Those are the two ways that we a working to were hard, really changing culture, and our hospital helps to… That’s really what we’re after. We’re after doing the model, both on the practitioner side and on the Patient Care stars as the Titan.

We are here today with Dr. Ruben Valdez in the prospecting show. How are you?

Great, how are you coming?

Awesome, so one of the ways that I like to start off the podcast with the guest is to kinda get a framework of where you came from and what your business is and where you’re going, so maybe you could share your story to start it off.

Absolutely, so currently, my business is called notice health, and there’s a mother company called Novi-Al system, we are the first franchised functional medicine system in the United States. We’ve been very, very fortunate to so far have two location, third on their way, we’ve been operating for less than a year, and as far as my story, much love many of your stories a big time. Interfere, very comfortable with risk.

I went to chiropractic school and I graduated after that, went to medical school in a school called the UST in Miami, and very quickly came in to a market that was frustrating or fulfilling, managed healthcare, basij, in my very humble opinion, feeling with ensure in going with people telling me in, telling me in how we had to care for our patients just so much restate, so much frustration, and your patients that were sick were being managed for their sickness, but nothing was really being done to help them promote their health and become healthier versions of themselves. And so basically, I can thinking out into a market that was crazy, this crazy, and I knew that I was unfulfilled, I was unhappy, I was frustrated. So I’ve gone through so many stuff, so it’s such a big question, but on that one period, I got the opportunity, after I started reinventing the wheel with other providers, especially in the functional medicine space, I got to prison the opportunity to become a consultant. There are any other doctors who are a company called The afon shit, and after a few years of that, I realized that my mission was a lot bigger, functional medicine is something that comes to belief so much as a practitioner… As a doctor, I know and I have the certainty that use the solution with the chronic disease epidemic that were within our country, and on one side and my vision and my business partners by Davina is to be able to have functional medicine available in every corner, just like you would a Massage Envy or… Not a help for, but a next… Were a primary their facility or partially already centered that are now emerging, whether their primary care, whether they’re a very specialized Pacific-type membership-based services, we are the first ones that are bring in this into the market or functional Mises provided. In addition to that, we wanna be able to create a very, very solid… The system of very sold marketing system for these doctors, so all they need to do is basically purchase a license, if they already have a practice that can convert their process into a novus health, and if they wanna start from scratch, we help them do that through… So that they can move into a model of business within the functional medicine media space that’s already been incredibly successful, so I mean… That’s the abbreviated version of etymologi.

Yeah, and that’s great to be able to go take it backwards and explain the need, ’cause at the end of the day, I think a lot of entrepreneurs come up with an idea mostly because they don’t like the way something’s being done, they kind of ask themselves that question, Hey, could I do it better? Or could I do it differently? And that’s really essentially what you guys have done because you’re taking something that has been around for a little bit, right, functional medicine’s been around beret, it hasn’t really been deployed yet, at least in the United States, at a level that is very systematized in practical, it’s kind of just different providers in different places trying to get it done, but you guys are now trying to build systems and processes around an actual practice, is that right?

Absolutely, and I couldn’t have said better myself, we’re really Amy to problem. First problem is the lack of access at a very large scale to this service, the services when properly executed and deploy is allowing dilate patients to walk away from prescription medications that they would otherwise to take life on, it reduces their risk for conversations dramatically. Just last year, there was a big study called the Promise Study, demonstrating how functional medicine improve health outcome, so much more dramatically, it was put out by the cleric then conventional management, the people that are doing it on illness, so that’s the first problem you wanna face the we’re absolutely right on that side, there’s so many providers out there saying, Hey, I E-functional medicine and the energy, he or God not, we wanna have a very standardized definition of what it is that it is to go to a functional medicine center. In addition to that, we from the entire or side, we wanna be able to put doctors that have words and studied or have the desire to study and become very proficient and very successful in the feel the functional medicine. We want to put them in a position where they’re gonna be sure that vaisse financially in the Mission, and we believe all these things are profoundly tied in a doctor that’s not succeeding financially, trust me, is not succeeding in their mission, they won’t have the reach, they will have the technology, they will have the ability to educate themselves and keep themselves updated, they won’t have the ability to really deliver the best goods, either patients… Because they don’t have the capital, they don’t have the bandwidth. They’re stressed, they be down by the sense of frustration that so many of us have experienced in the past, and so it’s so important for us to be able to make those dreams, make those hosts apportion of the provider from… True. So they can be in a place where they’re really delivering, IT is the goods in a very powerful and life upon Ray. So those are the two ways that we aim or to work hard at really changing healthcare and our hashtag as he helps. That’s really what we’re after. We’re after doing the model, both on the practitioner side and on the patient air size, specifically troponin, in with the experience you’ve had so far with branching out yourself and going down a different pathway than maybe what else exists out there, what would you say the number one problem has been in terms of adaptation or adoption in the marketplace, do you find that people are supportive… You find that people don’t get it. Like, what has your experience been so far?

Well, it’s been so interesting. So the first thing is when we use the word franchise, people immediately you can tell that their face disk changes the ship, so they don’t really understand what the implications of that really are, and they start saying like, Is this gonna be like My son… There’s something by that, and the reality is, it’s nothing further from the truth, clinicians doctors have freedom of the actors, absolute freedom of practice to make their decisions, if not, it would be the corporate practice of medicine, so clinicians in these practices, in these locations have absolutely freedom and once they understand that, it’s like there’s a side of relief that comes over the… What we’re doing for them is building the system that’s already in a short time in West a year has created a name for itself nationally, has a very, very dialed-in marketing and petition operation system, has a strong financial profit first model that allows the doctor to capitalize from the beginning of treatment and mention arising from a membership, from a month membership and others for income within that practice model. So the main thing, really the main Charlene has been taking the idea to professional that a franchise business model is so in their best interest, and as what we’ve learned, especially with the first few locations, so he really heavy hitting boxes, doctors that coach at the Iran some of the highest educational centers, the Dade rosters, clinically, we really… But they struggled for so many years to really be able to have a center of business that supports their brilliance clinically, and it’s been so rewarding to see these doctors movement to a position where they can succeed and really capitalize on their skill in all the town and so I would say that have been the major challenge, but once that’s understood, he very quickly becomes the very things that they’ve been looking for for so low… And when you have these conversations with some of these doctors, maybe people who’ve been in practice for, I don’t know, five, 10, 15 years, doesn’t really matter. Are they open… Once they get over the hero of the franchise component, which like you said, some people get very nervous about that idea, once they get over that hurdle, do you find that most people have a good understanding of why having systems, processes and procedures are a good thing, and not just like running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Or they kinda step back and say, Hey, I like the way I do things, although most people tend to be very, very, very compelled by the proposition of what we’re giving… The interesting thing about it is we’ve decided it to be very selected on the way that we bring on location, and it’s kind of hard to say this and to be public about this as the reality is not everybody is a good fit to represent a brand, a mission-based brand at a large scale, in that process, we do find everything we’ve had people getting… The process was a 40000 check for a license and we decline taking them or as a location, because they just don’t necessarily fit what we want, what we wanna… What we want representative as and who we are.

So I think that most people are really on the opposite side, most people that have approaches are in a place where once they understand it, once they understand the benefit of purchasing the business that already succeed versus reinventing the wheel, that’s a very easy content to unearth bigger obstacle is be figuring out if they’re a good fit for what we do, and that’s kind of the hardest part because this very difficult, having somebody ready to go with money that then and just say, You know what, you just don’t need the criteria that we look for, and it’s just not a good fit at this part, and that has a lot to do with so many things, more ethic, this hut, when we’re evaluating the perspective location, we wanna make sure that this is somebody that initial use… Executed the time and the effort that they don’t have other businesses going on that would really polarize the separate their time from their main focus to get this going was these locations reach about 150 members of process that in place about 18 to 24 months.

Then it’s really easy to impart off to that, and sometimes you don’t even have to work quite new members, you already have enough recurring revenue to have a really good business… To have a really good practice. And so there’s people that based on current commitments, we know they wouldn’t really have the beetle to the metal for 18 to 20-4 months to grow the location the way about it.

Did you grow up?

So that’s one thing, sometimes to… You come across… We come across people who the only thing that’s on there and you can see it on their forehead is a big tour, and we all want financial success, and it’s not difficult through a very good business systems to have success, but I… When that’s the only motivated factor that really creates this court with what our mission is, our mission is patient-centric, our mission is designed to really elevate the quality of life of our individual patients, of the forms of our communities and ultimately of our nation and the whole when that mission is a… The finances always come when someone’s following that mission, but sometimes when somebody… The only thing that they’re interested in just making a lot of money, even though it’s very possible within a model like this, it’s not really a good differs, that’s a hard thing to say, and that’s a hard one to open up publicly about, but that it really is. Important for it. And so right now, the third location, I’ll give you over one, open by two doctors to see no doctors, they’re amazing. And we had a little bit of issue initially because one of them is super gung ho, super passionate, wants to succeed, the other ones were more like, Well, I just wanna work part on on Easton the coin once in a while, so it wasn’t until… We were all on the same page that we ultimately felt comfortable in print there, and when we go to research franchises that have been very successful historically, the ones that have really made it and have come very large and very impacted, have done so by being very selective on who it is they bring to ensure their individual success, differentiator, the location success, but also the success of differences, and where do you see the focus going as you guys expand, is it a… I know you talked about the psychographic profile of the individuals that you’re looking to partner with in this business, but is there a specific geographic area or a specific kind of roll-out plan that you see over the next couple of years, or is it really just focused on USA-wide and finding the right fit from the doctor perspective.

That’s a great question. So we’ve made a decision is you unpacked that Colorado market first, and the North Carolina, specifically, the Charlotte metro area first, for a few different reasons. These two areas, we are acting as franchises at franchises, as area developers. So some of the locations will be corporately on, some of them will be franchised locations, it basically the profile. And so in the Denver metro area, we’ve done something called geo-mapping to make sure that each location can reach 2 million an annual revenue in three to five years, so they do that by any big brother stuff, very specialized demographic, people with certain income profile for family cool, all of that is fed into an algorithm that await in each region, these locations should be… To ensure that when we clitheroe, they’re gonna be able to get to where they need to go. So in Colorado and chalet right now, we have some big players in the industry looking at it very closely, and they pulled us, we wanna see a little bit more proficient, and they believe that once we’re at the foot location, they can from… Or begin to help us… Of pain are the development, and that’s when very rapid growth tends to happen, area developers are people that would come in and say, I live in California, and I wanna develop a in a bag, I’ll give you a Downton in on him licensing.

And I wanna go ahead and open the location for two people, and we’re a total cream of five right now, it’s too much to try and undertake a national growth strategy like that without how to very area developers as part of this project. So right now, our focus is on these two markets where our holding them or Charles on Trieste in the issues.

He lost three months. And so once we believe, once we get to five options and Denver three locations in Charlotte, and they’re showing proof of concept very consistently, like the first to have already, I think that we are gonna be in a really good… Really good place to begin. Our area development state, that’s awesome, having that selective nature, I think is really important too, because your point to the whole franchise, people look down on the franchise concept, a lot of that comes down to the poor selection, if you have a subway or you have a McDonalds in the food space, a lot of people would look upon certain regions and say, Well, why does this McDonald’s not do as well, or why is it not as good… A lot of that has to do with the selection of the people who run the franchise, not the whole brand itself, McDonalds, as McDonalds, but you certainly can make it seem a little different if you don’t do a good job. Right.

So for sure, and let me give you a few examples along those lines, right now, physical therapy franchise, it’s amazing, all physical and their on track to have over 400 locations before the end of this year, and they’ve done an incredible job at each location is incredibly comfortable. Physical Therapists, which kinda suffer from the same syndrome, right, being very counter, but not very skilled in having a good, healthy, sustainable business model, birth, thriving all over the parades, a primary care system, Talbot again, they are probably about 12 locations right now. Their newer, but they’re also doing really, really well in each location is exceed. And if we talk about… He selected the father of this at one point was Chick Hale, who is extremely selective in who they allow in their list of people wanting to win one of these business, and the process to be able to API one, it’s very difficult.

First of all, if you quantum where they tell you, you’re gonna plan them, you’re gonna be very, very successful.

They also look very closely at your work ethic, your other commitments, your ability to operate successfully, your track rest, and they make sure that once that location goes down and the planet is gonna be super successful, so in healthcare, we are emulating that model, and there are so many factors that play to… Some people might be listening to this and saying, Hey, I don’t have a lot of training in functional medicine, or I’m not versed at all in functional medicine, that’s actually very easy to fix that part. It’s not hard, we… We partnered with the major education companies, and we have certain course track, so in a short period of time, someone can become very clinically competent, but the other part of that, this courageous NES, his work ethic, his commitment to a mission, that’s something that we can’t teach… That’s something that you either have or don’t have. But that you do have, then we know that you’re gonna be one of the people that on the location goes down… Yes, assesso.

That’s kind of the world that, that I’ve been involved in over the last year. It took us about eight months to develop the entire concept, the FD, we pave fortune on ACORN to make sure this thing is super Dien and that our systems are perfected through some of the biggest consultants to decent, some of the best healthcare attorneys make sure that everything is in line with state laws and everything, stuff, in the time that it took us eight months with our prototype concept and Charles to the moment of launch, it’s been really, really excited to see how it’s just driving so much attraction for providers in this Asian that wanna move into this space.

And so for the people who might be interested in investigating this, now you have your selection process, but what would be the best way for them to find it a little bit more, maybe getting contact with you just to kinda start that discovery process, provided that they’re in the two areas you’re looking for in it… Yeah, so right now I… There’s a few ways. We have a lot of information currently on our link and H, so they can go to either Dr. Ruben Valdes or Dr. Ryan Valenti. We just redid our website, we have an original website and we’re in the process of really Boling it up because we now have a system that will orop into the different markets that we’re looking to open, so that one should be up by Holly next two days. No health systems dot com. My personal cell phone, 7206353850, that always seems to help… Dr. Meena is the person that ultimately makes the decision when it’s time to release a license, so if somebody reaches out to me on how to pass to them, provide information, and if they seem to be a good fit, then we can kinda move the conversation up to that level.

So those are right now, Corbet ways for those of you that wanna see what our consumer side works like, that would be noticed an Vishal dot com, that will give you a really strong sense of what our consumer site looks like, water service site looks like.

So probably those would be the best with… And what would you say the last piece of advice that you could give to people as a wrap-up here, what is the most important thing at you think people should be looking for as this functional medicine kinda shift happens over time here and these clinics start opening up, what’s the biggest piece of advice you give for someone who’s in practice?

Yeah, super. Super easy question. I have a really good friend, is a major investor in profession and a route, and when he saw our model, he is a brilliant… And here is why for years, and this happens to a lot of people, we work hard really hard to recreate the wheel and open a business and build a business, and he said, as an investor, I’ve learned that the very best thing to do is to actually purchase a business that’s already had a proven track reference system that’s succeeding in commute success over and over The… So if you’re out there, whether you’re coming out of school, you’re starting, you don’t know what to do, it’s kind of confusing, overwhelming, if you’re a veteran way, 8, 10, 12 years in practice, and you’re feeling deep down by a system, a model or a way of practice bettering your soul.

The best thing is always to invest in something that’s already true, something that has a strong track recruiting that can ensure that you’re gonna… As success, no, there is one piece of advice that the School of white has given me is that one… So yeah, that would be my closing state… Well, thank you very much for coming on the prospecting, so I know that’s a lot for some people to take in in terms of the business model, but I think that innovation around the business and changing the current healthcare system is not an easy feed. And you guys are well under way to be a contributor to that model, so thank you for your time on the prospect, you show her and hope to get him… Awesome. List the fee that.

Okay, thank you for how to a pleasure counter. I love what you do in those that think before you listen to… Absolutely.

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