Alright, we’ll come back to the prospect and show to date is July 14th, and we have Andrew guide… Quite on the call, how are you?

I’m really good, thank you so much for having me on the show.

Yeah, absolutely. So we always start off the prospect and show, it’s really three pieces, right, your past, your present and your future. And a lot of people in agency space Know who you are already, but maybe give us the WIC synopsis, a quick background on where you started and what happened to get you to where you are today.

Awesome, so I started about three years ago. Before that, I was in a full ID Corporate Service, so I wanted to start something of my own Benton to little dabbling about making money online, looking at certain videos, eventually came across… So started my Amazon affiliate site, made my first dollar online, saw the possibilities directly, could everything jump into more of a Titian marketing space, and then learn more about Facebook is part traffic and stuff at that failover with Facebook ads idea, that’s how my actual journey started as wanting to grow into an agency, started up as a free lance of starting out to people and helping them online, eventually started getting plants through that, and you kind of transitioned over time into this white label in a partnership you do with other businesses. So talk a little bit about, for the people who don’t know about what white labeling is and how that work, maybe just break that down for the entrepreneurs that end up listening to this… Yeah, so what I have learned with the past, and even when I started off, is that an agency owners journey starts, they are prospecting, prospecting, filling the pipeline, once they hit five clients, they just got stuck into client servicing a client management, and then they even have to deliver results, but doing the fulfillment, so then they get onto the back bone of building out their pipeline is like a roller Coster, they go to five clients, the servicing five clients to my drop-off back to three, then I get back to five and then back to three kind of a thing. There’s no consistency. So I saw that as a gap in the industry to help out a Ancona. So what we do is we basically handle all your back and fulfillment in terms of the getting results for your clients, sport, so you only focus on sales and maintaining the plan relationship.

Yeah, I… And you’ve had some big joint ventures in a royal, you did some work with him a while ago, you got Brett, Nick from patient RINO. You have a bunch of Fern groups you work with. What is it like working with these agency owners as they’re continuing to scale, where do you see the bottle next, where do you see the problems… The bottom next always have been in the back and idle fulfilment and the agency owner pere wearing all the hats in the business, the more the agency one micro-managers, each and every aspect of the business is where is He Himself as the Potomac, I didn’t… So that’s what we have had most of these people realize with… Were nice as well. I started off working with redone when they were individually agency or esporte are not partner of, and I saw them growing together into the partnership, and now they’re doing pretty successfully well, so that’s what I like to see an helped on us to… As long as the agency on it is focused and putting in the work on building their pipeline, and we handle the fulfillment on the back end, and they… It’s just like once a week touchpoints and making sure that everything’s functioning points, it runs as a Walloon machine and you can scale from there.

And let’s talk a little bit about the industries that you support, both on the direct client side and then also the white Lama side, what kind of industries are you helping right now?

So in the white label were white a of clients about nines at the moment, so I’ll just go on it and then all Telugu the website as well, where you can basically see everything, so we have real estate pain management, so that is a pirate stem cells physical therapist, we’ve done fulfilment for medical spots, so portholes and mobile oricon during services for dentist, so then spectrum of Alton takes implants and Beth whitening, we’ve Jeet got into the cleaning company space because of the covert situation, a lot of feeling companies are popping up, this infection services are popping up, so that’s going pretty well and yeah, that’s more or less most of our niches there, and with direct clients, we’re working with med VARS, realisation and cover genus, so that’s where we’re at in a bit, the company.

And because you have so many different types of companies you work, but how do you balance all of that with your day-to-day, how do you keep organized with all those different clients?

So we have a pretty good team with us, and most of our team is idly, I got lucky with that, that they can take their own decisions without me being in war as such. Obviously, it’s not an overnight thing, it is taken three years to get there, but as long as they are doing those and then I oversee over that, it makes sense, and since we have work with some different industries, I am… These are the industries that are the most of the courses online that each is to build an agency, these are those core industries that we revolve around, so I do get a lot of clients in the amenities, that’s why we’ve expanded to this level and what that has helped us produce our service, or even if a new agency, he comes to some tells me, okay, I want to prospector, I don’t know what to do. How can I use you fulfil for our clients? I can tell them, even from step one, what to do ritual onboarding a client with us, so we ideally like to become an extension of the agency in terms of their marketing division, and so what kind of agency owners are you looking to work with? Who are the people that you like most? Kind of paint a picture around that for us, so all of these industries were pretty fine doing… We do not idly like to cap in terms of, okay, you need to have 10 plants before you come on board with us, because as the company vision be… I have seen personally, the journey when it’s… The most difficult part is to get your first line, if you get your first client, there is a snowball effect once the results are good with it, so I don’t shut anyone away that we would… We like to help agency in a start-off as well, so once they start off, we’ve seen that that relationship is longer, a closer, so that they stay with us for long, that’s where we are obviously, who doesn’t like multiple accounts at the same time, so it… But we also work with people who are just starting out with the on account of… Right, and so as time goes on, where do you see your business going and where do you see the kind of vision of what you’re doing, are you gonna go all white label, are you gonna do some of these indirect direct clients, are you gonna keep doing both what’s your vision? Long-term, yeah, personally, I like helping agency on us or basically entrepreneurs group. So my long-term vision is to bring everything that I lean into my own country where I’m looking at right now, and I get so at…

I can teach people to get the entrepreneur mindset because I’ve invested in a lot of online programs and coaches and stuff like that, so I like the entire idea of that and the conversation with an agency or not is what keeps me happy in my day-to-day so my white label business will always be the 80% of the business, and the 20% is still the direct clients which we are working with.

Yeah, and so you talk a little bit about mentorship, online coaching, consulting that people have helped you go from where you were to where you are now. Maybe Brian, tell us some of the things that you’ve learned along the way that you think are most helpful.

Oh yeah, so one thing, the biggest thing is the mindset shift in terms of having mental lots. So like me being outside the US, prospecting in the US, I faced a lot of rejection, I faced a lot of point want my money to go outside my one country, it’s just a world. The way it is, you can’t really change everything, so the way that you adapt to a program to make it observable by yourself, there’s no one-size fit, so if someone gives you a free work, it’s a framework, it’s not like, You do this, this and this, I always work, you need to find your own group. And if you need to find out on to is stood, that’s what I would suggest anyone investing into an online program to do.

Right, and so for you, as you kind of learned these mental blocks, these ways to grow your business, what do you think is… How can you teach other people that… What do you see other agencies in getting stuck with what’s the mind… The mental block or the thing that’s not helping them before, what is that people… For the starting agencies, they over-complicate everything, they are more into all my website, I don’t have a better, I don’t have a logo, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have results. Forget about all that part up with someone like me, we have results that we can give you, use our results, leverage our results to get your first client, it’s all about getting a first line and the first testimonial, don’t over-complicate in your backend systems or your sales process or anything in that.

Yeah, and that’s a good point, ’cause a lot of people wanna have really perfect action, they wanna have, Hey, I need to do this perfectly, it has to be… The sales copy has to be perfect, the sales script has to be perfect, the presentation has to be been the problem is they spend so much time trying to get it per figure, they never actually start, so exactly what the activity, which is kind of your point, I like these agencies that the first client is the most important… You didn’t say the first client is the only client, it’s get the first time as quick as possible to the app that… Perfect results known. Do they have a perfect testimony… I’ll know a website… No, a logo now. A brand. No, but they need to actually start.

Yeah, they have to start a long, long go as possible so that they can be successful. So in your mind, as this kind of journey goes forward, what’s the biggest piece of advice and actor, somebody gets their first client, how do you help them after that, the… The site… At their first client, we just take it completely hands-off from them as long as it’s in the Facebook ad legaspi, which were discussing right now, so they just give us their onboarding documents, give us access to the accounts, we set everything up within the first three days, and then they can have a lot on it, all they need to do is have a launch call with their client and the add school life, and from there, as time goes on, the lead start flowing in, how are you communicating with the agency owner and how is the agency own or communicating with that client… Yeah, so we do not have any conversation with the end line, the agency maintains that relationship, so the conversations that we have ideally happen inside Slack or on Facebook Messenger based on how big the company is, usually bigger agencies have their own systems, like a son one day and stuff like that, so we get integrated into their systems, but if not on the bed minimum, we start off with communication of a slack… Yeah, Slack really does it. It almost doesn’t matter how big your socks and perfect blood people to communicate with, you can add someone, you can beat the multiple channels, direct message. It does most of the things that are required as you start to continue to scale, not the white label, but the direct client filmed clients at situations, who are you looking to work with for the people end up listening to this, if you are this kind of business, you wanna work with them. So what are those kinds of businesses right now, retained agents and the cleaning companies.

So these are the two main ones. And about from that, we’ve helped a bunch of meds are doing white label, So we really confident that we could do it with the direct line of also… Awesome, and so on the real estate, so give us some parameters around that, what kind of… Is there a certain revenue revenue goal that they have, is there a certain location you wanna work and tell us a little bit more about that, the ideal real estate client for you, just in case they end up listening, the idea resilient is one that understands that the money is in the follow-up. That’s the basic idea that we need to do because we’ve worked a bunch of relative agents, the difference between a successful one is, and the one that are not so successful is they show up every single day and follow up with their leads, because there is a huge ten of lead flow that we can generate for you, but as long as if you just leave them lying around, it’s not going to work, you have to show up and call them up, so we can help to generate bio-leads sealed… Best time combines, we can do the full suite of satpur, so it’s a team effort that we believe in, as long as your team does their job, you would find success along with us.

Yeah, and that makes lots of sense. Right, because a man dates in the lead generation space, there’s the lead generation, there’s the nurturing that you guys have with some of the softwares you’re working with… Yeah, but then on the back side, the actual Asian or the customer or the client or the whoever has to take the deal from lead to closed, leave concert, and that process requires a good sales sales process, right?

Yeah, so I, in your mind, with the real estate space, other than follow-up, what is the next most important thing that they need to do, maintain a plant relationship, and understand that with us, it’s not like a magic bullet that we give you… Your conversion rates are still going to remain a standard Allstate conversion rates, so if you start working with someone or not, just ask any other marketing agency also, and you expect like three closings in the first month, that’s some what of an… An unrealistic expectation. So you Isostatic to the official standards. The only thing that it needs, that you need to understand is that we’re giving you more opportunity to enter into a sales like that’s as long as that is what is understood… Definitely, I’m gonna make more money.

Yeah, and that’s a really good point too, because it’s done in the date, even what we’re doing it in tax, and we have that business to business prospecting as a service, it’s the same tenable there. We’re giving you this many opportunities that’s humanly possible to talk to the ideal customer without spending money on ads, that’s kind of our thing, it’s all organic, it’s the same console We you’re talking about is tell us when you wanna talk to… What’s their job title, what kind of location or the… In what kind of business are the end… And we will facilitate that. Talk that the original conversation by… You still have to take them down the sales journey, learn about what they’re trying to do and trying to scale their business up with them. So that’s a really good point. I know we started a little bit late here, but to wrap things up, if people wanted to learn about you and some of the things that you’re doing at the by label side or the direct agency side, how can they reach out to you, what’s the best way yeah, so the best way is to go to my website, it has a booking link that they can call me on and book all with me, so the website link is white label, Kisco White and X dot com.

Awesome, and so the people end up listening to that, if you’re an agency owner and you’re looking to kind of scale, even if you’re at that one client, one or two clients, you’re looking this outsource a piece of the work, you’re looking to scale and you’re stuck at that five client going down to three client back in to 5, you’re going that cycle, definitely reach out to Andrew and you can get that taken care of by… If you’re also potential direct in your real estate agent or somebody who’s looking to grow your business, maybe an industry that Andrea, his team haven’t worked on yet, but you think there might be a good fit, reach out as well because there’s lots of opportunity to scale it at the end of the day, advertising and Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing and all these paid ad techniques, they don’t really change over time, it’s really just about… And good understanding at the market, so if you have a different industry and you might wanna be… Get a consult with Andrew, hit them up, let them know what you’re looking for. And you’ll see if you can help you out, I really appreciate you coming on the call on the prospecting show here and thank for your time.

Thank you so much. Fun. It, it was good.

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