Welcome back to The prospecting show. Today is July 15th, wednesday, second episode of the day within a retake the Christmas wreath, as he says, before we get on the call here, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Hey, Connor, thank you for an… It’s an honor.

Yeah, so to start things off, a lot of people who come on the show, they know there’s really three pieces, there’s the past, the President in the future, we’re looking at highlighting and showcasing entrepreneurs and people with ideas that help change the world, so give us a little bit of background on where you came from and your back stories that we can get up to today’s point in CARE, definitely control to to keep the condense in powerful and just move through it quickly. hitting the high points as a… From a very young age, I definitely walked on my own drum, seven years old, I was writing down things like people left and right right now, I wanna be a police officer, Firefighter, I wrote down, I wanna discover the truth and all things and achieve balance. Stuff like that gives you an idea of how I operate, how I think.

And I come from a troubled past, one of three brothers, mom, marry twice broken family, a little bit of the, you know, Use and stuff that I dealt with their… Dealt with the prison.

Most of my life, I’d say about 18 years work.

I see, I really in a period of self-discovery in a really questioning everything. I was a fanatical question or growing of always asking why… Trying to understand things conceptually, a, that’s just kind of how my brain works.

Mind Works, and I went to graduate in high school, got my diploma from belper High School in operas per area, Pennsylvania, the states.

And I decided college wasn’t for me, I was kind of shocked that people just sort of diving into college, going for majors that didn’t really understand what that would look like on the other side.

I wasn’t about to invest my kind of money in something I wasn’t sure if… And I know you always can’t be 100% sure, but something like that for sure, I needed consideration.

So I took the gap year, worked full-time, it’s working full-time since I was legally able to, and just continued working, earning money, stating money at a variety of different jobs, everything from car, grocery store, food service, security, Carpenter for a couple of years, helping this industry was a health coach or years. What else, man, I’ve had a list of jobs, a lot of customer service jobs, and then most recently, professionally, I was a team leader and not a retail grocery industry.

I had, I’ll do it a year and a half of community college, and it turned out I just wanted to study my favorites, philosophy, theology, sociology, the mental sciences, and I realized that unless I was gonna be a college professor or our shrink, something on… I just wasn’t really… For me, I didn’t wanna go through that long arduous educational process, I, I stubbornly Bullhead and thought I could do it better and educate myself, and that’s actually the path I ended up taking, so I… Titania had, I’ve had some trade background in terms of physical trades, but mostly my area of expertise is in nutrition, in the mental science is when I was 22 years old and a really big pivot point of my life, I was in an unhealthy relationship, not gonna get into that right here.

I was unhealthy in every sense of the word, struggling in with depression, I was well over 100 pounds, every weight on 510, average build guy, not big Miami’s, not really particularly athletic, not genetically gifted in any sense of the word, and my 20-second birthday, and I hope them a scale, and I was shocked at the number I’d read to 52 pounds, and for me, I thought the scale was broken is sincerely, I change the batteries, I got a new scale, it still read to 52, and I went and I really looked at myself for the first time probably in a long time in the mirror and just really checked myself out, and it was a huge emotional impact, crushing for me to realize how much I let myself go and… And so that started our physical journey, where in the…

I educated myself on nutrition, what proper nutrition looked like, deep dives into every single diet, I’ve tried everything out there mainstream-wise as far as diet go, finally found what worked for me, and I think that’s really important to note there. Everything is variable, you have to find what works for you and what you’re willing to do, because that’s not anything… It’s gonna work long-term.

Anyways, I studied nutrition.

I’ve been on the plant-based side, vegan side is vegan for a year in a quarter, and then I’ve been borderline carnivore keto as well, so I really tried everything, try to scope the thing I… And I applied everything I learned. I had trained myself in exercise science, strength training, resistance training of various modalities and applied that as well, and ever… The course about two years, I lost a 100 pounds of body fat, but on something I make 15, 16, 00 months, lope.

I was in the best shape of my life, and I was kind of waiting for that moment where I tried… Where I made it, right?

I did the transformation, I had my metamorphosis and I was like waiting for someone to be to the gold medal, and it just didn’t happen. And I thought, What is wrong with you, right?

There must still be work to do, I started reflecting on my past, what I’d been through, emotional scars, things like this, and I realized that this is kinda what a first down on me that we have two images, we have an outer image, our body image, a physical manifestation of ourselves, then we have an inter-immensel, a mental construct, an intern or self-image, I refer to it as, and so I started to really deep dive into the mental sciences, again, personal development, and I understood that I had to undergo a inward journey as well as to match my physical, how we’re journey, and I found that to be very activating for me. very intriguing. Fascinating. Of lightning, I’ve read every popular book out there on mind and a personal development probably several times, been a few years really studying that, learning that, and then I… The another pivot point my life where I was kind of just passively gathering information… Right, so I think a lot of people fall into this category, we just gather, gather, gather, gather information, because it’s part of our conditioning, we come up from an educational society where we’re taught to gather information, answer questions, and we get degrees and stuff, and I’m not saying not trying to knock College, I think college is really important to get this bible information and helps develop professional in our world, but then I think there comes a point where… For me, especially, I didn’t apply what I was learning and I was really frustrated, I working a dead-end job, or at least I had advanced as far as I could in my career in the retail grocery industry, and I wanted to do things my own way.

I wanted to go into business for myself. And what that looked like, how is gonna do that? I didn’t have the tools or the understanding really a… How that would pull together and how I could sort of take my unique cocktail of personal experience, things I’ve ever come, things I’ve learned and actually put them into action eventually of what I can only describe today is synchronicity. Providence Devine and intervention actually came into a mentorship with the world famous, but not everybody knows him, Bob Proctor and Bob Proctor. He has many titles. I think the most recent in one I saw was Master thinker, he was like, nobody knows or understands combines white like Bob Proctor does. And really at that point in life, that’s really what I needed, I needed the mind work, I need to do, the inner work to really make the auto results possible for me, and that’s what I did, studies under him. Follow with him for about a year and a half, and I seriously invested and studied under him for about six months, a little over six months, and it absolutely transformed every area of my life. Physical health got better.

I recall going to the emergency room for a weird freak thing, and I think the doctor said something like, I’ve never seen inflammation markers in this low in a person, personally, I… And that was pretty cool.

Mentally, the depression was gone.

I would say that probably every single day of my life, I walk around in a state of he, overwhelming piece and joy. I enjoy my life, I enjoy every day, my business that I was able to start due to that training and that understanding and just putting it all together, it put me in a very nice position, economically, I don’t worry about my funny… Let’s just say that I’m very blessed, I love my clients, love to serve people, and really what I do now, kind of the focus of where I am now in the present is just I’m an educator and business consultant, so I help people through the process. The same process I went through a very structured, very condensed, in a much less great of Time, and I think ultimately when you go in and you address the subconscious programming, it’s not necessarily hypnosis, nothing like that, but if you take people through a structured process that gives you tangible results in the outside, it creates a positive feedback and you wanna do more and the man to see how things can really change for you. What’s possible for you in your life?

And there are few things more rewarding, and it’s so holistic the way I go about it, but as far as the future, I really just… I wanna scale, I wanna serve people without sacrificing quality, I want to enemy area existing clients, take my larger clients, potentially get into the corporate world, maybe sign larger quant contracts, part of me with companies, organizations, because ultimately I wanna have as significant an impact as I can, again, without sacrificing my philosophies, morals, and that effect when it comes to the quality of my service.

Yeah, and that’s really… You bring up a point that I think a lot of people missed right now is that it’s actually about that value-driven approach it people really overuse value, when they overuse that kind of mentality, they’re like, Oh, you got a good value, gotta give body, but what you’re talking about is really coming from place of service, I think I’m doing the date. Would you recommend this for people, if there was still no cost involved, if the answer is yes, then it’s the right thing to offer it, I kinda look at our business that way too, we have a very specific type of consulting, and just like you have… And you have more of a broad kind of multi-faced appraisal, but one of the things we do, cause we focus on lead generation business to business, and so I always asked myself this question before we go to a customer and offer it as a service, we say if it was free, would we still… There was no upside on the financial piece, would we still recommend this as a technique for people to use, and the answer is overall a week… Yeah, every single day. So I think from what you’re talking about with the proctor work and all that, the thing that’s important to you is like, you know what you’re doing works because you’ve been through it yourself.

So my next question to you is, what do you think is the most important thing for people to do in their business to be able to get out of those mental blocks and get into the right mindset… You know what, it’s interesting, I would qualify a mindset, because I think your mind is always getting set, it very rarely does it stay fixed. We’re constantly being bombarded with information, and look, I’m preaching to the choir, you guys know this, I don’t have to describe this to you, but the reality is that you are always being programmed… The question is by what, is it positive, is it negative? Is it directly contributing to growth in your business or whatever result you’re trying to cue in your life, is it relevant and moreover, is it positive? Are you thinking about what you want versus what you don’t… To me, I absolutely does, and I think it’s kind of like a lot of the motivational speakers or people who talk about business, say you’re either going to border goals or away from your goals, and the tea water going is actually a relevant… You can go extremely fast toward girls and you can go extremely fast the wrong direction to which a lot of people do that are running around like, Oh, I gotta do this, I gotta do that, I gotta do that. It’s a problem with that, is that there’s no sense of direction to purpose, outcome value, or a really focused… And I think for… For the stuff that you’re doing right now, you probably see this a lot in other businesses, so walk me through what you think the biggest problem is that your customers have, and then how do you solve important… Oh, I hate far, in a way, I think one of the biggest… We could call it a problem. I think it just is what it is. A problem has a negative connotation to many people, but I think overwhelmingly, people just don’t understand themselves, they don’t understand who and what they are, they made what they’re capable of, and I don’t think that we’ve had people in our lives, there are few… There’s a small percent at the population that have had a very nice enriching empowering journey from their very early little life until into adulthood, and they’re very effective of human beings, whether consciously or not, but then there’s… The vast majority of people who just didn’t have the resources. Growing up, didn’t grow up in a positive environment, have many challenges, mental, physical, spiritual, but I think the first step is really accepting who and what you are right now today, because I think that’s the first step into taking a look at, Okay, who am I really…

I don’t think we sit down and off and ask ourselves these questions.

I always think on paper too, I think I picked that up to Jim Ron or something, one of those speakers, but you always wanna get your thoughts on paper and you wanna come to a point of self-acceptance for everything and you like the good end of that and then when you accept and you take that first step of recognition of what is… Then you just have to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Namely, who am I? What am I love this question? What am I doing? What is the end than… What am I trying to achieve? What is it that I’m working on?

Next fall question.


That’s a great question.

When you know why you’re doing something, you don’t need things like motivation and inspiration anymore, you have accountability to yourself and what you’re doing is strong in us, but then a couple of other good questions, it… Is it working?

Or What’s working for you right now?

Because I believe in the philosophy, if it isn’t broken, we don’t need to fix it, if you have performance indicators showing up that are showing a you’re going the right direction, we… That’s not our area of focus. Immediately, I would say the next question, what isn’t working, what’s stopping you, what’s detract-ing from your goals, Let’s address that first stop the bleeding and come to a point of bounce, and then we can actually build a foundation with integrity, and in every sense of the word, not only logistically, actually in your business, but mentally, you need to be strong, you’re the leader of your organization, and you’re not strong, if your mental environment is not rock solid, you’re compromising your future in the future of your business and your employees, people you serve all… Yeah, and… And that’s really true. Why you’re going actually ties really mostly in to what we do in syntax wrote a whole book called The seven minute phone call, and what a focuses around this concept that we call it, we had eliminate prioritized, automate, Elevate, and some of those concepts are to be in alignment with those, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. That’s the step of, Hey, we don’t know, eliminate this. If you’re doing something that doesn’t do the needle for it, eliminated if it is something that’s contributory to the… Determine is it a priority at the answer is yes, it’s a priority than your luck with the lack… Two steps, which is, Can I automate it?

Yes or no. If that’s not possible, can I delegate it? Yes or no, and if neither those are possible, guess who’s doing it, you… Right, that’s the process that we go through a decision-making in our business is like, Hey, first can I eliminate thank and I prioritize it, then my actions are automations or something at a software system or process, and then if that’s not gonna work, go delegating and go delegate to the right people who are gonna get the job done.

So you can focus on you and scaling the business.

So with your experience right now, where do you think like this pop after covert, lots of small Burton says You… The businesses are got absolutely. Ripple, with everything that’s going on.

So what do you think is gonna separate the winners from the losers over the next six months?

Well, I think we have to manage expectations, I think we have to be reasonable, that we have to acknowledge what is on both the good and the bad, and to ignore the bad, you’ve probably heard the accent, if you ignore the weeds, they take your guard.


So if your mind is a garden and if you… You pretend there isn’t wed, you’re gonna have a problem, but I would say acknowledge the fact that we’re gonna have economical challenges right now, and just acknowledge the fact that things aren’t gonna go smooth, we’re going to have to adapt. And then that brings me to the other side is, what can I do right now, first of all, to fortify myself, ’cause everything… Your uses, all of it, everything in your life, your business, your clients, the people you’re serving people in your life, your relationships, your help on every level is simply… Or a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Are you being dominated?

My fear, coming from a place of a lack… Your prospects are gonna know that they’re not gonna do business, but he more than likely were you operating from a place of love and compassion, wherein are you’ve achieved that mental strength?

Like I said, talking about that foundation, and when your actions and your words and your thoughts to motivated from the polar opposite of lack and limitation, then you’re gonna have better results in everything I think you’re doing… No matter what you’re doing, I think what you’re doing is important. It’s not discount fact, I think how you do it really separates, as you said, the winner of the losers and the great from the… The ENT.

Yeah, that’s actually a good point too, ’cause you look at Simon Senate book, Start With Why and kind of work from the inside out as the Y, the honest people saved from the outside in saying, This is what we do, then the… How they do it and they tell you why, and it’s interest, you start right, the why and work your way back out. And you say, This is why I do something. Oh, and this is how I do it. And it’s like, Oh, what’s that thing? You do.

Oh, well, this is the thing we did, right to our purpose in the business world, or Why is we wanna help small business owners wanna help of thousand small business owners over the next 10 years is 100 per year be able to scale some part of their business either on the operation side, the marketing side or the sales side, and the way that we do that is through our two different programs, we have our small consulting one-time program, and then we also have our month-month service, where we actually do the generation for other businesses, so that’s kind of our house go, and then the right is ultimately, we’re trying to put people in your calendar, you can grow your business, ’cause we know that the more people you talk to, the more in shake, the more money, Megan, that’s just a metric. I tell people all the time like, Money is just like the indicator of how good things are going, and that’s actually not even no tunicates of how good things you’re going… It’s only in one part of your life how goat’s going, right? So, right, I just… A measuring stick. And I think a lot of people looked at it like Willie and die by this.

But I think there’s a lot more to the business world than people realize it’s about the service and the people in the network and the value and everything that’s going on, and for me, with the pod counts, having the prospecting, so here were you… People can check out the prospecting a-Go-Go com in there listening to right now, so hopefully you found it in one of the A platforms, but the whole reason we have this show is to highly other entrepreneurs that are doing things that are unique, doing things that are serving other people and sharing their stories, because at the end of the day, there’s gonna be somebody out there that needs what you have, and there’s gonna be somebody out there that have what you need, and it kinda goes back and forth over and over again, so to kind of… Race is kind of part of the… You have to show up in dial down a year, tell people a little bit about on the show are tell us who your ideal customers, who you’re liking to work with, and also tell us about how people can reach you.

I absolutely, yeah, so my ideal client or tends to be what I work with the most, is so openers entrepreneurs, small business owners, particularly network marketers and affiliate marketers, I really hold strongly to the fact that there’s so many great platforms out there, there’s so many great opportunities out there.

And I think the problem often lies, not in the business or the opportunity, whatever it is you happen to represent, I think the problem is not, Do you need more training? You have plenty of resources at your disposal, you’re likely not leveraging them to the degree that you could be, but yeah, definitely network marketers, affiliate marketers is primarily what I work with, and I use the tools and systems they already have in place, and I just give them the rock appeal behind the scenes working from them, so that the natural effect is an increase productivity and income generation in the business, and of course, all the wonderful things that follow that, but I tend to work with people for ages 3 to 50, and they typically… This is, it starts as a side hustle.

Although I have a couple of full-time clients who are in business for themselves, and they’re doing quite well, and then their results very according to what they put in, what they invest in themselves, I… Not nearly in terms of money, but in terms of time and energy and focus on themselves, and some people, they hired me to help them in business and they drop their handed depresses and improve their health in some people… You do see that result where I have one of my clients recently just took a vacation, he earned more in one week while on vacation that you did the past on… Since working… Let me say now, it just gives you an idea… Burns idea of what’s possible for you if you’re using the right tools… Yeah, no, absolutely, and what is the best way I might invest? What’s the best way for them to reach us, it emails it to a DIN website. What’s the best man at Don?

I’m definitely most active on Facebook, and I just go by my first and last name, B and re in space, Reith, very accent Facebook. I do have a link on… I don’t engage with it a whole lot, or you can reach me in an email at I-N dot E-I-T-H-T as in Tom ages and Harry, six. Seven-nine at gmail dot com is right.

Personal email.

I’m gonna have a a-uh. Or clients as well. Awesome, well, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to come on the prospecting show, kinda share your vision, the way that you’re growing other people’s business, in the way that you’re consulting, the way that you kinda feel yourself through this process.

I know a lot of people resonate with your store and your message, they have an idea, that idea becomes a small business, that small is they grow and they need to come to somebody like yourself to help them kinda lay those stones and stuff on them in the right direction. So I appreciate your time, thank you so much for coming on the show, and hopefully we get good reviews here from the customer, so the listeners… Yeah, like I said, Mr. Roberts on, it has been an honor. I say, Doctor Robertson, it’s been an honor. Man, I love your attitude, I love what you’re doing, empowering people like myself and others. And he truly thank you for allowing me on your show a lot in your schedule, and I pray that everyone that listens to it leave less in some way, if not just its firing idea, but you creative, creative action as far as addressing changes they wanna make in their lives and whether you are myself, whoever can serve them best. That’s edition. Talk to. Awesome, thank you so much.

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