Arie, welcome back to The prospecting show today, June 17th, it’s Wednesday 1-09 PM eastern, and we have Jordan in Samaria on the call. How are you?

Very well to try to be here.

Awesome, thank you for taking some time out or day, I know you both are super busy, try and change the world, change what you’re doing with your life, and I appreciate you taking that time on your base, I know how valuable it can be, so to start things off, I know we talked on our last take of this episode here about Jordan making a little bit of an intro as to where he came from and kinda worries that now, and then this introduction story with Samaria as well, to kinda figure out how you too met and where things are out right now in tents… Awesome. Most, I can’t wait to die that call we in… So I began the… Before we get there. Well, everybody, Jordan as is some co3 years old. I approach a Cobain originally, I’m I here right now, the University of Maryland in College, when I moved to Maryland in the late 90s, and I was a quantitative research major for African-American studies within publicity, and after school, I had a side venture… We pursue personal training because I had a sort of fire background in school, I worked into refit all years I was there, and I was a part of the fun basketball team in as for about two years, actually. The part of the original program that’s now farsley through something that… That’s pretty major right now, so all the big 10 schools out there represented a butt about… Almost a erector. The past eight years, I’ve been in the fitness industry, I spend about three years competing in body building phase and classic, but also that’s where I met my personal coaching gogoi, the dromore power, and when I first met, he was a trainer in each main area. You utter with the cost on the tenth area, that’s what I like, Ashton force club, that was probably the most prestigious gym facility in the area, and I was starting off as a young buck, making like 600 just teaching group classes and Omar power that this man right here, husband’s father for his oldest sons playing varsity basketball in… Does it in recite High School, Elaine, sophomore year of college. In New York or passion, and the six-year-old son, a 20-year-old son and 2 does a amazing wife, Sia from the Caribbean, Asia, about 20 years, and she reentered to what they were able to. Learning for me, I thought, market for Tom.

And then when I met him, I was at a cross look because I was good and providing my service guys, but I didn’t know what was holding me back, and this is when Mark mentioned in me that everybody may know how to provide a service, but people don’t know how business systems work, and that intrigues, and you really just talk about being able to have a efforts duplicate to this day, where with training programs or online coaching, things of that nature, they not just one business venture, well, you’re able to duplicate your efforts and you can… You can not make up all your time because your self-employed, you can trade a lot of time or money, there’s a thing wrong with that, but then there’s a lot of behind the scene stuff that has to happen, like the accounting, the financing is all the business side of things, you gotta… What taxes are… That you gotta know what tests are coming, you gotta know this took… And starting out, I didn’t know to this day, as forward in the process of becoming fully dead free within the next six weeks, I’ll be pursuing my master’s and legal services to specialize faction and business wall, because it means so much to me because there’s sections in this world across the world. And that no awareness, that early awareness can prevent epics, so people can actually walk there can… They can be proud of their pet and they can envelopes, entree, en-intact more people in the future, and that’s kind of where my cereal, more spot step to it didn’t say about three years ago, made years ago, and it honestly, Omar is a big reason why. Am I so both Martin that a lot. Over two years ago.

Well, I think, yes, creating a very big role. It’s not the bearer, but that I… Acrony at this time right now, one of my pains business, unapologetic Incorporated, is able to basically be monetized in a point where you can have that household family fitness crater in the house, ’cause that means a lot holistic health for everything, housewives, big people don’t really riot that so at the age of seminary, like if you wanna talk about holistic development in growth, you know the impact that we wanna have with you… Sure, basically the unity within the household, cause when it all comes to the same store, the mother, the father, the kids, they can have other healthy at they can interact with together in them together, especially doing some of times right now, you know, or things like violence and crime can go high, especially in Chicago, in an atpase, progressive and Potter to but… And that’s where you could provide to the people, but as an entrepreneur, came as an entrepreneur, there’s a logistics behind it, so you wanna be able to practice business as legal, ethical and more… And that’s what we’re about that poor me, through this more the estate program that prepared me, not just find actually… But personally, professionally, spiritually? Holistically, really in every integer live, so if I needed to get a promotion or even get an interview, I have the still sister value, you know, learning how to work with people, build people up, the personal leadership, those things matter in the business to… Things matter in a life, those things matter at home, and it’s because I took that paper mark, put me on a new platform where the message that my family hasn’t still with a need, my entire life can be heard across the world, and in the cross we… They’re doing that.

It was about two years at one of my friend, future Dr. Andrew Brown, and he’s going into his residence, the verging on tech medical school right now, a lot two years ago, I… He told me that there were the non late that he can act the lion social media, they had a similar background to me and that was it, like it’s also a… And then I… And that’s when I told all be making five or 10-minute conversation at the Cort to a 45-minute conversation at the gate, what it even means to face-to-face, and I’m talking about my better… Ahmadis going to ballet.

She lives in Pittsburg, I was in the DC area, so we didn’t actually cuticle beat until at the end of May, around Memorial Day, and there was a… Before my 30 birthday or other forget is, I have to get every interaction in a way… But that’s kind of where we’re at right now. What a lifestyle where time and money is, didn’t matter. How would you live in? How would you give… And we feel that the abundance is how we want to leave our legacy about is that’s what our parents bought a TR4 and what we’re having the black… I know we talked about the educational system is determine your success, that’s all power through what I consider my business VA doing business as, which is another business deal that right there is the interstate program, or you can… Application Al resources, it’s optional subscription, so no one’s lock into anything long-term and no one… Without knowing whether Maisonneuve The point of the educational thing is not just about leadership and mindset, but understanding is that thing in financing upriver cash that I help people to appreciate their life does, but they can pay off their debt and appreciate that pass, so they can… Basically have an option on… And it’s because of that as wild, that the six weeks and my soap bars… Sure. After that, and when we take that next step, our children is what we keep in future to… Our children will never know. A working mom in and that in a traditional spend for more on the… To then do a worse, we’re busy because we’re helping more people, but they’re probably… So they don’t see it, they know at bay work done, ’cause we’re not investing in the daycare, and then that make sure you know we’re gonna be there for them. But everything, a moment, every single… In every sin min, the car was the first bike life, those basketball practices, and those are the things that I didn’t lead one of the… With my father used to pass with the maker, we see. So those things made family math, finance is important, but free Amitabh face above all, and that’s kind of where our stories that right now, and so we transformation… But I know my dad as and can take a way through me here, if I took too much time, I apologize, but I just wanna thank you. Got the opportunity to speak.

Absolutely. Shameless hear it.

Well, I love hearing Jordan and talk, and mit’s so passion, and the fact that even though we’re in separate of the US right now, just like both of our visions are in line and our Intune… I mean, I grew up in viborg, still living here, had a background in physical activity and fitness management in a university, Sierra in Pennsylvania, and graduated there about December 2016, so… But like a semester over then, what I had wanted to just now was the state longer than they have to, but from there, I kinda struggle getting to the job… There are so-called dream job that I had envisioned for myself after graduating, and so myself in the commercial gym setting, just trying that area out, being an… That was always something that I wanted to try and see if I can see myself managing a gym to that nature, directing in the gym and… And from there, I… I guess regular thing, you go to school, get a good job, and sometimes you go to school for your Masters or doctor or whatnot, so I was just following in those traditional footsteps, so after probably about a semester or two after graduating, reapplied into California, University of Pennsylvania online Master’s program and exercise science and health commotion, just adding on to reading round so… And I playing basketball all throughout high school and recreationally at Serra, and so I had that athletic background, I always had that caring-giving background that a lot of health professionals have, and I knew that it was something that was going to help me… Helped me go to where I wanted to be at the… I always wanted to give back to the community. To the use of the community. I grew up with a lot of younger cousins, younger siblings, and just seeing the every day, everyday routines of kids maybe not having the quality foods that they need, or quality amount of activity that they need in their life. So I wanted to open up a non-profit program to enable that, to give those kids and empowering sense that you don’t just have to do or say what your parents say, You know what I mean? But also giving them that part like, Hey mom, I know that this Apple is better than this bag of chips or something like that, and so I found myself in school, studying from a master is working full-time. And as Jordan said, Andrew, Andrew and I had connected on social media and he told me about Jordan, he told me about more, and I was like… I was like, in my mind, I always thought that I needed someone who’s gears and experienced in the health and fitness industry to a dime into where I wanted to go. So when he told me about Jordan, and he told me about Omar, I was like, Absolutely.

It is automatically clicks. Like a God then, and just being able to be connected with Jordan and with all his passion and his invasion for what the future holds, not just for his family before the community, it sparked something, not with our relationship, but also on a professional level as well.

But yeah, I… That all leads to what we’re trying to do as far as enhancing our family’s legacy, so being able to see those builders in the community, and those builders and the family having that youth community center where we could both help young athletic athletes enhance their athletic skill and also enhance their leadership skills because athletes and leadership Gohan in hints, the best combination. You can ask us a lot of younger kids, look at these professional acts and a hero mentor-type way, so being able to actually utilize how people see you on a public scale and emphasize that even more with leadership development and leadership skills to be able to have that positive impact on… On the community for generations, Tacoma, what it’s about. So hopefully a losant love.

Yeah, no, I think those are all really important points. At the end of the day, there’s people who have a certain level of education, you don’t know what you don’t know, there’s people who are always trying to continuously improve themselves, change how they do things, why they do things, where they do things, and who they do those things with it, and so the closer you get to the sun, the more relationship should develop, more people you get towards, the more educated you are, the better you end up being. So in both of your mind, and it does really matter who goes first, but in both our minds, what do you think the most important piece of education is, If there’s one focus or topic wherein most people are focusing, but where do you recommend they focus in education going forward, that is a great question ’cause we’re talking about… We’re talking about, I guess, business, then I would say either understand economist, final sales, marketing, accounting, those… At the language of business, you definitely would go there route, but in life, man, I would say… I would say that leadership.

The lake is, I would major, I would nature, I would ever think leadership courses that… For sure.

So, so what about… What about people? I mean, not every single person would be a leader, right. There has to be something… Oh, they’re asking me some people who are willing to menace and operations and all the or pieces. So how does somebody figure out that they would be a good fit for leadership and so forth, ’cause I was list owing a Justice League, and there was a point, the movie were… Robin said that you couldn’t do it in Batman on say one. They want a Sadie said, they do do.

So you test water to it, so I haven’t came… The Prospero were few personal development of the ease, they hear it that way, they realize how that makes sense, type of thing. So to develop themselves to be the best version, swells be the right answer, but the people are gonna make the decisions based on its social curfew, people are able to change their circles for the better, like more self, more vetted people in those circles. Then eventually they’ll become more self-Molina, the penniless cation ’cause…

I agree, and even the… Even just adding on that, even if someone doesn’t see themselves in a leadership role or leadership title, there’s an amazing book by Mark Sanborn, cause that doesn’t… You don’t need a leader to be or you don’t need the title to be a leader. And he just emphasizes that you don’t have to have a director or CEO or manager title to be able to have a positive impact on other people, even if you don’t see yourself in that role, just still spreading a positive mental attitude is still holding high moral and ethical standards, it all adds to being not only a good person, a good citizen, but eventually over time with consistency, a good leader and in your own… Right.

Yeah, and I think that’s definitely true. There’s a difference between leaders and leadership, right, there’s definitely… There are pain who are leaders and there are people have leadership-based skills, it’s like there are entrepreneurs, and then there… At tendencies, right?

I work in an hour a day, the… That’s on trial tendency, that’s not necessarily an entrepreneur, if you don’t know in your own business, and that’s not really an entrepreneur, right.

Not in a great… Are the tendencies are there, right, just like the tendency to wake up early, go to badly, do a million things, work from your computer, order pizza, whatever it… Is it working around the clock?

That’s an eternal… As you suggest, like leadership, there’s people who have leadership skills and there are either people in both the teens, where do you think people need to focus going for… I know we talked about education leadership, and that’s where the education world, but what do you see success looking like in the future for the younger generations? I physically, when I visualize the next narration, so these leaders of the free world testing the reading books, more books pretty much… Even that, right? ’cause I… That there’s a Ras, you’re… So we… We were so to Monica potential.

It was that simple. I think the more persons like is motivated for the education sales by it on… So the audio studying visuals like reading, building these habits that has to be desired, but what the person of partition then they realized how valuable it was, and they should have been flying in the sun as is out with, if that makes it…

I think actually is really real, more Boswell, just create a behavior plan was behavioral social science mantra that prabhat friend and is Creole mining it. People can connect on on people thought process, and the conversations are, Goma, talk to a big tomato setting.

Yeah, well, let’s talk about that for a second then, so book… So what are your recommendations?

Oh man, I hate you. So I do look at…

I got 30 to 30 at East.

I would say my top three is… Okay, the Greatest Miracle in the World by augment. It’s not a self-help book, but it definitely you make you reflect on how you… Other people, how you view what you do, so greatest Marion the world by dandeno, The Magic of Thinking Big, that’s just a whole mindset change right there in itself, and a third book, I would say, A…

I’m gonna go a psychodynamic. It’s an older book, but it’s a great… Another great insight to do your mindset and the way that view yourself in the way that you view other things, because at the end of the day, the way that the world is heading for success with any generation and even the younger generation, it’s all about how they view the world and how they view what they can accomplish, so you start with the inside, start internally, then you can intrinsically Cranston your external circumstances as… Is that to you? Great job at… That makes tons of sense. So, so let’s talk a little bit about education beyond these formal educations, right, there’s a lot of people who read books, watch videos, go to courses, do all that, but then they actually never translate that knowledge to the next person, so how do people effectively translate the knowledge that they learn through books in their education or whatever it is, over to their customers or the people they’re coaching or any of that, how do they take that next step and translate the knowledge… So I one, when I think reentering there was Sampson LLY, it was a guidance. I got it actually. Someone who saw more before, but is it better, they just… You don’t want the letters in Minden and things like that, so someone actually… We had already crossed the mind food, you wanna follow that person? ’cause they know what it… Capstones is a first in the just large from somewhat… That’s what they call it, the car other person, you know where they… And a person out there that will make sure that the one of the racers… Alright, and that the person you learn from…

I, everything, RealPage, it’s a very separate… That you ate, you connect with someone, second guy, and knows what you’ve been through, it knows how to get you to where you’re going, like stars that… So it’s gently just seemed the actual example they have to… The person would have to see it happen ’cause it’s caught… Not talk, essentially, but like… But you’re teaching yourself so even more aware, would you catch it and you catch it every single time as opposed to every now in this… So that’s why reading Sonoran taking notes because hansson is better than the one memory, so it’s all about how person develop their personal Abbots and they can see that from the people around them, and also the example was was gonna lead the way.

Yeah, you know, that’s one way to look at it is, what do you really think the next step is in learning for most people, so we talked to us on this professional development, reading, translated, but what is the thing that actually gets people to execute because it’s one thing to learn, there’s a lot of people who read books, self-health professional development, whatever is… And never actually implement.

Right, right.

So how do we go to a next step, right, how do I let…

I think it all stems from just what is really motivating them on a daily basis, what goals are they trying to accomplish, and if they keep that… That goal, if they keep that way in front of them, even if they put it on the mirror or they open it up and somewhere on the dresser or something like that, if they remember like, Okay, I’m trying to pay off this Cedar or, okay, I’m trying to buy this house, and they look at that every day, they’re mining states, human beings, we have this… Yeah, this drive inside doesn’t want us to lose me, and it wants us to win, and it wants us to succeed and hit our goals because it makes us feel good that there’s plenty of studies on that. And so you keep that in front of you and you look at it every day. You’re going to wanna try to do something every day to make sure that you’re hitting that goal in the in… Very interesting. But let’s talk about goal setting. That real quick is like the last topic here, then we can wrap it up, let’s work backwards. So how do people set goals, what do you think makes successful roles… There’s a lot of people to talk about setting smart goals, and it’s kind of cliche and all that I… In a goals and how do you actually struck for them, so you hit them… Oh man. A perfect question. Do I mean the physical thing that I do is I think that cause I testicle, but I don’t track things down, and then when I do, and that can save people so many airs a can they can plus so many money, so much money. And what I mean by that, I overdo your expenses, everything, they just don’t have… I picked that up only on you to video inosito.

I don’t even know at three years ago, when I saw this…

Well, I just use like a dollar in 15 miles things, right? It there, so where you could set your account in the morning and then you can cross track to see our finances are square takes in balance it.

But sometimes you may get hit with a charge or you make it those one time on ad up and dinners is Indie spring. Now, what they don’t know what a cast flows, even just the small, having a writing down and up still gonna find they actually provide in outhouse to really taking what you learn from like an audio or visual or an feature learning from, is taking those in Genesis, like it’s the thing, the complete, the thought in it going into the brain, so people start what has come from the daily habits because as the plant at and tropomyosin tics brings all this down, and that book is… It’s only one book. Even back in DES tracksuit for the question would be, Who’s going to read one book?

Yeah, you would think most people be willing to… But here’s the thing, right? There’s a lot of people who say they wanna do stuff, but they’re never wanting to put in the work, right? You hear this all the in, to say, Listen, I want this, I wanna make a million dollars, I want freedom, I want this, I want that.

Listen, at the end of the day, you’ve gotta do the work, you gotta show up every day, you might have to wake up at 6 o, can I have to go to bed at 12 o’clock? You might have to cut some stuff down, you might have to stop drinking, you might have to stop going on on the weekend, you might have to spend less money at a the… No, for dinner as much, there’s a lot of things.

I got it. Not to get there.

And I eat, you gotta be willing to do it for a long period of time, you can’t do for six months, six weeks, six days, it’s gotta be like six to 10 years of Crush met at The… Yeah, for sure. 100% of great, that’s really where it is, and it’s all about that development, that constant improvement, constant learning. constant movement forward. So I end this episode of your client 20 minutes, the best weekend. If people want to learn more about what Tamara, you’re doing, enduring you guys together in the business and the systems and the process and all things that you’re doing… What is the best way for them to reach you?

You wanna take this one? it… The best way I have for social media between Facebook, mostly LinkedIn or even Instagram, but all the different platforms, but Lindo can definitely contact me on that and also through my email, which is a growth leicestershire, eisena wants to reach out for more information on what we do with that as well, and they do have any problem talking with someone on the phone or video call or what have you… Absolutely, absolutely, and you all can reach me on a wooden alive account primal because I know social media marketing and advertising on the spot performing for passion, so you can find me at com element, which is like… That is off or just re-promotion and is pre-value for your advice, I don’t need the money for that, I just love it in value. But also, you can call me on apologetic athletic.

It is a beast. Well, and for for the summer, for anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 and the parents as well, Theodore, some are spread in volume, I’ll come on out on the 20 is… It’s gonna reboot this number, it’s… The actor was fine. We have a SAS program, a summer athletic functional exercise program with Calvados senior NES recently in calculations, an example like emanated then only just plugging in on Instagram will connect to it, so the first thing that all you pumped into this core information, and that’s the moving… We’re trying to happen the health perspective, but your name is… That was primarily all the information is on there, don’t wanna confuse anybody, but you can set a LinkedIn and all my top informations are Oregon, that program with other canoe. Thank you so much, watering. To see the… That so much for your time. Everybody really appreciated, you heard this on the prospect on show, really appreciate all you on here, Jordan and Mary, thank you for your time and your wisdom here around education and really kind of personal development and growth.

Hopefully, everybody enjoyed this episode and have an awesome rest of the day, also think that… Thank you. So

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