Alright, welcome back to The prospecting show. Today is Monday, June 29th. And we got the guys from linked leads here on the call. I got David, get singer and Janes Vito, how are you guys doing?


So I…


How are your career?


Thing is they’re great.


So I always tell people on the show, there’s three parts to show… Right. There’s the past. The present in the future. So to start things off, tell us… Maybe I’ll start with James, go backwards a little bit, tell us where you started and how you got up to today, and then we’ll go, David, same thing, where you started and how you got up to today.


Yeah, absolutely. So basically, my entrepreneurial journey started when my three and a half-year-old son was born, we have a cool thing in New Jersey where they give… Even the dads get a little bit of weed, so I have like six weeks at a e during that time, and the reality is that I was kind of… We were in a position where my wife and I both had pretty steady income and stuff like that, so this is some brace rich story or anything, but what I did realize when I was home with my son was like, and I don’t wanna spend 56 hours a week at my job, in order to support my family, I wanna be here with that, so are… So I try to come with different things, I tried, so affiliate marketing, some drop shipping, and honestly, the…


I had a fair bit of success regardless of what I was trying, and to a certain extent that was because my background at my day job was to help make sure that the companies that I was working for work in the automotive industry, and my job was to make sure that the days work for…


Okay, got it, right?


To make sure that we are acquiring and retaining customers in that business, so to a certain extent, I had some skill sets kind of built in a little bit, but obviously huge learning curve as well, right.


So it got to a point where I started marketing for local businesses pretty much of all times, right. I, I don’t really have as-Ish. Which I think many people who make that mistake when they first start out, right, Curnow, what happened was, we had a couple of good bonds and then next thing you know, my wife never had to go back to work…


I did end up having to go back to work and obviously, ’cause I build a business in six weeks, but within about six months or so, I had replaced both my regular day job income plus my wife’s former day job income, so I was like, why they have I still here, I might as well give this thing a real going… At that point I… The…


I decided to go full-time with my business, at this point, I had moved into more on the lines of what my day job entailed in terms of helping businesses to acquire clients, acquire and retain more clients, and I was getting my own clients through various methods, it was running ads, even though didn’t really know what I was doing in that regard, herself, I was cold-called me, was going to be… And I even… All the stuff that people hate to do it, and then ultimately, somebody had introduced me and early chosu 2017 or mid-2017, somebody had introduced me to the idea of utilizing linking, that they were doing something completely different than what I do because they were just…


I treat but manually and the keyboard connecting with people, and back then, obviously it was more than possible lines that way. So then I started looking at different ways where you could potentially automate that process and developed an entire acquisition system center around LinkedIn, and then along the way, data and I ended up marketing to each other, and that’s how we ended up meeting. And the cool thing is that we ended up finding that our skill sets, we actually very different, but at this point, I think that’s what I’m gonna let David take over, ’cause otherwise I’ll just talk through the both Show.


Alright, David, let’s hear it.


And or so, I started in software sales back in 2010, work for corporate firm at the corporate lifestyle for about five years, and I was in sales and had a team full of age that would cold call for me on my behalf.


So each team at 8 people and 60 calls a day. So it was very effective, but also very costly, and ultimately I think corporate was not the environment and not one to be and so on to bottom my own as she… So about 2015-2016, I think I’m a lot like James, I did a lot of everything.


Started a commercial cleaning company, which we still have today, which I still parking forward today using in drop ships and all that good stuff as well.


But eventually, I found LinkedIn as a wonderful prospecting engine for my own business, and I thought, Hey man, I really wanna get to work this to be able to generate customers, clients. And so I’ve been using LinkedIn only as a deliverable since 2017.What’s nice is that there’s no ads been involved, so they’re a B2B firm that is looking to grow in scale, Facebook isn’t the best place for them, but LinkedIn is where business professionals hang out in the market, one another.


Yeah, I started a boutique agency, I started with one client, and now today, I think we have consistently 20 month over month that me and all team work with, that their account managers essentially, I said everything up by automated and then go in the accounts every day.


And respond to the interest in, oddly enough, that’s when me and James kinda came into meeting each other was through the LinkedIn platform, and it was funny because I had never seen some of the bolt-on features that he had added on to LinkedIn, and that’s where we got to really talking and eventually formats partnership, so it’s been a wonderful ride thus far and putting our two skill sets together has been a great value add for our customers and for our coaching clients.


Yeah, that’s interesting too, because a lot of people, the reason they start a company is because they have a problem for their self, they’re trying to solve that you pretty much just said the same thing, it’s like, I have this idea, I’m looking for customers for myself or for my job, I build a system out and then, Oh, hey, this is actually a company.


Right, and because you build up that kind of system in place, I think it’s really nice that you guys have different skill sets, so walk me through the difference in skills and how you guys kind of bolted those two together, where is the line or where do you guys divide the skills in the business.


Yeah, that’s obviously a fair point, ultimately, the reason that I was so intrigued by working with the prospect of working with David in the first place is because basically I was doing all this extra stuff outside of LinkedIn in terms of automating the outreach beyond just messaging someone in the box, including a cold email follow-up and multi-channel retargeting efforts and things of that nature, and having a pipe…


Sam is a fully automated as well, her… And when I introduced these ideas to David, he had never heard of them. We don’t have an… But he was already getting great results for himself and his clients without that stuff, so I’m like, Man, this guy must be really good at doing this stuff inside of it, did because I do that stuff too, but I need all this extra stuff to make it work otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.


Sure, and he obviously did, ’cause he had built an agency without even knowing that you could do any of the cool stuff, right. So that kind of is the reason that I was super intrigued in terms of partnering up with David plus the guys a work worship, and I like to get after it, and I’m a little bit of a worker Hollie myself, so that tends to…


I alone… Yeah, so I’ll kind of let Dave and take it from there to… Yeah, I mean, James has a very nice feature, Bolton features that I was never using from my agency before, and I was using LinkedIn only getting 12-20 firms that were interested in our client services per month, and then you had on the Bolton stuff on the back end outside of LinkedIn. So really, I was very familiar with inside, James was very familiar with outside, so putting those two together, it just turned it into a machine that really just blew it out of the water.


Yeah, and that’s interesting you talk about that because a lot of people… I think this is kind of a theory, but I think marketing going forward is gonna be more on my channel, there’s a lot of people who are independently building these vertical stacks, Hey, we’re on title role in… Hey, we’re on Facebook, and people are just starting to realize these multi-channel around the channel retargeting strategies that exist, right. Take it to email, take it to face blog, take it to Instagram, take it off the platform, put it in your CRM, whatever it is you’re doing, they’re starting to go around to these different kind of areas and do banner ads, things like that, and so many people haven’t even started to figure that out yet, this is… We probably have two years still, even the people who listen to this are still not gonna figure out all the steps, but it really is the future, you see people getting re-targeted in certain ways, and you guys have just already figured out how to pull all these pieces together, so you get a better result. And to Jan’s point, you can definitely kill it inside LinkedIn and LinkedIn along, but if you have the right audience and you have the right customer base, you can go long in general, and I’d be a lot more successful if you do it right. So where do you see you guys going now, what do you see the future as, Is it omnichannel, is it just developing the relationships further, is it more in sales copy, what do you think that kind of secret pieces that you guys are doing that’s better or more efficient or more effective than anybody else out there.


Yeah, so from a coaching perspective, Connor, that is kind of a thing where a lot of people, especially when it comes to LinkedIn and email, it’s all a Lexie files coming pace to set the third, which is great for speed of execution, so I’m not… I’m not speaking down on those programs of those people, but I think one of the big differences, and there’s actually quite a few in terms of the way that we approach it, but one of the big differences with Dave and I is that we’re giving people frameworks in which they can still create effective messaging, but also find their own voice at the same time, rather than using a copy of casemate that inevitably becomes time once it’s used by 1000 different marketers 100 times a day.


I ran to played out, so we’re big proponents of saying, Okay, here are the components you should have in your messaging, now go right, so messaging and present it to me and gave it and will rip it apart. Tell you how bad it is not… I’m just taking kind of… Not really, and then we’ll critique it honestly, whether it’s good or bad, right? And then you can take that criticism and utilize it in order to refine it, and ultimately what we end up with is, even though we have dozens of people in our group coaching as private clients, none of them have… There’s no two messages that are like, Right, so everybody has their own unique messaging, everybody has their own unique landing page or a as so on and so forth, and it’s a little bit more… I touched the difficult program, which obviously makes it so that we can’t take on as much volume, it’s just physically impossible, because the other reality of it is that David and I, in addition to coaching people, we are both still in the trenches running our individual agents as well, so for us, that’s huge, it’s important for when we’re looking for mentors, and I think we figured out between the two of us, we’ve spent over 50 on mentorship ourselves just in 2117, so it’s not like in 10 years. So it’s like a two and a half, three years we spent… You combine over over 50 in that time frame, and what we found is that some of them are awesome, some of them are complete, which… And some of them… Why? Somewhere in the middle. Probably most of them. Right, right on.


And the ones that really had the biggest impact on us are the ones where, hey, you actually get access to the person… Right, or the people who created the process, and the other thing is where there’s a high level of accountability rather than just saying, Here’s a bunch of videos, and so support your documentation, now go figure it out.


And that’s kind of how we have structured our coaching program is to be super high touch and have a very high level of accountability, but I’m sure I miss him stuff, there’s all that David… Kind of expand upon what I just rattled off.


No, I think we both still see value and having our own agencies, we still see value in growing because I have a really low ticket offer inside Linh and only James as the all encompass to outside offer that’s higher ticket, but ultimately we found the agency owners didn’t have an engine in place and grow in scale, and we could teach that really, really well, and so that’s really what this coaching program is, it’s like, I’ve been there with the penalties in revenue, like your prospect for… And you’re done, when you get someone that raise their hand and say, Yes, I have an interest in what you have to offer, you sell to them, and now you’ve gotta fill… Ultimately, you’re swinging on this pendulum, and so your revenue is a rollercoaster ride, but it’s not until you put systems in place where you can remove yourself and focus on one thing and about systems to do all the work that you could actually grow and scale and get to a revenue number that you’re comfortable with for yourself, for your family or whatever you’re looking to achieve in your business, so… Yeah, I think ultimately, the coaching is such a potential there because I think there’s a lot of people that try to gain clients and try to get traction in the marketplace, but they are not utilizing the tools properly, and we love to utilize our resources to be like most coaches that have programs aren’t holding their hand, we wanna take you through the entire process and help you and show you, and that’s really the defeating factor for us in our program is like, Hey, we’re gonna follow you through step one, pillar on all the way to Pillai nine weeks, we’re gonna be high touch, helping you every step of the way, so that’s a huge, huge value add for our private clients there to… Yeah, and when you guys say that you have high touch and you’re kind of interacting with your clients, what do you think the number one thing is that your customers say at the end of it, not not on the agency side, but on the coaching side, like when they finish your nine-week program, I’m assuming most of them are commenting on the high touch, because you guys say a lot of courses are like, Hey, here’s an info product, it’s 40, it’s four modules, 10 videos and module, it’s 40 episodes and don’t knock yourself out. Right, but you guys are kind of structuring it a little more formal, and because it’s a nine-week program, you guys have an enrollment period, I’m sure, and then you roll through the steps and then you guys are re-enroll again, so what do you hear for most of the people that you are coaching, what’s the part that they like the most about your program?


Yeah, absolutely. It’s a fair point. I just wanted to touch on one thing before I done directly to that as far as the omnichannel aspect of things you were in to… The bottom line is, I think something in the range of 90% of think the users are also on Facebook, so obviously it’s hard to target those people like that are in your exact target market, and the last year leveraging the fact that you’re connecting with them on Linked In a first, right, and you’re targeting them and sales now together using that, and then you’re… Then you creating a custom orient side of that, then you can servants specific people, it makes the whole omnichannel thing, which is not easy to figure out, I’m not trying to act as if it is, but it definitely alleviates one portion of it into of actually targeting people in BOSS-muto chapters.


Now, with regards to what our students are saying about our course, it’s funny because we have some people who literally didn’t even have an agency prior to coming on board, and we have some people that were already had agencies that were doing 30 plus a month doing our course as well.


So the sentiment in that regard is definitely… It varies depending on what level of expertise they already had or where their scale calls were already coming from and things of that nature, but here’s what I can tell you for certain, is that people who are accustomed to only booking calls for cold email… Absolutely love our process because they feel as this… The calls are so much warmer and flair to begin with, that initial call where you’re trying to ask, Hey, what motivated you got the call? Or whatever the case may be. Well, when you’re coming off of a cold email, it’s like, What do you mean? A motivate me, motivated me, a book that called… You sent me an email. You know what I mean?


Right, I was with New York AC, a breach process in LinkedIn, it’s a little bit on a process, and to be honest with you, even when you compare it to inbound pads, I find personally that the show-up rate is so much higher and are my closure… It is higher on like Leeds as well, so when it comes right down to it, I mean, like we have people who are adding on to the… Adding on to the healthy revenue that they already had in place, and we also have people who literally didn’t even have agencies that within a week or two of going live, already have four book calls, eight books calls, 12 book calls, and it’s cool because it lets you know that what you’ve been… That’s super import when it comes to coaching as well, and then what I would say as far as the other aspect of that is, it lets you know that you’ve really had, between myself and David, we really have a process that’s done in that is suitable for different skill sets, people who are experienced marketers, people literally don’t even have an agency or all getting both calls, and it’s funny because you see other agencies out there kind of floundering for months and sometime years at a time now, struggling to be able to get both calls and we’ve got guys who’ve been lined in two weeks with their campaigns that they’re already getting… It got both. Pretty cool.


Yeah, and it’s interesting you guys bring up… You guys bring up the organic component, ’cause then the day… A large amount of the organic pieces or what leads to that better phone call, the fact that it’s organic leads to the phone call quicker, that show up rates there, the close rates higher just because it’s a real relationship re… And not interrupt Ive ad. It’s not a banner out like, Oh, I saw that, click it, and then forget about the ad later, it’s really pay, this person’s talking to you, built a relationship, you’re interested in chatting, and then you get on the phone.


So where do you guys see mixing organic and non-organic strategies, do you think that people should start with both, should they start with just organic and build up, is it a revenue thing, where do you pull those two together and when you recommend that an agency or a business owner starts combining them to… That’s actually an excellent question. So for our specific strategy after week till you have at least 20 connections in your target market in order to start combining the organic with the pain, and at that you can do it on a super low aspect, right, because obviously you’re staying in front of a very small audience.


So staying in front of a couple of hundred people here, even 1000 people are in 2000, is much more cost-effective than it is to try to serve as the two million people were people as you would be with co-dancer, so you can effectively stay in front of those people for five to 10 a day rather than… You don’t have to spend the typical 50 day or 100 a day like you would in order to be successful with cold ads alone by themselves as the stand-standalone.


Yeah, and it’s also interesting ’cause it’s kind of a top versus middle versus bottom of funnel strategy, if you kind of run paid traffic to the top of a funnel where it’s like I two million people interest-based targeting, maybe you have an age and the gender associated with it is like you just pull out the shock on a ripping holes in the wall, right.


Whereas if you take that mid-market or mid-level funnel and you’re like, Hey, are the right job title read in the right country, they already fit these soft parameters, right, whether that’s a G-word or a history or whatever it is that you look for in the profile and then you re-target those people.


That’s a heck of a lot better than looking for someone who has interest in Weight Watchers or whatever the interest-based targeting is on Facebook. Right, so it’s really interesting that you guys have done that.


How have you seen custom lists, a lot of people take it, download those lists and then upload them to Facebook and try to run custom audiences off of some Google lead finder, a list, they bother… What do you find with these custom audiences that you guys are building, are they getting better engagement, better cost per click, or what is the stats or what are you seeing on the back end for the most part?


Yeah, so the cool thing about that car, and that’s honestly a great question, is that again, I think, honestly, what you said, dog tells right into this, right, because now the person has connected with you on LinkedIn before they see or at… So it’s like, Oh, I know that guy.


You know what I mean? Especially a grip. You’re pretty song. And it’s like, right, that’s so weird. I’m connected with that guy, I like it, I largest connected it in yesterday, I sing… Is that on Facebook in my new speed or now I’m seeing his banner ad on the acetate or whatever the case may be. Sure, so I see a tenth.


I would say that just as much as the click to conversion, there’s assisted conversions in that regard, where… Well, I think somebody still books through don’t link that I sent them in LinkedIn, but don’t literally tell me like, Man, that’s so weird. I started senior and everywhere, right after we connected and I’m like, Oh yeah. That is so weird.


You notation why it happened, but yeah, I do a that. Yeah, so that part of it is very interesting. And then as far as the cost per… Like I said, you run it at a super little budget, cause again, a custom audience with, let’s say you’re connecting with 20 people with day, so you’re doing about 600 people on Mont.


It’s not a large an audience, so you’re right, you gotta run it and maybe five, 10 bucks a day.


So because of that, you do get cheap leads her leader, when you run at a lower budget, even if it’s to an interest-based audience, the lower… Typically, the lower budget, you run it, and then the one I lead cost, because Facebook’s trying to structure and… Or whatever the case may be.


Right, and that’s what we tend to see as well, and again, the same holds true though, right, when they connect with you, even if they connect with you on LinkedIn first and then fill out a Facebook reformat, like… Which is, tell what we run, by the way, if it’s Facebook, if it’s a banner and it’s gonna go right back to the landing page, right, is associated with our profile, if it’s a Facebook ad, it later gonna go Facebook lead form, right to a booking page.


Parson, the thank you page.


Thank you, Stearman, we’re gonna have a button that says Let the day and time or whatever, and then click there and just go right to a book, we don’t even have anything involved with that, just to reduce that resistance at… Yeah, yeah. Make it may Dreamliner. Yeah, plus the fact that they already… They already kinda know us to a certain extent… Sure, theoretically, they’ve already run our profile, I think… What was it? David Green shot I posted or private Slack group do today, I wanna say something like 70% of the people that I was connecting with were actually going in doing my profile, right, I some… That’s where what I do, and then what David does dovetails into one another so nicely bears, David is an expert at optimizing profiles, crafting messaging, positioning us expert in your space, so that this way, Okay, you connect with someone, they’d go to your probate, read more about who it is, they serve… Right, yeah. Then reading an online resume, like close time, and how you can potentially help them whatever those specific pain or the market has. So now they’ve already done that before they ever the even see my recording, and so now I don’t really need to send them to a landing page, retiree already kind of been on a many little land and grease, that is my LinkedIn profile. With that make sense? Yeah, well, David, I mean, as… Talk a little bit about sales copy there and having the right sales copy, both with them, the message, but then also within the profile, do you find that if somebody had to pick… We’ll do that. Pick between the two.


Profile Optimization or outbound message, what do you think is more important to get the sales copy… Right on.


How about messaging?


Yeah, okay, I definitely agree with you on that. Yeah, at the end of day, it’s like… People don’t even have to… You don’t actually have to have a website to be able… If you are bare bones starting the agency, starting even just any company, B-2B, you could probably get a really detailed link and system together, kinda go through your guy’s time coaching program and do outbound marketing and set up throwing ads up and try to do… In danmark Ting, probably without a website, and you can absolutely crush or like syntax or other agency, we don’t have a website for nine months at your website, nine months, and then you start getting really creative, and one of the things, I think, to your guys point, it actually matters, if you sit down and think about the flow of how people get to you, we used to send out Collings for people, the book, and what we did is we embedded our country on our website now, and we send our website link with the county, so we have syntax dot com discovery, and that’s embedded, so people automatically get the website re-target instead of just sending a raw coldly link and something as small as that change actually makes a difference because our cost per acquisition goes down almost four fold when we do that, and all we’ve done is take the same booking and put it on the website instead, I’ve taken them to the calendar page, it’s simple, it’s a really small change, made a huge difference for us, so what other… Maybe that’s a last piece, what other tricks do you guys wanna share with the people end up listening to this, maybe like one tip or trick each on the length inside for getting better results.


So I… Yeah, for me, it’s provided value, there’s so many guys that do what we do and LinkedIn, and it’s sales, it’s Pandits a broad it… I could go into my connection requests right now and have over 50 and it’s like, Hey, buy my stuff. And that’s just not the way to go about it. So for us, we really like to provide value first, and what we’ve done is taken every messaging template that we ever knew work, so we have a framework in a sequence decided, so we’re like, when we connect, we’ll throw a case study at your benefit given message at you… We’ll throw testimonials that you going up in Pegu, the whole goal is like, if you don’t have a real life conversation with the real ieuan being, you’re not gonna get good results.


So that’s the biggest takeaway for me is I make sure that you’re providing value first, and then from there is a networking platform, once you do that, that conversation moving forward about what it is you do and how you got out.


Sure, and James.


Yeah, so honestly, my slope… My tip here is gonna be actually more along the lines of what David was just talking about, and it really comes break down to what we refer to as Charles, basically all this automation in all these ads and things of that nature are generated in down interest, but if you’re not properly fueling that inbound interest, it’s not gonna quit or it’s not gonna add up to as many appointments as you want it to… Sure, I… That’s where you need to be able to have your finger on the pulse of a conversation and be able to accurately look at where somebody’s at and what message you already sent them, even if it was automated, you wanna go back and read the message if they’re replying to so you understand the context.


Right, what they’re saying to you. And really, there’s certain things that you can say that will increase the amount of appointments and the amount of calls that you’re able to generate, and certain things that you can do that will actually repel people in those scenarios, so kind of really finding… Basically, regardless of what I say or repress what David says or what contras, it’s super important to sound like you… Even if you’re a quitman in your stuff, right, or even if your stuff is pretty written in a… Sending it out or whatever the case may be. It’s important for… I just… So like you… ’cause eventually they’re gonna get on the following you… Right.


If it’s written by somebody else and then they get on the phone with you and there’s two different styles of speaking and two different language outs, it’s gonna feel very disjointed even if they don’t say it out loud, internally, the prospects and be like, Wait a minute, this is not the person I was trying really to… Yeah, yeah, and so for people who are interested in the course, maybe wanna learn a little bit more about linked in ways that you can help them to through the course or even you’re done with… You done for you services? What is the best way for people to reach you guys right now… Yeah, probably, I would say the best way is probably through our free group right now, which is just the LinkedIn prospecting engine, and that can easily be found on Facebook. David, do you have your own handy for that?


It’s a long… Is it… Well, it’s a… Facebook do come such groups and the mid-a Lille.


So it is…


Okay, well, just as a… The total… You’re gonna find that. Yeah, you’ll definitely find it. That’s how I found you guys, just search anything for LinkedIn on Facebook, you guys kinda pop up in the top two or three in the groups for sure. So you guys will find it. I appreciate you guys coming on the show.


I know there’s a lot of people who end up coming on the show listening to it, telling a bunch of background stories, but the cool thing is that the prospecting show started as just that the prospect or lead generation sales marketing entrepreneurship. And it really has taken a turn in the last 30 episodes into entrepreneurial Highlights, so it’s kinda cool to bring it back to some of the core work right on lead generation linked in B2B or this is like what the show was originally designed for, so I appreciate you guys coming out and talking on the show, and we actually have the link right here too, so we’ll throw it down here in the description at the end of the show, and that way you guys can actually click on it and back link over to the group so thank you so much, guys.


Awesome, thank you. Contrast the a teen

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