Welcome back and prospecting show. Today is in July 8, 2020. we have a B on the call, how are you?

I’m good, how are you?

I am awesome. So before the show here, we’re just doing some introductions here and we’re talking about funders and founder Solus plug down real quick, great group set up by a grand pack I Rader, they are some awesome guys, really… This platform here. So a, man, I are gonna jump into that next Thursday, for anyone who ends up listening this and there’s a founder or looking for VC money, private equity money, precede, anything like that, reach out to the prospect on show dot com. Okay, you taken care of. But Amy, let’s hear the back story, let’s hear where you started from, tell us a little bit about the company that you built and how you… Accident.

Alright, well, I started a company in 2009 from scratch. At the time, I was a teacher, teaching third grade, and I… During summer times is teaching out there, but camps is a fitness instructor, so I plan to do my outdoor bootcamp season with my crew of maybe 10 or so people at the time, this small little company called group on hedges lunch, I knew making about them.

So I, I saw an ad on Facebook reached out to them, ended up doing a deal, and then overnight 500 clients, and that’s what my business started, so I launched my business in summer of 2009, figured out really quickly how to the… Just have an incredible experience for 500 members, it was so successful that they were open and in our space, and I’m like, I have no idea what I’m doing.

So I found a great landlord, I found a 4000s work space in the heart of downtown Chicago and report, and we opened our doors, made so many mistakes, knew nothing about business, but figured it out and expanded and moved of three or four years later into a 80 500 square lot facility, it was for group fitness studios and sold my company in 2018.So it was an incredible almost 10 year journey, and I just did a later to… So, so much along the way.

Then he has many downs and just overall a thrilling ride and that I… The one… Yeah, that’s a huge start. I mean, thank you.

It’s interesting to you talk about 10 years of building something, you probably built it, not ever expecting to accident, you probably are building it for an idea, for something to do, and then you kind of progress and actually were able to act in which a lot of people don’t do… When you were starting, you talked about that kind of pivotal moment with a group on there and really scaling that up overnight, just like Bam, we got a bunch of new customers in the door, other than that one piece. Was there anything else in the business that you thought was like another pivot point or a spot we were like, Man, this is not going well, but we pivoted and now… Now it is going well.

There were, I feel like, I wanna say Infinity amount of pivots throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, but I would say that a big turning point was in about 2014, and that’s when group fitness, a new spot opening up pretty much on every corner, in 2009 when I opened the business, there was maybe two or three other group at studios in the area, so 2014 is whenever it really took out and competition was everywhere, and it actually helped us, so we… Where there’s so much more interest to more people were coming through and trials and converting over to members, but it really, really forced me to just always try to stay at least one step ahead of the competition. constantly be evolving. Coming up with new products.

I know recovery is a huge element in the fitness industry, we were one of the first group fitness in 2014 to introduce a recovery area with Norma tech lots and just overall incorporate a lot of recovery into our programming, so a big turning point would have been 2014 with the competition, it just really forced me to be on my A plus poles game and stay ahead of everyone else in the area.

Yeah, and so when you did that, you guys built that out and started scaling up, where were some of the pieces that were bottlenecks in the business, and a lot of people talk about this, the high willows and the wins and the losses. But nobody really talks about the part that actually Pines down, it’s like you can’t scale because of this thing, so what kind of things did you have in the business that prevented you from growing or had that bottleneck that where you couldn’t get out of them?

It taiwo say that one of the bottlenecks initially was just my lack of business experience, so I had to teach myself everything, and fortunately, I have a family of whether it’s entrepreneurs or just having an MBA, so I utilize their experience and background and knowledge to grow the business, but initially it was really just making so many mistakes ’cause I had no idea what I was doing, I had no idea from an accounting standpoint, who to hire, how to set that up, how to set up a payroll and everything… All of the back-end stuff. So in terms of setting up a business, is just developing those term key systems and processes initially for the first year or two, it was just a hot mess, it was all over the place, but after about the second year in business, I started really learning how to go about doing things and putting together turnkey processes, so which is overall made things more run way more efficiently and we’re able to scale faster.

Yeah, and so in your organizational chart, where did you sit, where you sitting a CEO or were you do an offer technology or… Or CFO, what kind of role did you actually hold in the company?

I dabbled in a little bit of everything, so I was a CEO, but not only did I grow work on the business, but I also worked in the business, so I was the one teaching 20 plus classes of week.

When we started with the boot camp, I was teaching the classes. When we opened the indoor spot, I was cleaning the bathroom, planing the showers, and so I was doing a little bit of everything, but quite frankly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way because that is just the best way to really learn all the ins and outs of your business and create all of those turn-key systems and processes that otherwise I would have had no idea to have to do.

Yeah, and you got to the point, we did the exit too, which is really key it… A lot of people, I say before they build up and they don’t actually get to that point, so talk a little bit about the exit that you did, and then also where you catapulted into today, ’cause I know you talked a little bit before the call. In your consulting that you’re doing, but then also a new start-up that you have to tell us… Well, I opals.

So in 2014, I got married and we went on our many into Colorado, and I’ve been there many times, but both of us were like, We have to appear, we just… It was our call that we have to live here, so we own this business in Chicago, my husband came in as a business partner in about 2012 to so… So we all as business in Chicago, and it’s going really well, we have an incredible staff, an incredible team that we trust me-heartedly, but we wanna live in Colorado, so we took this crazy leap and moved to Colorado whenever we own the business in Chicago, but it was actually, it was a crazy decision, but it worked out because I was able to really focus on growing the business without working in it, and just focus on working on it, and our revenue, which is crazy, it multiplied, so we ended up making so much more and obviously, not having a presence there is not ideal, so in a 16, 2017 wetted looking for buyers, and we’ve interviewed so many different buyers, and there was a few that we were potentially going to move board with, but we were really looking for someone who was going to continue growing the business in the way that if they’re gonna not only take care of our staff and allow them to grow their careers, but then also take care of my baby, and if all adopt my back. So with that thing that we found, a couple that I’m so passionate about, just fitness in general, and they were just really good people. In the first conversation, we just knew it was meant to be, and in 20, the beginning of 208 came, the deal went through and I adopted my first child.

That’s amazing. So where did you go from there? That’s the part that it’s like, pivot is super duper important, ’cause a lot of people will sell a business then go on and take a year off or whatever it is, and everyone has a different approach, but what did you do when that deal was finally closed up, so I made a lot of stakes after I sold the business, so initially, my intention was to sell the business and then open another location in Colorado and turn it into a franchise, so Lisa spot in Colorado in West Mer, Colorado. And it opened about six months after I sold the Chicago location, and it just ended up being a really bad location, I realized the… My passion just wasn’t there anymore, it wasn’t whenever I first started the business in 2009 to opening this new location 2018.It was just a different experience, I felt differently about it.

So I ended up deciding, You know what, we’re gonna take a loss here and shut it down, so by the end of 2018, we shut that business down, and it was not easy by any means, because not only are we taking a financial ask, but we also have to get out of belief, the… That was a whole process, but lots of learning that happened from there, and so once all of that was over with, and in the beginning of 2009, it was time to jump into the corporate world and find my way in the corporate world, and it took a long time, because it was basically my age has been in the corporate world for almost 20 years, and here I’m starting fresh, so had a few different jobs, learned a lot, just wasn’t necessarily the right fit.

I finally landed a great role at a well-known company that has been affected by co-a-19, so I got for load in April of 2020, and with that being said, I instantly started applying for jobs, and I was getting turned away because there were so many applicants applying for the same position, or there was just the standard thing, but no, thank female, we found another candidate.

So I, I just became really frustrated with the traditional hiring process, and with that being said, I started questioning Why is the her and hiring process solely based on somebody’s resume, and then I was wondering, Well, if somebody had the opportunity to pitch themselves in 30 seconds or less what the outcome be different.

So I’ve voiced all of my frustrations to… To my favorite people. And then my new company pitch up was born, we are launching pitch off in probably Q4 of 2020.We’re on to be launching our Jonglei very soon, and so basically with pitch of, It’s a Netflix video platform and design per job seekers and hiring managers and recruiters, so job seekers can be seen, be heard and get hired via 30-second elevator pitches and HR managers and recruiters can have some fun while finding the perfect fit and pitch of is basically redefining the traditional hiring process, giving it a modern-day facelift. And like I said, we plan to launch in Q4 2020, and once we have the tech build, which we’re currently building, there’s so many different applications for its use, but there’s just a lot of awesome potential and incredibly passionate about it. And then secondarily, I’m also, I got this amazing consulting role with his awesome company.

I feel so fortunate to be working at this company because I finally found a place where they see my experience, recognize my value, and it is… Has been an awesome experience, so I will be doing both of these concepts and just doing them in a way that I’m just so passionate about both and… And everything works out for a reason.

So yeah, I didn’t know what I… For sure, right? You look at direct on that pitch off is going, I know you’re a little bit… You’re really not that far away from development as you’re talking Q4 this year, more in that now we’re in July, middle of July here, and we come from a background of recruitment, my parents have been recruiting for 20 years, and probably what you’re talking about is a… Something that most peers are talking about now is it’s not just the resume, you can’t just hire of resumes, you have the higher off of the past experience skillsets resume, maybe where people went to school and their technical skills may be based on other companies they worked for, passion, what their goals are. Personal and vocational goals.

And so if you can bring all that into a 30-second page, come with some supplementary on the side like, Hey, here the specs or the highlights of this individual… Now you get that 30-second boom, Hey, this is the person, this is what they do. You also get on the other side and that these are all the specs on that person, so that you can get kind of the qualitative and the quantitative and natural subjective piece and put it all together. So I think that that’s gonna be a huge advantage. What do you see the role out looking like for this company, so you have recruiters that will come to the platform, job seekers, companies that have jobs all coming to the platform.

How is that going to work? What’s the structure kinda gonna be like, Well, this is a new space for me, and it’s also a new space for the other co-founders that I’m working with, so we’re learning a lot, we’re doing a lot of market research as well, so initially when we roll it out, it’s going to be a free platform, it will always be free for job seekers, we wanna make an impact, especially right now with the amount of people that have been hurled and laid off due to comitia launch will be of this free platform.

Obviously, it’s not gonna be free forever. But since we don’t have enough knowledge in the space yet, we’re gonna use it as a test to really figure out the different ways that we can monetize it, and on top of that, we are watching this business, of course, we wanna eventually make money from it, but it’s a passion project, and my personal belief is that’s how I launched my business 20009, it was all passion.

Clearly, I knew nothing about business. That’s how this business is going to be launched, and we’re just going to just get as much feedback as possible and figure out the best ways that we can monetize it, that makes sense for everybody, just in speaking with several HR companies and recruiters about the platform, we have interest with a big recruiting company to partner with us already, I’m like, Well, let’s get launched fast, but… So there’s already interest, which is exciting, but we’re just gonna play by ear and just get feedback and then decide the direction that we wanted to go.

Yeah, no, that makes sense. A centres, I’ve got the product market fit is one of the things that’s kind of difficult for businesses to figure out early on, especially a SaaS tech-style business where it’s like, Well, how is it Monette for who does it, what’s the platform, what’s the system… All those pieces have to come together in one way, and I think, to your point, you’re gonna develop that over time, it’s not gonna be tomorrow that you’re gonna have all the information, right, but what is the goal in your mind, how will this change the recruitment or hiring process is, is in short, it is gonna make more accurate, is it what’s the actual value around the platform that you think is the best fit for in terms of the hiring process and how it could potentially change things… Our vision is for it to enhance the current process, but then also we change in a sense where it’s not so traditional anymore, it’s a modernized hiring process, of course, we can use those traditional elements within it, but there’s also that element of, Let’s make this so it’s kind of what… All of the involvement of video these days, all this involvement of tech, we’re going to be at the forefront of that with this new hiring process, but we also wanna bring in those traditional elements too, and even be able to link to these different platforms that companies are using the applicant tracking systems will create Apis to integrate, so there will be, I guess, a combination of both, but we wanna almost recreate the hiring process and make it more savvy for people who are looking for jobs because I haven’t… I don’t have the data yet, but it could potentially be different if people had the opportunity to push themselves first and then the resume comes next, so we’re not looking to add more time to peer managers and recruiters places to planning applicants, but we wanna allow job-seekers to really be seen and be heard as they’re applying for jobs… Yeah, no, absolutely. In that integration, like you said, with the other platform for the zoos and the relates and all these hiring platform, Salesforce that people are using to actually build the business, I think it’s absolutely critical that you have that because the integration piece is the piece that’s gonna hold and glue everything together, and if you can’t do that, then it becomes very problematic because then people have another tool, so I think it’s really cool, you guys are already at the very beginning before it’s even launch in thinking about integration these other tools in it that’s gonna be very useful.

And I think changing recruitment and changing hiring is such a big thing, it’s like there’s so many people, there’s a… Even though right now the world seems like it’s on fire, there’s thousands of jobs that are sitting back, and right now there’s tons of people that haven’t fulfilled roles, and that part of that reason is ’cause the higher managers don’t have a easy process to look at a 10, 000 candidates, but one role and pick the right person, so they kinda get this analysis by pro says they don’t have an executive recruiter or somebody on the outside that’s actually doing all the leg work, and so they’re not in there to… I have no idea to do it, and that makes it very difficult to move the Neal forward if we had 00 people without jobs and 100 jobs and get matched to get it perfect situation, but we all know that the skills and the experience and all the other pieces have to line up for that to work.

So in your mind, what do you see the future being for you guys now you’re really early on with this, but where do you see the future going… There’s just so many different ways to evolve this platform, so we can evolve it with what it currently is with the idea with the HR managers and the job seekers and the recruiters, we can also evolve it into, let’s say a shoe company they wanna showcase like 30 different new types of shoes, so there’s a lot of uses ones, we have the tech go for it that can be used with this platform that we’re building, but at the end of the day, what we wanna do with it is just be impactful, so however we evolve it, there’s going to be just a very good way to… Of all that, that is for the greater good, it’s not just like, We’re gonna make billions of dollars with this company, we wanna have a greater good reason to evolve it into however it’s going to evolve and… Yeah, and I think that’s the purpose over money concept, there has to be a higher purpose and a higher in a higher goal other than just like, Hey, we’re gonna be a transactional business, we bring people in the table, we fill roles, that’s standard kind of recruitment, but you guys are taking in bugging beyond and going to the next level, and I think a lot of that comes down to the way you design the platform, the way the user interface is the way that the team is built up, and I think you guys have a great idea in place, and there is really no one in this space yet, this idea, everyone knows a problem, it’s just nobody’s really solving, it recreates know that people are hiring managers and companies don’t know what they’re doing in terms of hiring, ’cause they just look at resume and say, Yeah, or Nay, and that’s a terrible way to hire the people that are in companies and don’t have higher manager, they don’t know how to find the right candidate, and the candidate experience is terrible, like you talk about where you just getting email back, it’s like Oh yeah. We’re not interested, right? There needs to be workflow of, Hey, you’re in this stage, right. And as people say yes or no, you can Otago to decline or you can go to hired and you can kinda start progressing down this pathway of, Yes, we like your resume looks good, let chat at a time, and it kinda goes on, or that’s nicely what we’re working on… Because I, myself included, I’ve gone through so many hiring processes with companies where I just don’t hear back from them for weeks or they go silent or they just never respond, I had… I take 30 minutes or an hour to do an interview and then never hear from them again, so we’re creating processes, this goes back into my previous business, just making everything is turn kids possible where job-seekers… It’s a win-win situation for everybody. They’re not just sitting there and waiting for response, and of course, as a job seeker, you have to have a thick skin because you’re gonna get way more Nos than Yeses, but we’re going to create everything that you just mentioned, which actual N idea, by the way, and we’re ready working on in-building to make it so it’s just a woman, not only for job seers, but also for HR managers and recruiters.

Yeah, no, absolutely. That’s 100% the most important part. One of the things we like to do on the show is ask you… For people who wanna learn more about you and what you’re doing, and maybe the company I know it’s still early, what is the best way for them to reach you as an email… Is it Facebook? LinkedIn is their website. How can people reach out?

I love for people to reach out, I always welcome any new connections and conversations, so to reach out, we have our social media accounts for pitch up, so pitch of 30 is our Instagram Facebook.

Like you can just find a job you… To reach out to me personally, our website is to 30 dot com, and I will, as of July, in the next week, probably by the S podcast launches, we’ll have our coming soon where people can just subscribe to get more information, pitchfo, and of course, please connect with me, reach out to me on LinkedIn, Amy Lee and the PE search pit job amulet, you’ll be able to find me on the… Sure, sure, makes sense. Well, let’s… I really appreciate you coming on the show. I know we try to keep these episodes short, focused around what you’re doing and how you’re helping the future here, so I really appreciate your time, thank you so much for explaining about pitch, for those of you who are listening, the prospecting shower recording this on July 8 but hopefully in two weeks, this sub-podcasts out two weeks or less, and pitch off will be live, so check it out, a pitch off 30 dot com. Right, thank you so much.

Thank you, Dr. Cantor, such a pleasure.

Thank you.

So I see, E.

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