So you sure essentially is using you function needles, not one, ones that drop Lodi think people when they care needs, they kind of freak out, but these are really small points that I used to… I kinda say, move the issues. You’re not really into JobScore anything, right?

So that functions to go in specific points, so you have all these things called channels, and I know some people have seen the charts or whatever within, but to summarize it using the points to affect different areas and body… So because I… Munros are closed by a lot of are veins and nerves, you essentially activate that part of the body and the senses signal back to the brain to release orphans or hormones or release your natural candy body.

Welcome back to the show. Today is June 16th, and we have canned on the call. I know you have an awesome last name, I have no idea how to say it, but it’s real long… And cane has been a long time friend. Went to New York, chiropractic together. And welcome to the show.

Things, Connor, for having me on your show.

Absolutely, so let’s just figure out… I always tell people when they come on the show, there’s three parts to it. There’s the past, the present life in the future life. So let’s talk about what you did in the past to get to where you’re at right now. Then tell us a little bit about what you actually do.

Oh, okay. Well, that’s a lot to go to. Actually, yes, as contessa, we met in New York chiropractic college, and I actually did in conducting to the chiropractic school, I am role in the acupuncture program and also the Oriental Medicine of the Chinese over program, so I essentially was doing three programs at once.

So my life consisted of studying from 50 AM and still five or 60 PM, and from there, I really love that you… Because even though it was really hard work, I enjoyed every minute and studying the chiropractic, the occupants, Chinese aromanian, how they melded together, and at the time, funny enough, I found my food teacher there, who he does congas, and I always tell people if they watch Avatar or vendor, if they know. Talk.

So that’s the side I do, which is really cool to say when people know they’re there like, Oh, okay.

So just to give you an idea of the marsh Arts, I do espino Nels got quit everard back on. So a lot of people are being… Going back to it. That’s amazing, I’ll check that out.

To go on one tangent here, a lot of people have these stories about being healthcare providers, they became a chiropractor physical therapist or an acupuncture Transamerica, but how did you get interested in becoming both a chiropractor and an acupuncturist and an oriental medicine and herbal specialist?

Mainly I was with a lot of people, I met my chiropractor to being so active, I hurt myself a lot, just Okay. In my shower, I told my ACL and my mines, I had all these kind of imbalances and I saw first my chiropractor, and he helped me a lot through all the rehab, it better, but I really wasn’t exposed to the acupuncture, so I had no idea to… Because my family is from Thailand. I went on a trip with my mom in somewhere like 200, 11, and we actually… So acupuncturist there in Thailand, that was my first exposure to it.

It was really cool. There’s a lot different than in the States, to be honest. He just had lots of people and just stick Nisha, someone do the cupping and stacking the electricity to really… I was… There’s some people who don’t even know who I’ve never had acupuncture, but there’s some people who will… So for the people who don’t really understand, give us the background on acupuncture and the concept of that, but then I also wanna hear about how it’s different in Titans… This is blowing my mind right now. Yeah, so acupuncture essentially is using function needles, not… That was the ones that draw blood, ’cause I think people, when they hear needles, they kind of freak out, but these are really small on point and know that I used to, I kinda say, move the tissue, so you’re not really trying to draw blood or anything… Right, so the function used to go on specific point, so you have all these things called channels, and I know some people have seen the charts or whatever with that counterpoint, but to kind of summarize it, using the points to affect different areas of body, because auctions are close by a lot of R-veins and nerves. You essentially activate that part of the body and the senses Sino back to the brain to release and door friends or hormones, or release your natural panties in the body. So I say You have NEPA, but you can… Something on your leg and your body will have an effect and it will make that area better, just to give a summary of how acupuncture works, even though a lot of people say like, Oh, some of you think it’s kind of weird, or we in… But there’s a lot of science to it is 200 years worth of history with it, that it’s still used today, especially in China, the very practical… So interesting on what you’re talking about, how long it’s been around… Right. Compared to other… Even Western medicine, I don’t know the exact math on it, but it’s not 2000 years old, it’s santal North in the advancements that happened in the western world, verse the Eastern world are definitely different, but with what you seen since you practiced in the US, you’ve been to China to, I believe, crest, the man.

And you went to Thailand and got a culture, what’s the difference between all three of those based on your experience, I’ll talk about China first was we saw how they combine Western and Eastern, and a lot of the acupuncture there is almost similar to the medico track here, they do four years and they do like a residency or fellowship, and they go under a doctor and they learn all their stuff is very fascinating. Is very intense training. The is different because they’re not working really with other Western doctors, even though I wish we could, I know some accuse some work in hospitals, so it is kind of changing, but I… They see, mostly work together there in China, they’d have different units to oncology respiratory fertility, and they would… And it’s totally not private at all, not here was… I feel like there is zero hip, you kinda know what the other person’s getting ’cause it’s the so many people, so they just make it kind of like whoever can fit in the room, well, that’s kind of adaptability to… I think there’s a lot of health talk about hip and having compliance and not disclosing everything about patients, but I think if in the day that’s been created more for a privacy environment in the US or North America in general, is very like need privacy. That’s paid concept. That they roll by.

So I think it’s a pressing… We bring that up because at the end of the day, privacy and other parts, the world is not the same, and because of that, they’re interesting getting the result, they don’t really care how they get the result, they just are… They get it, right.

Interesting, you bring that up. Now, from an education standpoint, there’s a lot of people who maybe know about acupuncture or have never gotten Acupuncture, whatever it is, how are you educating other your patients or future patients, what do you do to reach out and educate those people?

That’s a good question actually. I think a thing that I always give a open door policy with my patients to ask me anything, and most of the time they’re very curious, some of them never had it before, which always makes me excited, so I’m kind of educating them and telling them about it but I’m also… Now, I’m kinda creating more videos to talk more about it and on my website and getting more into other than change medicine is not just actually the acupuncture, even though that’s the main thing that we see is the medicine and nutrition, the Chinese medical scales between… But also the movement therapy, which is he got… And that’s something I’ve been very interested in lately, just because I got exposed to it in school, and I kinda fell in love with it for people who don’t know, she gon, give us kind of a break down of that ’cause you definitely… People will recognize this, you go to some park people… And she got on a Saturday morning or on the weekend, kind of break down what the gong is, maybe a little bit about how it works and then how you’re teaching it to your patients.

The changes also, one of those life-long, it also has a huge history, like 2500 years, because it’s mainly for longevity, so just getting idea, ’cause then I think we were not exactly sure, and I would say the most similar to the… In a way, like the on March, but young also has slower movements, but it’s not so much focusing on the martial arts aspect, but more for longevity and health, wellness, health, reduce stress, can mine. He also changing, there’s some She-longs that help with attendance, the fascial nicias, reducing pain, but also there are other ones that help with even the organ itself, sometimes you forget, the organs also have the move and have his connected tissue connections to all sorts of things. So I was not moving as well, then it’s not gonna function as well… Right, it’s kind of… There are several different forms, so it’s not just a sit one for more muscular stuff or another one to help calm the mind and another one to help more… The physiological stuff, I guess the organs, I would say… And now that you’re talking about that, I feel like Chinese medicine as a whole is the entrepreneurship dream, mostly because there’s super type A high-strung entrepreneurs, people are like, Go, go, go all the time, and you can eat that balance on the other side. When I was working on building a couple of these companies, it’s like you realize… You start working like 16 hours a day. Yeah, that makes… You’re like, Man, you go plug and it’s interesting, ’cause acupuncture on its own is very unplugged, you just zone out and just good to go, but even con or tithe, any of those things are good. Balance balance therapies between the Titan hayles. relax for an hour kind of thing.

So what do you see with your patient base, are you seeing people are coming mostly for stress and anxiety or what… Do most people come in to see you for…

I think what you just said, a lot of chronic pain, a pain, anxiety. I live in a high stressful that… ’cause I’m close to Washington DC, so there’s a lot of federal movement or… Sure, right, yeah, it’s a lot of type A, and it’s also the work for 40 years kind of people, right. They have a job that… They’ve been the same job for 20, 25 years. I know now it’s changing that people are not saying a job as long, but in the government, political, federal level, people are very like, Oh my God, the world’s gonna end every day… It’s that kind of lifestyle, the DOD sleep, where they’re like, Oh, I have to do all these things. And even it’s shared with the kids… ’cause even the high school kids are high achieving. Highly competitive, like my County’s super competitive, really.

Michael falls came from both a… Right, right.

I like, you do active or kids actually, it’s a little different, but obviously don’t do as much and it’s less intense, but the kids who are in like basilian activities… Right, right, right. Well, I think a lot of parental pressure to it, or these kids that are good at some sport, and it’s like, You have to do this right, it doesn’t matter what kind of culture background people come from, it’s just like, you have to do this, this other… Their track athlete or a football or hockey or soccer or dance, or spending, whatever it is, and they get this high-end pressure and people don’t realize you can really Cresson people off if you put enough pressure on the… It always… To people, humans are almost like rock and he… A kind of lasting against them is kind of the stress, if you blast and the people along and not feel wear the walk the way, right. You are great friction, you will erode the confidence of people and the ability to push forward, and you see that with people, they go to school, they take a lot of debt, they don’t like their job, they’re working the 90 to 50 and drinking non-stop on the week, there’s all problems, and you just get this cycle and it’s like no one’s wanting to look back and say, Hey, well, what if I just spent an hour doing the… On What if I exercise once a day, or what if I got at… I’m sure chiropractic. So what is your biggest piece of advice to people who are super on that side of the fence, like the type of… In a… And then would you recommend for those people I actually dealt with that was kind of opposite, the main thing, like what you said, is You can push people to the zone of Le…

I think there’s no return or the health is declining, and I’m like where they just try to keep it simple. I think that’s the easiest thing to do is like, you know, it’s that you don’t have to do… Even how you said, our, I can just do 10 minutes or less than that, and I try to do that with some of my patients, I’m like, Okay, just do this every day before you… Or they have kids do before they wake up, even though it’s hard, but all them that have done even just that small change have noticed like, Oh, my day starts out so much better, I’m not super wired or super Fran in the morning, trying to get everyone ready.

And it’s just small changes like that, or if they’re having to be eating or they’re eating on his jump and I’m like, Okay, just narrow down your window eating time.

Well, a lot of it comes to mindset to it, there’s a lot of people who you’re talking about doing in the morning to kinda unplug before you start your day.

I get this a little bit, not religiously, it’s one of the things that probably should do more often, but if you at in the mindset of reading or doing the on or excite morning for you, it actually is a lot better than the problem is like when I was in the practice.

So those… A lot of people listen to show no, that I practiced and don’t practice anymore.

I wake up at 6 20 or whatever, I’d be running around and driving to work to get there, to work from eight until 6-60 days a week sometimes get back home, run back home, 7 o’clock at from 7-80 and try to get to sleep. I like 10 to wake up for sick something, right?

It’s like Maybe that’s sleeping too much, who knows, but I think the day, it’s like you just run and run and run, and you wake up and it’s like you forget… Where did the last two years ago? I don’t remember anything. You know what I mean? So it’s like, I feel like people need to unplug and have that kind of mindset of, Hey, I need to take care of my body… Yeah, it’s an investment to go see a healthcare provider… Yes, you gotta spend money to get treatment… Yes, it’s not free. Yes, it takes time.

But listen, at the end of the day, you have one body, and if you’re not gonna take care of on your own, you might as well go to somebody to get acupuncture, chiropractic, and maybe a natural path, things like that.

So for people who are in your area, so you’re like DC, Maryland area, you gave us a website, or how do people reach out to you if in your area and wanted to come to you for acupuncture?

So as a way is my website, which I’ll go to you, you can print the show, not later. Yeah, yeah, I’ll see out there. What’s the website?

It’s re-acupuncture, araya and acupuncture dot com, and you can also call 240-702-6413 for those you, if you’re in the area to make an appointment, ’cause I am open at this time, but also with the eight… That’s exactly it. back open. Yeah, I’m also, I also have a YouTube channel. Send you that too.

Awesome, I’ve been making for simple sheet on videos for that pain, back pain, I’m kinda making more and in a week or two, I’m actually doing a five-day challenge for free.

Oh, let’s hear about that. Before we wrap it up. So what’s this challenge about? It’s a Chi Gong specific challenge.

Yeah, so I was just like five days a release a video every day that people can do, and it’s less… Sometimes it’s… It’s more for calming. It’s more like Chris stress.

He has a like, you’re in the area where that’s what people need in you that trust or leave. So I think it’s interesting to see your perspective on it, because you did the chiropractic degree, you did the acupuncture work as well, and you also did the herbal program, you’re kinda tying all those three things together, and you’re living in an area where people probably need it more than maybe some middle of nowhere in Montana or whatever it is, it’s a lower population, not as high, strong, slower, but whatever it is, but you’re in like that straight type one or type a East Coast rara worker self kind of group.

So I think it’s really interesting to see your perspective, and I’m sure a lot of people appreciate the work that you’re doing, so I appreciate you coming on the show in a sharing us a little bit, but she on your story, what your offering, acupuncture and all that I really value your time. Thank you. So were… Of course. Thank you, you for having me.


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