Alright, welcome back to The prospecting show. Today is July 70th, and we have a Tracy however, on the call. How are you?


I’m doing well. Thanks so much for having me.


Yeah, no problem at all. So the people who listen to prospect and show, they know there’s three parts to it, writes the past, the present in the future. So to start things off. Give us a little bit of background about where you came from and how you got to where you are today.


Sure. So I’ve always loved health and wellness, I enjoyed working out all through college, I had a lot of people always approaching me asking me for help with their workouts. Would I help design a program? Would I work out with them? etcetera. And so it really was a passion of mine, and that led me to get certified as a personal trainer, so many years ago, I got my certification and I started doing personal training fast-forward so many years of personal training, and I met my husband and we joined forces and opened up our studio, so we have a private studio called Drive personal fitness, and we have been open for Italy eight years. This September, we provide private personal training, a Small Group training, his classes, nutrition services, really just the whole umbrella of what an individual needs to stay healthy with their nutrition and fitness, and our focus is really on the entire program, it’s not about an individual workout, just showing up or dropping in one day, but on that entire program, so we make sure we give our clients what you need in the studio with us, but also walking out of the studio at home and on the road. At home, et cetera.


Yeah, and so with everything going on right now with people, with Kobe and the landscape kind of changing of what it is to work out, where do you see changes being made, what are you guys doing to adapt to the current situation… That’s a great question. Cova has really, I would say, caused a digital transformation for a lot of businesses.


We were already in the process of designing and getting ready to launch an online platform, so I would say in that sense, we were very lucky because we were able to quickly pivot and offer our clients online services, so when COBIT, we began offering virtual training immediately.


And well, I would say a small fraction of clients are not interested in virtual training because they really wanted to come in and use equipment and do all of the big lifts, the majority of clients very quickly adapted and learned how to work out at home, and a lot of that was just providing education and support and helping people with technology, getting them set up on Zoom, some people didn’t know what Zoom was or the other platforms that were being used, but we really just help provide that education and support to get them comfortable with using their phones and tablets, laptops at home to download the software needed and complete training in their home, helping them understand that you don’t need any equipment at all, that you can continue to do body weight only workouts and have super effective and to arouse in your home. Using your body as your machine and just continuing to reach out a little bit more, so a little, a couple extra emails or text messages through the day, reinforcing them, encouraging them, checking in with them, How are you doing? How are you feeling today? What was your diet like today, so just really wrapping your arms around the client in that entire way with fitness and nutrition again, and letting them know that you’re there for them, that you’re not going to just let them fail or let them be on their own, doing this really stressful time where everyone is struggling, so we just active quickly, we pivoted, moved all of our services online throughout Cove, and even though we’re open now, we’ve continued to offer all of our services virtually as well as back in our studio.


And if people wanna define those services, where would they go to actually look you guys up, so you can find us on several platforms. Our main website is www, drive personal fitness dot com.


We also have our new website, which is getting ready to launch it, it’s live right now, we just haven’t done our formal marketing campaign to advertise it, but our new website for all of our virtual training in 10 coaching is rivet dot com. So those are the two websites, you can find us on Facebook at Drive personal fitness and on Instagram at Drive fit to project.


That’s awesome. So let’s talk briefly about programming, there’s a lot of people who do personal training, there’s gyms that do personal training, there’s all indifferent letter in the nutrition space and all that, how have you found a way to put both of these together, what are some of the secrets to success there, on combining the two different kinds of programs.


Right, so when clients come in, from the very first session with a client, that very first consultation, we talk about both things and we really hit home from again, day one that you can’t transform your body, you can’t reach the results by just showing up randomly to complete a workout, you can work out five, six, seven days a week, and kill yourself in the gym, and if you’re walking out of the gym and you’re eating crappy, it could achieve the results that you want. So we start with education, and I think that is where some people maybe have a miss when you’re not getting that education, when you’re not understanding the importance of nutrition as a key component in your fitness or your health program, that’s just a big sale, I think in the beginning… And so we provide education, we provide nutrition or a… Or the from the very beginning, and not just a blanket or cooking cutter nutrition program, but programs that go along with the client’s goals, so whether someone wants to maintain, are they looking for fat loss or they looking for muscle gain, what age are they… Do they have our hormonal problems kind of coming into the mix, like what are those particular issues and what type of nutritional program do they need? So from day one, we start talking about that, and even when they’re coming in weekly for their nutrition… I’m sorry, for their exercises and for their workouts, whether it’s group or individual, we’re checking in on the nutrition, so we’re constantly holding them accountable, and then we do fun challenges as well through the month, so each month we focus on a different theme in our studio in July, we’re focusing on metabolism, for example, and so we have all kind of additional information and newsletters and things that we’re posting and sharing on different topics to keep people interested and continually providing that education to them so they get that well-rounded and balanced approach with their program between the exercise and the nutrition, so we just continue to give them both sides of it, and I think once clients start to see real results in their body, when they start to see pants fitting better, they look in the more they start to see their body changing and they’re filling more competent and they’re liking how they… Their close fit, see scale changing a little bit, it starts to click for them, and once it starts to click that first time, they’re like, Now I get it, now I really get how what I’m eating is affecting my energy, my close fitting, I’m getting stronger in my workouts, I’m lifting more weight than I did before. I can do more advanced exercises in the gym, it all starts to… It just all starts to snowball in a great way, and they get more motivated and they get very excited and they look forward to that next workout, they look forward to the progressions that we’re doing, and… They earn it. We teach clients, you earn your progressions, you earn the advanced exercises, you earn the additional waves, but you do that by getting your sleep, getting your good new Triton, chilling up, being accountable. No excuses. So yeah, I can eat.


And that really comes down to mindset to it, a lot of people think that they wanna make a change, but they don’t realize how much effort actually those… And they’re doing that, whether that’s health, wealth, ever having this, the four pillars, the things that people wanna change, health is probably the hardest one for people to actually fit because they realize, Hey, I wanna… I wanna be a better shape or I wanna be… I have more fitness in my life, or whatever it is that they’re trying to do, and they actually have to commit to doing that, and it requires long-term commitment, it’s not just, Hey, let me show up one day, it’s… I gotta show up every day for years on end to really get what I want and maintain it. Right, absolutely. And I think too, when clients look at someone that inspires them… We start to talk about, Well, what does that person do? So they look at a person, whether it’s someone in the studio, someone that they know, it could be someone on TV or in a magazine. Right, but when they look at this person, they’re like, Wow, this individual inspires me and I wanna look like them, be like them, feel like them. Right.


One of the follow-up question is, let’s talk about what their daily habits are, so I challenge them, what do you think their day-to-day activities are, what do you think their daily habits are, and we start to go down that path of detail… What time do they get up? How often do they work out, what do they… What’s their nutrition? What do they have to eat? How often do you think they have a chime, how much sugar do they have that’s…


I see.


They make too to look like that, to feel like that to get to this level, how many years of training or dedication do you think that they have put in to achieve the level that they’re at today, and how can we get there because one of the biggest mistakes that people can make is comparing their day one to somebody else’s day 5000, right.


So you gotta be realistic in that, but you can use it to absolutely. Inspire you, but you have to look at what this daily habit are that that person is engaging in and look at what can I then put into my daily habits and immediately start taking those actions, because I’m a firm believer that it has to be about your daily activity in your daily habits to be successful.


Yeah, no, I totally understand. And that’s one of the biggest things that people miss out on, they’re always comparing to other people and trying to say, Oh well, Jim does this, so I need do that, it’s really about bettering yourself, not really about comparing yourself to other people and that… I don’t know why that mentality has been developed, I think a lot of that comes to the educational system… Right, everyone’s so used to like, Oh, what’s my grave light or how they do compared to the other students, it… Everyone’s so used to comparing finances and health goals and all that stuff, so it’s really interesting that you bring that up because you really are just bowling against yourself, How can I make myself better today than it was yesterday?


Absolutely, absolutely, I agree. I think that it’s fine if something can inspire you, but really you’re just trying to become the best version of yourself… Right, so setting your goals, setting those short-term objectives and measuring your progress, right, and as long as you’re making forward movement, then celebrate that success and realistically, you’re gonna have a step backwards here and there, and that’s okay in your step backwards is never gonna put you at day one, you’re gonna take 10 steps forward, maybe have a couple of steps backwards, and that’s okay, you’re still on at, say seven or eight, and then you keep moving forward and then you’re gonna slide back, where is it… It’s gonna be a natural Evan flow, but you should always just be celebrating your success, and when you do have an obstacle or something that does cause a minor setback, evaluating what happened… How can I learn from this? How can I put something in place to help me overcome that the next time I encounter that in my life, that’s how we all get stronger, it’s just by learning from those things.


Yeah, it’s learning. And I think also seeing from the outside, a lot of people are so in it in their day-to-day focused head-down blinders on that they don’t ever take the kind of step back and look at women right, Bo went wrong. What could be improved? All that stuff, I think that’s absolutely critical. That people do that.


But you, from your perspective, what do you think you’re gonna do next? What’s kind of the next 6 12 months looking like for you in the business?


So we are excited to formally launch our online project, the Dri FIT project website, which will focus on the one-to-one coaching, and there’s an on-demand section to that website that will soon be releasing, so we are going to offer that to just be a bigger offering in addition to what we’re doing in our brick and mortar, so that’s a focus in the near future, I’m also working on launching a new coaching program, so I talked about the daily habits, you’ve mentioned mindset, which I’m a big believer in having a positive mindset and so I’m working on releasing a new program, it’s a coaching and mentoring program that will focus on how to set your daily habits to overcome fear and achieve success.


A lot of what I do now, when I work with my nutrition clients or my training clients is we work in and we insert bits and pieces of that in our session, the mindset, overcoming the fear that they encounter and how that might cause them to not achieve some of their goals, and we try to work that in, but I’m a firm believer and sitting down and actually working with someone as a mentor and as a coach, whether that be in business with your nutrition, with your fitness in any aspect of life, ’cause I believe when you have that one-on-one coach, you can really dive into the things that are very personal to you and set those goals that really… The big goals that small goals and attack them and achieve them, but coaching to me is so powerful, so we’ve been laying out the framework for an amazing program that’s going to take the components of the coaching aspect, there’ll be some nutritional components, some fitness components, and so diving into some okrs, the objectives and key results, like the whole theory behind setting okrs and how to achieve those, we’re blending all of that into this amazing Coaching Program, and I am so excited about it, because I know that that will help people get to the next level in trying to achieve their results, one thing to show up at the gym and do the workouts and sit down and try to eat healthy, but it’s not necessarily the diet or the program that leaves the people failing.


It’s some of those other things that we just talked about, right? The mindset, not understanding why they can’t stick to a plan, why so many people start, stop, start, stop, and this program is going to address all of those needs.


So that people are fully equipped to pick any program that they’re inspired to do and know exactly how to stay with it for a lifetime. So we’re working on that and I’m super excited about it.


Yeah, and that’s really a tortoise that when you have a vision, you start to execute on it, it becomes very clear what that goal ends up being, where you get more clarity as time goes on, I think that that’s super important that you recognize that. So to tie everything together as kind of a last piece, ’cause I like to keep most of the shows pretty tight in short, what’s the biggest piece of advice you can give someone that’s either an entrepreneur or somebody who’s starting a business and growing through it, what’s the number one thing you would tell them to look out for. Avoid or try to do to be successful.


So that’s something that I’ve had… The thing, I’ll share something I’ve had to work on myself, and I would say my biggest piece of advice is to be comfortable taking imperfect action. I sometimes have struggled, I would say, not taking action because something’s not perfect, right. So I’ll work on a program, I’ve worked on content, and I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and when I know it’s not complete or it’s not exactly the way I want it to be, I won’t launch it or I won’t share it out because I wanna keep changing it and I wanna keep fine-tuning it a little further and further and further in the next thing you know, six months as on by or a year has gone by, and I have this amazing content and I’ve not shared it with anybody because it’s not on perfect, and as I’ve worked with the various mentors and coaches that I have interacted with, that’s something that I know I’ve been growing in myself is to learn to be comfortable taking in perfect action. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it out there, fine-tune it, learn to do a beta program with some clients and take their feedback and perfected over time, it’ll go through several iterations, and when you do that, you learn that it’s actually gonna be really successful and go much smoother than you’ve ever anticipated, and it’s much better than experiencing the paralysis of being stuck in wanting something to be completely perfect before lunging.


Yeah, I totally agree. And that’s imperfect action is probably the most important piece in any business, because everyone’s so worried about, can I get it right? Can I get a perfect… What are people gonna think? That’s like lesson. Nobody really cares. Just get it done.


Just have one.


And so I did a in a super critical that people do it right in perfect action every day is what’s gonna help them be successful, so… Great, great advice. And thank you so much for coming on the show. I said, we keep a nice and short here, do the highlights one more time just ’cause you gave the website there in the middle of the show, can you give one more time where people can take a look at what you’re doing and the new website… Absolutely, thank you. It’s drive, personal fitness dot com is our main website for our studio, drive Fit project dot com is the website for our online services, and our Instagram is drive Fit projects.


Awesome, thank you so much for coming on the show. That was an awesome episode, really appreciate your time and hopefully we got some great feedback to… Meters, thank you so much for having me.


Very well on the

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