In our truck, especially designed with a fresh washer as well as a heater on it, and we pressurized water the water, clean the outside with in and then they’re lifted into the fact of the truck for these sprayer heads at… He has a set… My pressure water can see, clean the inside the STEM as around 185 CE Fahrenheit, which is a lot irradiance, so it’s disinfecting the inside, it’s cleaning it with the high pressure water, and then the bins come down, they’re white, and then we pray that all three of those essential was inside.

And those are central also a purpose.

Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today is June 12th, and we have Aron Warner on the show. How are you doing? But I’m doing well, Connor, how are you?

Very, very good.

So to start things off, everybody knows the form out of the prospecting show, there’s three parts, the show… There’s the past, the present and the future. So let’s start with your past in gives a breakdown where you come from, what have you done in the past and bring us up to current speed today.

Absolutely. So first off, thank you for having me on the show about my past… I went into the military right out of high school, did six years there. Went to college, I kinda wanted to travel, I got my rent.

The communication is… Couldn’t really find a job. landed a sales job. I worked there for about 14 months. It was awesome job. I’m not gonna lie, I worked with the airline industry where I’d go to different airlines and work with their mechanics, try and streamline their process, and then I wasn’t really enjoying it, so this opportunity came along where someone had a small business, it’s called essentially clean, where I it’s just custom design truck, and he was looking at other investments, so he wanted me to take over run the show, and so I left my sales job with the other company and started working here.

I’ve been here for about six months now. That brings me up to the president.

It’s definitely a start-up company, but we’re growing and we’re going fast, and where I see as in the future is just expanding, we have one truck now, a couple hundred clients, but I’d love to see that the couple of thousand clients and a couple of trucks.

Yeah, it’s interesting to look at small business and some of the opportunities that exist, there is a lot of entrepreneurs with great ideas, some that are more commodity-driven where they’re doing the same service, more of some that are very specialized skills, and then some that are very… Local business-driven, I know you guys have a local business, but kinda walk through what it is, the service or products that you’re providing, so… So a lot of that is in our name, essentially clean, so we don’t use any toxins or anything that’s home to the environment, we actually use essential oils, three different ones, lemon grass, eucalyptus and pine.

And so what we do is we have a website and everything where they can sign up, and so we’ll get a request, we’ll schedule a client, they let us know when their trash and recycling garbage is collected and schedule them, they put in an approximate time when the last bins empty, so we’ll show up around that time, and what we’ll do is we’ll just pick out any garbage that may be left behind, and some of these first time cleaning… They’re pretty rough. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve seen in these garbage cans that are just harboring in there, whether it’s maggots or molding at the bottom, so we’ll show up, our truck, especially designed with a pressure washer as well as a heater on it, and we pressurize the water, heat the water, clean the outside of the… And then they’re lifted into the back of the truck or the sprayer heads at 100 PSI, use high pressure water and steam to clean the inside, the STEM as around 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot higher than even your dishwasher, so it’s disinfecting the inside, it’s cleaning it with a high pressure water, and then he come down their white clean and then we spray that, all three of those essential oils inside, and those essential oils have a purpose where women grass is proven to deter insects, mainly maggots and flies, and then the Colt is proven to Tur rodents like foxes around where we live, or even raccoons. Nice. And then the pine is mainly just for fragrance, so it’s pretty simple, we have no contact with the client, which is really nice, it’s safe, we always use disposable gloves, and it’s just really disinfecting these garbage bins, and our tagline is final piece to a clean and say Home, which is, I think it’s extremely true, before I started working here, I don’t think I ever cleaned my trash and recycling Vince.

Yeah, and I think there’s different ideas that come up in the entrepreneurial space, people have different problem, they kinda come with a different solution, and you kinda look at it and say, Is this something that people add buy… Is this something that’s useful? And the really cool part about what you guys have is everyone’s gonna trash it… Right, exactly. So it’s a super wide marketplace, not very deep, it’s very, very specific what you’re cleaning, but do you guys offer any other kinds of services on the other kind of cleaning that’s not in the trash man receptacle in of space.

We do. So that’s our residential signs, what we have done is the commercial side, so big dumpsters that are behind a grocery store or Walmart or something like that, the truck has also equipped to clean those… What happened, obviously, we can’t put those in with the sprayer heads, but will pressurize the water and heat it up with the team as well, and really disinfect the inside and there’s a vacuum on the truck and they will just suck out all of that contamination and clean it… And also spray the theorizing compound in there, but we’ve adapted to in this pandemic as well, as we’ve gone around to larger stores like Whole Foods and Ace, even Gian evil, which is a local horsey store, and I explain to them what our truck is and what it does… And I said, You have a couple hundred shopping carts and they’re being used every day, not everyone’s using gloves, I can disinfect those for you, and so we’ve kinda went into alternative forms of cleaning, so at night, whenever the stores are shut down, we charge a per card fee and disinfect the carts, talk to bottom with a high pressure water and steam, and then we’ve obviously don’t spray the essential oils in on, but we’ll spray disinfectant on them and I… The stores really enjoy it.

It’s a way for us to kind of adapt in this time, but we’re thinking of pretty much any other avenues that we can go with what we have, and do you see a point where this becomes like from that’s franchise or something that branches out, what do you see this, look at it going forward.

I see more of a franchise, and I think that because what you said earlier, it’s pretty local, our truck, it doesn’t make sense to travel more than 15-20 miles from our shop, just for efficiency purposes, we have made certain steps to make it more efficient where we’re zoning. So there are four different zones are clients, and that zone, we focus on them for one week, and there’s about four weeks in a month, so it works out, you’re just kind of rotating around the circle, but I see it being a franchise because that way you can have multiple locations, and they’re kind of all doing the same thing, so that you’re not branching out too far, if we stretch our servicing area 25-30 miles, that’s just stretching one company a little too far, especially with our truck, it’s big, gets heavy.

For a franchising just helps with, Okay, you can get a shock in a different location, in those service zones can kind of not quite overlap, if you know what I mean, and that also helps is we’ve explored the idea of even moving the service to say, Be trunk property, everyone’s probably been to the beach ones and they have pretty discussed in garbage cans, imagine a 25 charge that’s tacked on to your stay at a beach house, it’s not much, and the realty company really appreciates it ’cause there are garbage bins or clean… They’re being used every week, so we thought about that, and if you franchise, you could easily do that where you just kind of set up shop in another location that’s pretty prime.

Yeah, in franchising, you see a lot of it with painting and window washing and stuff like that, there’s a lot of those local business franchise that have expanded out, I think with the benefit of those kind of businesses is that they service homeowners, so there’s a large opportunity with you guys too, same thing, there’s a lot of opportunity surrounding the ability to serve every household that exists in that area, so it’s a very broad space. I think you guys will be able to be successful there.

What do you see one of the big problems being with the service or scaling, do you see anything in the business that you’re like, Hey, this is gonna be the next roadblock, we’re gonna have to move… There’s a few… One was obviously the pandemic. So what has happened is, you know what it is a service…

I wanna call it a commodity because it’s not required to clean your trash recycling bins, I highly recommend it, not just because I work from… Because what I’ve seen in these bags, it’s pretty gross, so what I see is some clients had lost their job, they couldn’t afford it, so some of the road blocks we saw as it is in a for very affordable service, but a very niche target audience where someone loses their job, or maybe something changes in their life, and even if they move, it’s just very tough for us to maintain that client, which is a pretty big road block because the more clients we have, the more revenue we have, and maybe another truck we can get but with the people losing their jobs or just a very strict income, which is why our target audience is pretty specific, but it has allowed us to maintain the same number of clients, if not more during this pandemic, which is nice because it’s people who can’t afford it.

They really like clean things and they have… A lot of our clients are doctors, so they were working through all of this, and so they were able to maintain the service, but that’s the biggest road block, it’s just how do we keep the clients… Yeah, I think it really comes down to building in a subscription model or some kind of recurring model where you clean it, two, three, four, maybe five times a year, maybe monthly, something like that, so you can bellow that recurring revenue stream beyond just one-time teaming, right. More of that capital sale, so the question becomes, how do you structure your business to get to that position?

Exactly, we do have a couple of three business plans right now, only five months and quarterly as well as one time, but what I’ve also seen, Oh, here’s another road block is… So some people start out on a monthly business plan, so they’ll get their trach icicle-ing bins clean every four weeks, but then they switched to bi-monthly or quarter, and so that’s a loss of revenue as well for us, obviously. We still have them as a client, which is great, but they just kind of lower their subscription and that, like I said, lowers the revenue, so maybe that road block can be solved with… I’m not sure. That’s another question we have to tackle, and I think those are diverse problems, right, over time, they kind of modify the nip, they change and then you’re gonna have different kind of problem at different growth stages.

So to kind of wrap things up as like to keep him short and a spotlight, I hear about what you’re doing. If people want to find out more about what you guys are doing, the service, the cost to break down of everything and how it works, where would they go to find that kind of information?

Well, they can go to our website and that is… I want C-dot com or that could give us call at 724-432-345, happy to answer any questions, anything that they might have concerns about, we have videos on our website of overlays the entire process from start to finish, so we’re always welcoming new clients and appreciate any feedback?

That’s awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the prospect and show, super insightful, very niche business and excited, so you guys kinda take off here, so thank you so much for your time, and I really appreciate everything you’re going through from tanks on her and I left with everything he can

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