Alright, welcome back to The prospecting show. Today is June 17th, 3-48 eastern, and we have Brett watts and Nick core intonation rhino on the call. How are you guys doing alright? How much. So awesome, I can see you guys are excited to do this episode here, you excited to be on… Appreciate your happens.


Yeah, thanks a lot.


So to start out, give people a little bit of the background of what patient in is I know you two… You guys had different agencies at the beginning of… Merged together. But let’s hear a little bit more about that story. How did you guys get started?


So we pretty much had around agencies, we’ve kind of been in the space for about three years each, and both have worked in a Li variety of industries, and both settled down into the aesthetic space with medical spas, plastic surgeons, dermatology clinics. Really, there’s just a lot of things healthcare-based, and what was about October, so probably like seven months ago, that instead of us competing and doing everything from there, and we just decided, Let’s actually partner up and tackle the industry and just pretty much try and take it over and help as many clinics acquire new clients that pikas they can… And so ultimately, what we do is leverage paid advertisements on or to generate leads with an automated follow-up process to help naturally and automatically convert those leads into actual boomers that were basically actually walk in to their doors. So in a nutshell, that’s very simple terms, how it works… Yeah, and for the people who tiara small business, they’re in the healthcare space, chiropractor, dentist, that kind of industry, and they are used to traditional referral marketing, they have a bunch of other professionals that refer, they got a lot of word of mouth with patients. How does somebody like that transition into working with a group like patient ride… That’s a great question, Connor. I think like referrals and leads and new patients are the lifeblood of any practices, new business, so any time somebody wants to transfer away from just the word of mouth referral process, the biggest challenge up front is… Well, I need people to know about me.


Right, a lot of offices that we’ve worked with, they’re very familiar with traditional marketing, they’ve done newspapers, they’ve done radio ads, they’ve done television, they’ve done billboards, they’ve somehow gotten their name out there with smoke signals, it feels like they’ve done literally anything and everything to put their name out there, except arising with paid advertising on social media.


So the most exciting thing about working with people in this niche is we piggy-back off the five star reviews, the amazing quality work that they’ve been delivering for years with their practice, and we just package that into social media where we can actually see and find new people who would actually be a good fit for their service, show them all the five star reviews, all the quality work that they’ve been delivering, the before and after photos, their work speaks for themselves, but we need to reach a new audience, we need to reach a completely new set of people who don’t already know and trust them, and that’s exactly what we do, and that’s what we get energized to do every day, we’ve been serving 40 to 60 offices like that on any given month over the last few months, and we wanna continue turning that number up every single month, and you guys talk a lot from service, I know we’ve had other calls in the past where you talk about, This is the goal we have, you’re trying to scale these businesses and help the really small businesses. A lot of these, they’re not huge corporations, there are small practices that have a real family, a real patient base that they’re trying to help build up, what do you find is the number one problem that a practice has before they get to you, guys?


It really depends on the practice, a lot of times, offices were come to us, and I think it’s a lead generation problem, they just need more leads. Once you start actually building out the system, you’re able to find that the system typically as lakes, then maybe it’s in sales, maybe it’s in their front desk, maybe it’s in client retention.


And so I think that’s one of the reasons why we have been successful, is we not only focus on lead generation and giving them the actual opportunities, but ultimately helping them through that process and coaching them through, Hey, these are actually the best practices in order to convert a lead into a book, appointment times and orally in books for minute basically shows up. And then from there, actually converting them, and we’ve got several sales tactics that you’re already familiar with that we can coach our clinics through, in fact, you actually help us with this and kinda helping show off like piggyback, what, mix it with their five sieves with the before and after pictures to ultimately provide a sense of trust and credibility and authority in their space, so they know, Hey, this is the person I need to go to, but also help not only getting them sold on why they initially walked in the door, but ultimately open up the window and say, How else can we help you how lochs coming better survey. So they can say, Hey, well, we can also do A, B and C in order to help you reach your goals, and this is what we have to offer. So it really depends on there, like I said, a lot of times they think if they just need more opportunities, but every… All of this is different. Some of our clinics have sales absolutely down pat, you give them an opportunity and they’re gonna close nine out of 10 people that walk in there, others have a difficult time, you know, getting people actually showing up, and this is a very simple processes that you can do whether it’s getting credit cards on file, whether it’s just setting expectations, having more reminders every offices different, we try and cater it towards each of their needs and how their EMR, their staff is actually set up.


Yeah, and what about the practices that they’ve used another agency, they used another group and have not had success there, what do you see as kind of the pivot point or the point where they’re like, Listen, if you fix this piece, you would not have that same problem ’cause it’s not an agency problem, it’s not a clinic problem, I should say, it’s that agency didn’t deliver on some piece of it, or there’s a communication issue, where is that break down typically how… That’s a great question. Like red mentioned, we solve problems linearly, and with each problem that we solve linearly, we expose a new problem, so like red mentioned, every office things at first they have a lead generation problem, we saw that, then what problem we expose after that is they actually have a content problem where people are raising their hands saying, Yes, here’s my name, phone and email, I’m interested, but they’re not incentivized to actually hop on a call with the office or respond to text. Right, so then we’ll get people who respond to texts and phone calls, but then they won’t actually show up, and then we’ll get people who actually show up, but they’ll show up and they won’t buy… Then we’ll get people who show up and purchase what they’re not staying as lifelong patients or members of this clinics or offices practice.


So the office struggles at any single one of those intervals, and we linearly, we identify and solve these problems upfront, but we can diagnose in our system, we can see where the exact bottle neck is, Rainier, 40 to 60 offices every single month. Then we know the majority of them don’t already have a system in place that can say, hold of the people who raise their hands saying, Yes, I see your offer for this ad, here’s my name. Phone and email. What’s gonna happen next? Am I gonna contact you? Are you gonna contact me?


So Branan, I created the system where we have a system that actually gets a hold of people for the office, all the office has to do is be responsive.


But we’ve learned that offices don’t even have that type of a system in place with their receptionist, their scheduling person, an office manager, they are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table every single month because some part of this linear system is not in place.


So the biggest thing we do is we diagnose, we do a feedback loop, we figure out where the cab is, we solve it, and then we figure out what’s the next gap in problem that we expose and need to solve for this office.


Yeah, and when you’re looking at the offers that are being placed from office office, if you have a medical spa dentist or a chiropractor, the offers are gonna be different, maybe based on a geographic area or what the clinic is looking for, how do you make sure that you have a good offer up front, ’cause I think that’s the thing that hooks the patient in and says, Listen, like, I have this problem and the physician has this solution, and I’m gonna match those two, you got… So what about the offer development? They walk us through that. How that works?


You’re pretty…


I can speak to that. So I think one thing that offices struggle with is when it comes to crafting and offer that cells, when it comes to crafting an offer that you run advertisements to paid traffic to a lot of times… A lot of doctors specifically, I’ll give one example in the body sculpting or body concerns, which Connor is very familiar with, ’cause he’s now gonna be coaching a lot of the offices we work with on how to serve their audience at a higher level and deliver more bodies company results. So this is a fantastic… And if this is a fantastic example, a lot of offices struggle to connect the dots between what it is that their ideal patient, our client wants, and how they’re positioning their service, a lot of offices really struggle to connect the fact that, Hey, I got this new 80 valve in 1500, 250000 machine. And I’m gonna tell everybody, Hey, I got the new true scope machine. I paid 250000 latest and greatest technology. Well, somebody should be banging down my doors at this stage, ’cause I pay 250000 for this machine, the problem is, and this is the missing gap that Bret and I can diagnose when it comes to an offer level issue, they’re not speaking to the audience needs, they’re not relaying and conveying the fact that, Hey, you’ve got a problem, right, let’s talk about your problem… I wanna anchor using some of Connor’s fantastic approach to selling more face-to-face in the office, but even before they walk through your doors, let’s anchor their pain points, let’s identify what gaps that somebody has in their body sculpting goals right now. Right, let’s crap that language into an advertisement and let’s craft an offer that directly solves those challenges, so a lot of times, offices miss the mark with one or two things when it comes to crafting their offer. Number one, it’s not even clear.


Face-to-face, if Dr. Conroe son is selling to me and he’s selling sculpture, for example… Well, he’s a great example because he already knows how to sell it, but a lot of offices can sell face-to-face, the problem is the language you’re using before people get to see you face-to-face, before they get to the mid, can trust you actually walk through your doors, reach out within hand-shaking distance, which we’re gonna not do during Corona times right now, but it’s easy for me to have a conversation with somebody face-to-face when I can build rapport with them, I can feel comfortable making mistakes, talking out what the machine is what the apparatus is, what the offer is, but the challenge is offices get a little scatter brain when it comes to creating strong offers, so there’s a whole lot of other criteria that goes into creating strong offers that actually sell, but this is the number one gap that most offices have, especially when it comes to paid advertising, there are just some offers that aren’t strong off, is that all offers that won’t convert, no matter how good your ads are, your landing pages, your funnel is… It really comes down to the offer, and that’s why we brought on Dr. Robertson, because like you know, you’ve coached other offices to struggle with this exact thing, I wonder what insight you have when it comes to diagnosing offer level issues and sort of correcting that with offices.


Yeah, that’s always like a million dollar question, it’s like you can have the best product, the best service, the best solution for the patient…


I think the top part is kind of what you say is how do you match the right patient to the right offer, ’cause a lot of people are looking at it from a clinic perspective and saying, This is our offer, who wants our offer? But if you flip that the other way and say, well, who’s our patient and what offer is gonna be matched to them, that’s probably gonna be a better fit if you have 55-year-old females as your primary core best customers and you’re selling them… I don’t know, testosterone, probably not the right offer, right?


You’re not gonna sell them that kind of offer, it’s not gonna work, it doesn’t matter how many data as much… Whatever you do. It’s just not gonna work.


So a lot of clinics say, Well, will I have this testosterone pill, I wanna sell… Okay, great, that is not your audience, you have… You can’t just say, I have this, Bring me just these people, you also have to look at who’s a good fit for you and build your offer around that now, obviously, like you said, if you have a sculpture machine, you’re selling that service, but there’s a good match there, that it’s not like one audience, so you have to figure out who’s a good fit for that particular product, I think what you guys do that’s different than other agencies as you’re able to match based on demographic information, like the age and the male or female, those kind of information back, those kind of pieces, but then also the interest-based targeting like, Hey, this person is looking for sculpture, but they’re also interested in weight loss, they’re also interested in going to the gym, whatever those pieces are. Does that make sense? At 100% does, and you really nailed what is the frustration and the challenge that every office faces by the time you’ve got product market fit, right? I know who I want to bring into my clinic for my practice, I know who I don’t want equally as well. That’s the biggest challenge is bradlaugh at this as well. He knows this better than anybody, anybody with a Doctor title and MD title, a plastic surgeon, a dental cosmetic surgeon, whoever.


The first thing they’ll tell you is who they don’t want watching through their doors… Right, right, right.


So not only do you have to align, what’s a good product? What’s a good offer? And who is it a good fit for? How do I eliminate the people that it’s not a good fit for? And what Brett and I have essentially recognized is you are gonna have some people who aren’t 100% financially qualified knocking on your door saying, Here’s my name, phone and email, I love that thing that you’re promoting right now, I might not be a good fit for that expensive thing, but there’s probably some other way that we could work together and you could serve me the patient… To the office.


So what really makes us unique is we understand that doctors want to sort of ride the nations, but the accolades rather of their background, their title, they’ve been practicing for five, 10, 15, 20, 25 years. They don’t want to compete on price, which they don’t have to, and they don’t need to with our system, all we have to do is come up with a strong offer that will convert, but what we really wanna do is we wanna showcase all the amazing work that they’ve already done with our system, because I can see… I could look up Dr. Connor Robertson online, and I can look up and I can find his five star reviews from this practice, I can find his before and after photos is testimonial videos.


But what we wanna do with our system is we want to give all of the decision-making data, all the questions that people have to ask themselves before they even walk into an office. Do I know who this Connor guy is? Do I know the Doctor Robertson is? Do I like him? Do I trust that he can get any results, we want to give it content to these people that answers these questions, so that by the time people do walk through the doors, which our system helps generate more people walking through the doors, they’re already in buying mode because they’ve seen the before and after photos from our system, they’ve been re-targeted with testimonial videos or other five star reviews, and that’s what makes us unique, and I think that’s what every office for, is they want people who know, like and trust them and respect their authority, in whatever space it is, chiropractic, dental, medical spot, plastic surgeon, it doesn’t matter if we can get the proof in front of other people’s eyeballs that Dr. Robertson or any other doctor is legit and they do better work than anyone else in the area, those are the types of people that are clients one walking through the doors, and that’s what our system strives to deliver every day, it’s a new patients who’ve seen… Who know, like and trust you by the time they walk through your doors, so that your job is easier, you just need to receive these people, deliver the same quality five-star service that you already deliver, and that’s why we try to make a match with the offices who can serve people at the highest level, and so to kind of pivot a little bit into some of the things, just talk about what about the price value mismatch. So there’s a lot of people, just like you said, Right, there’s physicians, you have a service that they think there’s a certain price on we know what the price is, it’s 1000 service or 2000 or 10, it doesn’t matter what the price served, it’s usually a value mismatch right, so with what you guys are doing, do you find that patients come into the practice more educated typically because they’ve seen a preliminary ad, filled out a form, got re-target, they have a better expectation that the office is creating more value given that the price is staying the same, ’cause ultimately, you go to a chiropractor, right, you got 30 chiropractors in the city, and they all charge 50 from adjustment, so the price isn’t changing, that’s… The standard across the board is 50 of us, the question becomes, where is the value?


So in your guys opinion, what do you think is the piece that you guys can help create more value for those providers before the patient comes in the door?


Yeah, that’s a really good question to on in a minute ago, but ultimately building that trust and credibility, what we also find is often time from paid advertising is especially on whether it be Google or Facebook, Instagram from there.


A lot of times, these are not… Depending on the treatment, obviously, there’s always exceptions, but a lot of times, these are not people that are always just absolutely price shopping and calling five or six other people, in fact, it’s actually more of like an impulse actually, by saying, Hey, here’s a problem, if you can do this, this is our offer, and then not only that, once they’re reading the ad, they go to the landing page, they sign up, they get text messages, emails for males, everything from there, it backs everything up. That, hey, this is what it can do, these are the before and a prophets, this is who’s a good candidate, this is who’s not, and this is ultimately how it can help you solve your problem or forgive from point A to point B, and by there they already have that information, we typically find that they don’t even need to go and call all these other options, so if you give them a price… We’ve asked them Is clinics, Hey, have you had any push back on the price? ’cause it’s a little bit higher than some of our other officers, and most of the times it’s not… That they don’t even know the pricing. Now, obviously, some treatments are always exceptions where they know, like Botox, for example, most people are going to know exactly what that may be a one commodity style, that’s really a commodity service… Exactly, some of the new machines, especially the aesthetic space, there’s a new machine coming out over your week, and so most people don’t exactly know that, and often times, if you provide all the value that they need and you provide proof of… This is the proof of concept that it actually works, we really don’t have people calling around, and so therefore they don’t know if your price is a little bit higher than the average in the local market or not, there’s always exceptions, but… Yeah, that’s a really valid point, ’cause I think at the end of the day, that one of the biggest things is not really convincing the patient about the price, it’s not always just about what’s the price, it’s about, does the problem match the solution? I think that’s what it really comes down to. When people come to chiropractors, right, they’re usually in pain when they start the cell, or the piece that you have to convince them of is your chiropractic service, whatever it is you’re offering, is going to cause a solution to their problem, whether it’s low back, ran, neck pain, or just wellness, but typically people don’t just come in for wellness, they come in for a problem and you’re offering a solution, it would be great if everyone walked in the door and said, I understand chiropractic.


I value chiropractic, I know what it’s all about. I’ve been adjusted three million times in my life, and I just wanna come in every week for 50 and get adjusted… That would be sweet. That would be the dream. That’s a wellness practice. That’s how it’s built. But you guys said new patients and new cases, I think this is a really new kind of cone that’s coming out now, patients in new cases in practice are going to allow people to go to the next level.


So my question to you guys is, What about re-conversions, existing patients that have kinda fallen off re-activations, what are your guys thoughts on getting those people back on the books as well, given that they had a problem, you provided the solution, and they kind of went away, they still have the same problem.


This is a great question, and it’s top of mind with Brett and myself, because in our agency with our company, we just looked at our list of existing clients who are passed from some time over the last three, four months, and we said there are still 80 people out there that we’ve worked with, we’ve served them at the highest level, and now, like Connor mentioned to use his language, we wanna reactivate them because we have just like any medical spa owner, a dentist, a chiropractor, and anybody in the PT space, they had a menu item of ways that they can serve people immediately six months from now, 12 months from now, and our goal is to do the same as every office wants to do, is I wanna find my patients that I’ve already served at the highest level. Open the menu and figure out what is it next that we can work on, what problem have we already solved, if it’s ongoing care, it’s Hey, how far along are we towards your end goal solution, which is, I have mobility and my shoulder once again, or I’ve hit my body sculpting goals and I need medical weight loss help now because I wanna go more of the nutritional side of things, and in an exercise, and so many of our offices, especially chiropractors also offer things like Hiro, then supplemental treatments as well.


So the question always is, if I’ve served somebody, what is the next thing that they need help with? It… Because the worst thing to do, Connors, and you know this, it’s… I can serve somebody one time and then never see them again, even though I have 18 other things that I know they need help with, but the challenge is we’re not presenting that conversation the right way, we… That comes to… Right, that’s exactly what it comes to is that you were really what you’re talking about is the conversion… Or the report of findings. Right. At the end of the day, I always talk, this is true of all healthcare, everybody who doesn’t understand healthcare things, it works like this, I’ll switch in either in health or not in health, tether have heart disease or don’t have heart disease, I either have diabetes or you don’t either have low back pain or I don’t… The problem is, is that your health is not like a light switch, it’s got more of that diet approach, you are zero to 10, you have some type of spectrum of problem, there is no… I’m healthy or not healthy is you could always be better.


So with chiropractic, you can always have better posture, you could always have less pain, you could always have greater movement, sculpture, you could always look better, there is no person out there… You take them Mr. Olympia guys, not one guy on that stage is like, Wow, I couldn’t be any better than an… They’re not… They’re always trying to chase themselves in the future, that better approach, and so it’s interesting, those patients they look at and say, Oh, my pain is gone now, that’s good. But really is it right? Did the problem happen when the pain started or did the problem happen a long time ago and now you’re just starting to feel it, it’s really a symptom-chasing kind of problem, and I kind of use the analogy, if I put a lock inside one of your shoes, a one-inch block right now, and you start walking around all that… Are you gonna be sore right this second, not right now.


By the end of the day, I promise you, your back is gonna kill you if you have one inch more on one side, that is healthcare, you can either go… You have three options, Option number one, take some kind of medication.


I don’t know if that’s gonna help, you just won’t feel this much, option number two is you can go level the other side, put a block on the other side, and now you’re even… Or better yet, why don’t we actually figure out what’s wrong, you just take the first block up and that’s healthcare… That is literally healthcare, either you can solve it, allopathic, ally, where you say, I’m going to try to put something into the body to improve it, or you can look at and say, My goal is to lose weight, I have three ways to… That exercise more eat better. And get alternative aesthetic type procedures like sculpture or some of these are a device system, the problem is everybody knows those are the solutions, yet they’re still trying to do something else to solve it.


So with what you guys are seeing now, what do you see the future of this aesthetics care… Where do you see it going? What’s the up and coming? Sani think you nailed it, Connor.


I think it’s that people understand in the moment right now, I might feel fine, but six hours from now, suddenly this problem arises and I don’t know what to do now, ’cause I don’t have concrete next steps.


I think the gap right now is for many of our offices, they’re not having enough consistent ongoing touch points with their existing audience of patients at scale, meaning they don’t have a continuous sort of outbound email sequence that goes out, checks and on people, let them know all the cool things that the office is up to these days, how they’re helping somebody like up Brett regain his shoulder mobility or how they’re helping a Connor get their body sculpting goals with sculpture, it’s not necessarily that it comes down to marketing, it’s just coming down to… Are you engaging with your audience, your existing patients on an ongoing basis, so I don’t think there’s this revolutionary approach that’s gonna change in the next 12, 24, 36 months. I think what is going to happen is the offices who are going to grow the most are gonna be the offices who have the best engagement, the best existing relationship and ongoing relationship with their existing and future patients through communication via email, via text, via check-ins, via content that they post on their page, it’s just a matter of, like Connor mentioned, when somebody identifies a problem, they might not immediately recognize that they need a solution or that a solution even exists on a reasonable timeline for them.


Well, I think that that’s it.


That’s just it.


And I think that’s the biggest missing element, and we’ve seen this because Brett and I know we do reactivation campaigns. I mean, we’ll send up a bulk of emails and text messages to an office with a list of 500, 1000, 10000 people, and suddenly the offices fellow will blow up because it’s people calling and saying, Hey, I’m glad you didn’t forget about me, I’ve still got problems. Can I come in tomorrow so I can get some help on whatever the treatment or service is that they’re looking for at that time? And a lot of times, it’s not that one thing that every doctor thinks that they want, that more people wanna actually walk through their doors for. Sometimes it’s like two or three different things. Sometimes it’s eight different things, sometimes it’s a 25000 procedure, the closed mounts don’t get fat and those miles don’t get help, so you need to start and take the initiative by actually following up, checking in on people, letting them know, Hey, it’s Nick and Brett here with Nick meta. We’re still doing amazing things. This month, I just wanted to share a couple of quick wins that Jennifer had as she came in here for her sculpture appointment, she’s already hitting her body sculpting goals, weeks, I had a schedule and were leaders in the industry because we wanna do this for saving 14 more people this month, we’ve got spots, there’s an ethical way to approach people and let them know all the cool things that you’re doing every single month, and do it in such a way that is angled to serve them. And I think that’s the thing that is the missing on the misconception with a lot of offices who work with marketing companies, the marketing company is seen as evil, but what we’re trying to do here is we’re trying to piggyback off all the great work you already do, just let people know in your area that a Dr. Robertson is here to serve more people, and that’s really it, he’s got offers, you can choose and decide whether or not you like the offer, but Dr. Robertson is still here, getting five star results, getting all these testimonies from all the people who absolutely love him, and he’s just here and driven to help service community at the highest level.


So I think that’s the biggest disconnect. People have problems, but you’re not letting them know that you’re here to hear them out and give a solution now, and that’s super sure. I think one of the big parts too, is people are afraid to make the offers, that’s a huge thing, they’re afraid to say, People don’t wanna sell their patients on time, I say, Listen, I’m a provider, I don’t wanna sell my patients care, you aren’t convincing somebody that they need it. They’re convincing themselves there, everyone’s got free will I have free decision-making, everyone has the ability to decide on what they’re doing, a patient who’s walking through your door, right. Doctoral about… Well, the patient had up for care, well, then you didn’t educate the prom… That’s all it is. There’s not the patient, the patient is looking for a solution, whether or not you educate them enough so that they know that their problem and your solution are matched as your fault for not actually educating them properly, that’s not the patient’s fault, it’s not about closing the patient it’s not about getting them to sign up for the care plan, it’s about if you have a solution to their problem, they will buy it.


And here’s the easiest thing, I think there’s a couple of guys who’ve talked about this in the future or in different posts and things like that, you see them talk about businesses, I think a direction most offices are going… Let me ask you this, if I gave you 10000 to live for the next year. Would you say that’s a lot of money? Or not a lot of money. Just 10000, you gotta live on.


Not a lot, right?


So here’s the thing, that’s the same thing with care, the amount of money that it cost to fix a problem is all relative, if it was free, everyone would do it if it was a million dollars, no one to do… But there’s some value in there, or someone says, my time to make this money as work that to give to you to solve my problem, and at the end of the day, the better you explain what you do, the more it actually is value to the patients, and so I think that’s a huge missing step for a lot of people that worry about selling their patients, selling them on the company, you’re not selling them, you’re not dining anybody of anything at all you’re doing is saying you have low back pain. Guess what? Chiropractic is a great fit for that. You can do this or you can do these other 10 things. But listen, this is a solution that’s gonna help you, would you like to start today or tomorrow, and that’s really what you’re presenting to the patient, so I think it’s very interesting what you guys are doing. If somebody wanted to learn a little bit more about patient rhino in the types of offices you guys are serving, the kind of work that you’re doing, maybe more in-depth, get a demo or view what you guys are doing, what would be the best way for them to actually do that, really just checking out our website, patient Rhino dot com, even better yet were… Not just take our word, hopefully, you got some value out of this call. But what I hear what our other clinics have to say about us, patient Rhino dot com testimonials is really just a wall for other offices talking about their experience with us, how we actually help them, how they work with other marketing companies in the past, and they weren’t able to get past this hurdle, how they finally… That I even experience that this is the missing link that they had, this is that broken chain in their system in order to help them consistently grow and acquire new clients while also nurturing the current ones that they do have or they have had in the past, from there, so a patient Rhino dot com, testimonials is really going to be the probably the best option I really see on what we do, how our system were experimenting more what other people think about our systems, you don’t even really have to hear a word, but you can hear other doctors, physicians, office managers, injectors, surgeons, what I ever… It may be sure to…


Eli really appreciate you guys taking time in your day I know it’s everyone’s day is super pack now especially common post covid here everyone’s getting back to work and start into hustle through the practice again for those of you end up listening to this episode and your chiropractor dentist med spa or you just wanna learn about lead generation and growing a practice reach out to patient Rhino dot com check out the testimonials there guys has been an absolute pleasure and thank you so much for commencement

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