness or a sea of garbage in this space, and with that, there are too many companies out there that are going to tell you that there are happens from a certain place. And it’s actually no… So again, when you’re buying a product that most of these companies are mass processor with a giant facility, and they’re just pumping out high volume quantity, the products that are basically being a light labor… In fact, I did meet with one of these companies in my journey and founding as pendere, and it never sat right with me because I never had the relationship or the opportunity to meet the farmers directly when I was at this one particular mass processors, and they said Oh, we’ve got farms all over the country… Well, no, they actually don’t have farms all over the country, and they’re buying from anywhere throughout the country is really worker getting it, and there is compiling the hemp together and chopping is up and grinding enough.

So again, when it comes down to the particular product that the consumer would buy or the brand would sell, they really cannot stand behind and say, This is where the hem is from… They’re not telling me that. And so this one company in particular, I’m gonna leave them nameless, I’ve heard that they have as many as about 480 brands, and I was told that I’ve heard that there’s about 20-200 brands total in the CBD space, which basically, we’ve got 23-24% coming from this one giant factory, if you will, and everybody is just put in their own label on it, they can all look different… That’s not the story. It asking a far from it.

My farmers, I know my farmers, I see the extraction done at the farms, and again, from a quality control standpoint and a cost standpoint, because we don’t have male men in our business, we’re able to give the highest quality products to the end consumer inpatient, if you will, they don’t feel like they’re getting out, not by any way, shape or form, in fact, it’s a very fair… Our product, I even go back and forth with my CFO and partner Collison on Kyle, I wonder for price to up really seriously for all this stuff I see in my journey, I really wonder that, but at the same time, philosophically, I believe in everybody having a fair profit and the consumer paying a fair price for ultimately the highest quality, purest, cleanest product that they can get their hands on, and we feel that we’ve done that. And offer that here at Aston.

And so to wrap things up here, if people were interested in either B as a provider coming and partnering with as in green or is a consumer buying some product from you, what’s the best way they could reach you or reach out to the company as a whole?

I tell…

I actually have some advertisements out there that give out my number directly, and again, I’m brand Louis on the founder President CEO. That’s been great. You can call me any time. At 904-728. 8444, again, that’s 904-728. 8444, that’s my mobile for probably 25 years, and our and eleven message that say I have 100 calls and emails and metadata Day is an understatement, but I will get back to you and the company email info, info at Aspen green dot com. And then my email directly is Delos, so deeper, Brandon Ellis at a tangent com, feel free to reach out to me and… Or the company, any time.

And guys, go check out as a green dot com, go LeGrand of some of the products that they have, they’re go look up the packaging, the branding that they have, if you’re a healthcare provider and you wanna bring this into your practice, there’s some great partnership opportunities here with Aspen green. And on top of that, if you’re a consumer looking to try something, you’ve tried CVD somewhere else and it didn’t work for you, give astern and try, you won’t be disappointed, go check them out as a green dot com, thanks a lot brand for coming on the prospecting show really appreciate you taking time out of your day-to-day and really pump to see what the listener set… That’s fantastic. So much inter.

One last thing I do wanna ask everybody to follow up as in green CBD, that is on Instagram and Facebook that after you’ve used our products, please hashtag us as well, we’d love to hear from you and your experience and using our products.

Thanks a lot of brand and tapered that you… Thank you very much. Better to their challenges.

At a anaesthetist. An-

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I eateries on a one-on Iona.

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