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Today is Thursday, July 16th, and we have Scott Aaron on the call. How are you on or good brother. Just really grateful and honored to be here.


Yeah, thank you. I know we didn’t have so to gather for your show this week, I guess two days ago, I would have been now, and that was a really awesome show… A long one too. I think we went for 45 minutes or longer, so it’ll be interesting to have your audience listen to some of my story now, my eyes is gonna get to hear your story, so the prospecting show, really the vision is to be an entrepreneurial, highlight the focus around sales marketing, growth in the things that actually make a business go forward as opposed to just, what do you do?


So to start that off, give us a little bit of background of where you came from and how you got up to today is going through the current business that you’re in Dimas, the backstory, to respect the audience’s time, I will summarize the last 23 years in a very short amount of time. So I got my start in entrepreneurship when I was about 18 and a half, almost 19 as a sophomore in college. My father had just gotten sentenced to 24 to 36 months in federal prison, and prior to that, he was running our family’s first Health Club, and The sentencing came from a company that he was working for prior that performed some very, very strategic insurance fraud that he got called up in, so I had to take over the business as a sophomore in college, and this was kind of the best entry way into entrepreneurship, just kind of thrown into it, you gotta have to figure it out on along the way.


So I had to take over our family gym to support my mom and my sister, and to keep the business going and grew it very successfully in the two and a half years that my father was away from around 300 members to close to 1200. and this is back in 9899, this before the internet was really anything. I got certified in Sports Nutrition, Personal Training and group fitness, so I was everything, health and wellness, opened up a second location. When my father came back in 2002-2003, we were offered a million dollars to sell both gyms, which we did, so at 24 became a millionaire. 2004-2005, we opened up our third and final location, which basically all had to be front-loaded into my name because my parents had no credit, five years later found out it was 15 million in liability debt because of all of that.


And between 2009 and 2015, I was actually married and divorced twice, the second marriage gave me where the greatest gifts, my beautiful seven-year-old little boy tailor, but also it gave me the emotional maturity to learn lessons from those two relationships to really become a better person and obviously, I’m marrying my forever person in about a week or so, so there was a lot to unpack there, but I would say in 2013, the most impactful thing happened for me, which was I started network marketing, and I had my gym going, I had my personal training, I had my sports nutrition and I love connecting with people, I love selling, I love giving people solutions for whatever their problem is, and network marketing was a perfect fit for me because I was working in my business, not on my business. Someone asked me an interesting question, actually said, Scott, if you got sick or injured where you couldn’t personal train, what would you do for income?


And that completely turned the Marron on my financial and business future, because any contractor that uses themselves as the monetary means it’s one injury, one illness away from losing everything, and I grew a very successful network marketing business, earning close to 400000 in the four and a half years that I was in that. But one of the most other impactful things that happened was I started leveraging LinkedIn, and I remember one of my first mentors said to me, she said, Scott, you gotta look yourself in the mirror and you gotta ask yourself, how are you gonna connect with yourself today?


And it was so powerful because it made sense instead of just getting consumers and product users, I wanted to build an organization who are the best people for me to build an organization around someone that would have a relatable business story to me, other trainers, other nutritionists, other personal trainers, other gym owners.


So I started getting on LinkedIn, figured it out. I started messaging people, connecting with people, they started getting on the phone with me, and I was having 15 calls a week, 20, 30, 40 a week, still to this day, 25 calls every single week, and people started saying, yes, and my business started to grow even more so I reached out to a buddy of mine and I said, Joey, listen, you gotta get on line there, I mean, it’s a literal gold mine. I think I’ve struck oil, I want you to do a, b, and c. and he did.


A week later, he texted me and he said, Call me. I said, What’s up? And he goes, Dude, whatever you’re doing. It works, he goes, I have 14 appointments book this week, that’s when I knew I struck something, ’cause everyone in entrepreneurship, I don’t care what model of opener ship you’re in, leads or your life like no leads, no business.


There’s no possibility of any sort of monetary transaction if you’re not gonna talk to people, but there was one thing that was left standing in my way, it was this last gym, the gym was losing about 20 to 3000 a month. My network marketing business was growing, my coaching practice was growing very steadily, and I had this gym that was just my father’s dream and not in… The building was falling apart.


My landlords had no money to put back into it when it rained outside of rain inside, and I had a meeting with my business attorney, he said, Listen, you have two choices, You could continue just funding your own failing business, or Option B would be to file for personal bankruptcy.


Now, why personal bankruptcy?


Well, what I didn’t realize was I was the personal guarantor of the lease in the gym.


So for people that don’t know what that means, when you’re the personal guarantor of a business, of the lease of that business, you are financially required to pay every dollar that’s owed on that lease, whether it survives or not.


And that was another 40 to 500000 worth of liability attached to me, so it was a no-brainer, on July 1st of 2016, just about four years ago, I follow for personal bankruptcy, closed the gym. 30 days later, August 1st, I stepped into my power, literally building my life and my dreams, and my goals and the things that I wanted to do every single day since then. And it’s been this rocket ship of a journey, I was just featured in Yahoo Finance yesterday for one of the top entrepreneurs to follow during covid 19, which was like… My dad called me, he goes, he goes, he said to me, if there is a word above proud, he goes, that’s the word I would use to describe what you’ve accomplished, and that’s literally what I’m doing now is writing and speaking, coaching, training, Inspiring, motivating, giving entrepreneurs, hope and belief that there are other ways to leave an impact to influence people, to create the income that they truly deserve. And that’s what I’m doing right now.


And in your mind, because you’ve had such an extensive paste, lots of ups, lots of downs, and we talked about the entrepreneur roller coaster, and you’ve had the life roller goes to the different things that have happened, and it’s interesting, like there’s all these pieces from the outside that kind of inwards and you’re just projecting like, Hey, this is my goal, I have the state focus, I can’t let all that crap hit me.


So in your mind, with entrepreneurship, you’ve gone through the lows and now you’re back to where you wanna be and still growing, what is the number one thing you learned in the last 20 years regarding entrepreneurship that made you successful? What’s the one thing?


Being resilient, there’s… Darren Hardy wrote the book, the entrepreneur roller coaster. I mean, he literally wrote the book on it, and it talks about ups and downs in entrepreneurship in life, you gotta be resilient, you gotta be able to take the punches, and for me… And this is what less Brown says. He goes, You may get knocked down. Make sure you land on your back… Because if you can look up, you can get up.


So I’ve been knocked down a lot of times. And I always tell people that we’re always dealt hands and sometimes you wanna hold them, sometimes you wanna fold them, and I haven’t folded a hand yet, so when you learn to tap into that resilient side of yourself… We’re all resilient.


You look at kids, I mean, all of us growing up, we’re all resilient, we fall, we get bumps and bruises, we start crying, we just… Ourself off, we’re right back up again.


Resiliency will lead you to succeeding because when you’re resilient, you are gonna be willing to fail in order to learn how to succeed, and that’s been my super power over these last 23 years, and to that kind of point, as you’ve grown these businesses, different kinds of businesses, and your Takao resiliency and the way that you can continue to move forward every single day, you talked in the previous question about leads, leads being the light blood of a business.


So in your mind, where do most businesses fail, and I’m assuming it’s mostly you’re opening on the lead generation side, but where do they fail and how do people overcome that with their resiliency?


So depending upon the type of business that we’re talking about, if we’re talking about an organization, not a soprano, an organization, people fail most because the culture they have not created within the organization, and I think what really made those first two gyms not saying that the culture at my last gym was not good because there was just… There was just so many financial ups and downs, creditors calling, it was just… It was hard to remain positive sometimes, but I’m gonna go back to those first two gyms, namely our first gym, Old City Iron Works, the culture that we create in that gym was absolute fire-meant was a family we had… We would have Jim parties, we would literally, we would rent out bars and clubs in the Philadelphia area, hundreds of people would show up because we would have Christmas parties. It was not the most clamor is Jim. It was in an old machinery warehouse.


The bathrooms weren’t the nicest, the basement wasn’t… It was like a dungeon down there, people didn’t care what they cared about was the culture that we created and curated in that environment when they walked in the door, they knew that my mom was there, I was there, my dad was there, my cousin was there, to greet them by their first name. To say good-bye.


My mom would swap recipes with all the women in the gym, I mean literally she was like, Everyone’s mom. So where a lot of businesses fall short, if you don’t create that internal culture and trust, that is putting your teams and your partners in a growth mindset where everyone’s growing together, no one left behind, that’s why a lot of businesses end up failing because the business owner for some reason, ends up putting themselves on a pedestal, and then they start ordering people around, that’s not gonna have an environment where people are gonna work for you and with you.


So creating that culture.


Now, the sole prone is a completely different thing. Being a sole opener, it’s a very lonely place because it’s you and your computer screen and your clients, and that’s all it is, but where solo ponders end up falling short is the leads is them connecting with other people. The greatest business tool that every business owner has at their disposal, whether it’s someone running an organization or a opener, is human connection, their ability to create meaningful, truthful and lifelong relationship and connection with other individuals is the number one business building to what we all have. It’s just people are not using it and they’re not using it enough when I realized this, ’cause I run organizations in different Iran organizations for brick and mortar, I ran an organization of 5000 people in network marketing, and now I’m a solo pronoun, also running an organization of nine for my business. And I’ve created a culture in every single one of them, but more importantly, I’ve never removed myself from the equation, whether I was running the organization for the gyms, I was a part of the culture, but I was also there on the front line creating connection with new people coming in when I was running my network marketing team, I was always there for them and with them creating culture, creating an environment, but also generating new business and new leads for the organization, we were growing. But now in my soul PRN our business, my business thrives on connecting with new people, they call me the human connection expert because that is all I know how to do. I have spent 65, almost 70000 hours of my life working with people one-on-one, figuring out what their problem is, developing a solution for that, giving them the steps to follow so they can truly achieve what they want, so from an organizational standpoint, culture, from a SOL Penner standpoint, they’re not connecting with enough people, and in your mind, because you’ve had the network marketing side, which could be a lot of face-to bassoon, phone, whatever it is, and it’s very dynamic and anywhere it can be done, what makes somebody successful in the network marketing space versus not successful, and then how does that align with entrepreneurship, ’cause at the end of the day… And my belief is really network marketing is the same skills are required, you gotta meet new people and you gotta talk to them, you gotta find out what they need, tell them what the solution to their problem, and then hopefully that those two things come together.


So tell me about that, what are the skills and what makes somebody successful in that space?


So I would say there’s three to five top skills that… So what needs to have in entrepreneurship in general, like if you’re gonna be an entrepreneur, you have to have these skills.


Number one, you have to be self-motivated. If you require pep talks from other people to wake up and want to do something, you’re in the wrong business, you have to inspire yourself, number two, you have to love to fail, because failure always opens the doors to learn how to succeed, the more often you fail, the more often you’re gonna learn how to succeed, number three, you have to love people.


If you are quote shy, you’re very passive, I mean, that’s all a story, anyway, you’re just telling yourself your shin pads, if anyone can learn to be very external and very talkative, but if you don’t love people, if you don’t love meeting people, if you don’t like building new networks, you don’t have a shot in entrepreneurship, number four, you gotta love marketing, whether it’s a network marketing or just marketing in general, you have to be so passionate about what you do, you market yourself from a very genuine and authentic way, and this is where things kind of fall to the side because people think marketing and sales aren’t in two different buckets, and I just learned this my friend, Tiffany, they’re in the same bucket, marketing, sales. It’s the same thing, you have to learn and love how to market, but also sell at the same time, sales is the highest a profession in the world. No one makes more money than people in sales… Look at Jesus jets in sales.


People go to Amazon every day to buy, and he is selling people stuff all day long, and I get deliveries every single day, so I am one of them, but yeah, when you love marketing and selling, it’s gonna take your business to another level because then you realize that you have to do the work. The sky doesn’t open up and drop people in your lap that wanna work with you, you gotta make that happen, but it brings me to my fifth and final thing, you have to be coachable, you have to be willing to make the greatest investment that any one person can make… And that’s in themselves.


So many people, and you and I talked about this, there is so much shelf help out there right now, there’s courses and free downloads and this shit that it’s just overwhelming when you pay money to coach with someone about something that you need… And this is my challenge to every listener, just answer this question, what does my business need most right now?


So think about this, so just let that sit in for a second, get a piece of paper, grab your phone, open up your note pad, write down the number one thing that your business needs.


Do you need more visibility? Do you need more leads? Do you need more structure? whatever that need is, now, whatever you’ve written down, go find someone that you can hire to teach you how to fill that need.


That’s it, because everyone’s trying to do it the cheapest way possible. Well, here’s my adage. You get what you pay for. You’re gonna buy a 1999 download. You’re gonna get 20 worth of shit.


But when you invest in someone else and you pay good money, you’re gonna get something good back, but here’s the thing, the caveat is this, You have to do the work, you’re paying that person to teach you what to do, they’re teaching you what to do, which means you have to do the work, and too many people that do end up hiring coaches that aren’t getting their success, end up pointing the finger at the wrong person, if it’s not working, you gotta start pointing the finger at yourself. Action is the cure all for being stuck, change nothing, and nothing changes, but when you change something, something will change.


That’s a perfect quote at the end of the day that you talked about writing on a piece of paper, what is the thing in your business that you need… I would argue that all small businesses, probably under 10 employees, solo corner, even to small companies, the number one problem is sales, not enough sales, really not enough leads, and the symptom is not enough revenue… Right, everyone looks like, Well, my business die. Where my business isn’t going well. Okay, well, let’s look at why…


Oh, well, we don’t make no money. Okay. Well, that’s called revenue. And why are you make an up revenue ’cause you don’t sell enough… Stop, Why do you not sell enough stuff ’cause you don’t have enough people to sell to, Why do not have enough people you don’t sell to and you don’t have enough leads, which means probably you don’t have enough activity on the far left of the system or the top of the panel, you don’t do enough outbound, you don’t have enough Inbound, you don’t have enough things going on, brand awareness outreach, email, tax, voicemail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram outreach, call your friends, texture, whatever it is, there’s not enough top funnel stop, which means that you don’t have enough revenue, so people look at it and say revenue is a symptom, or the even larger symptom at the very bottom is profit, people look and say, well, we weren’t very profitable, well, how his profit calculated, revenue minus expenses equals your profit, is it an expense issue? Probably not, it’s probably a revenue issue, which we didn’t sell enough between you talking people, you don’t have a note new customers, which means you didn’t do enough sales, which means you didn’t have enough leads, which means you need more lead generation, and that’s really all it comes down to like you show me white space on your calendar, like Show me what your career looks like, white space is that… It is, unless it’s planned. The white space like, Hey, I need personal time, or I need this kind of… But white space where you can take a sales call is that that means you did not fill your calendar up to what it needs to be, right, it’s like filling up a gas tank and eight of a tank every day, why don’t you just fill it up once and it just starts getting lower, it gets half to go fill out, there’s two people in the world, there’s people have the gas tank all the way down to totally in and then try to fill it back up, and then there’s the people who realize like, Wait, maybe I shouldn’t let my gas can go all the way, MIT doesn’t matter what your mentality is, the point is you have to have gas in the tank, you have to have people there ready to buy what you have… You also have to realize that there are people in every segment of the sales process, there are the people who are customers, they’re the people who are close to being closed, there’s the people who are in the sales process, they’re the people who are in pre-qualification, there are people who’ve never even heard of you, and you have to sequentially move those people down the pipeline, and the way you do that is you gotta meet more people, so in your experience, because you have the network marketing background, and we both are in this LinkedIn type arena business, business development, sales marketing, all that. What is the number one thing action-wise that you think people should do to make sure they get more sales… Talk to more people. I mean, warmly reach out, this is part of… A woman just texted me today, she took my virtual course and in network marketing, she ranked advanced twice from taking my course, which is phenomenal, and she won and a half extra investment working with me, so I paid her one and a half times and it’s gonna continue now, since she’s ranked advance and all it was, she talked to more people… Like you said, Eric worry, who wrote a book called Go Pro, uses one of the foremost network marketing trainers.


He says the scariest place for any marketer to be is when they look in their calendar and nothing is written down, and that’s the honest… You got to it, most people in business are failing because they’re not talking enough people, so I was renewing this book called Go For No by Andrea Watson, Richard Fenton, and Andrea has since become a good friend of mine, and on the book it says on the cover it says, yes is the destination. But knows how you’re gonna get there.


And in the book, it talks about your failure quote, the people that fail faster… Succeed even faster. And the fact of the matter is this Everyone has yes quotients, right? How many yeses Do I want this week?


I have no goals, not… It’s like I don’t have any goals. I have the word no goals, how many nodes do I need to get? To create 1500 to 20000 a week. I know that exact number because I’ve done it.


So what you do is, so just imagine this from a psychological standpoint, someone comes to me and they’re like, Scott, I want two yeses a week, great. So they have three calls on Monday, the first person says Yes, second person says No. Third person says, yes. Boom. They hit their goal.


Energetically, what’s gonna happen?


They take their foot off the gas because they already hit their goals and they just coast the rest of the week, but what if they reverse that and they say, Scott, I want… 20 knows a week. I’d be like, Great, that’s a great goal.


So Monday rolls around again, they get first calls a guest, second calls, and now third calls a gas boom, they still got their two nos, but guess what, their 19 nos short, which means they’re gonna be setting up more calls and more yeses will show up even more and here’s the big thing, I don’t understand why people don’t get. It’s a simple psychology. It’s a simple analogy.


More calls equals more opportunity.


Yeah, I mean, everyone thinks that lead generation is like this, Oh yeah, I can’t do that. Like, why is my business stock, how many conversations are you having a day, maybe one, what the hell are you gonna do with one conversation today?


Like seriously, if you’re not, if you don’t want to… And here’s the big thing I’m just telling you right now, if you don’t wanna network with new people, if you don’t wanna copy, reach out to someone to get a warm lead to get on the phone, you don’t wanna do that. You’re in the wrong industry. Just stop to stop. Again, the sky is not gonna open up and just drop people in your lap, they’re gonna pay you thousands of dollars, right, you have to make shit happen, and if you’re not willing to make it happen, nothing’s going to happen. It’s so true, and it’s… You talk about getting to know it, there’s a great book about getting to know in your points exactly correct. The fast you get to know, the faster you get Ds, and at the end of the day, it’s a numbers game, you know how many people… Just backwards revenue, you know a lot of people out there like, I wanna make a million dollars here, Okay, well, how much is that for OR 83000.Right, you know the number. I know it too, right? 833p-90 percent of people you ask a question, I have no idea what the number is, okay, so that 83… Let’s call that eat just to make the math. ESR, what’s that for week? That’s 20-


20 divide that by five. fired four day, right? Five, there’s a number.


You want a million need for a day. What do you sell?


1000 product can be four of those a day.


There’s a Mac, but nobody does a man… No, and then they wonder it, you don’t hit… The goal is 98% of sales people do not get their quotas, 200 percent, I have a happening born, I don’t have a gold board on another vision board, I have something called a happening board, like what I want to happen this year. And the main goal is my monetary figure, and I write the monetary figure at the top, and then underneath that, I break down all of the businesses I have underneath that umbrella, and then I write down basically what needs to happen with all of those businesses to produce per month, to equal the number that you multiply by 12, that is gonna equal the end result number at the end of this year, so you work from the end in mind, so whatever your goal is right now, you break it down by 12, which tells you what your monthly goal is, then you break it down by four, which is your weekly goal, you take that weekly goal, you see what products you have, and then you assign how many of what you have that you need to sell in order to make that number per week.


Then you have to figure out how many conversations per day per week, per month is it going to take to make that money?


That’s 100%. And I think the craziest part about this process is that a lot of people are worried about how expensive is their product, or how inexpensive or is the right fit, it’s all about making offers at the Obote value offer, people often to talk to you or often to your website or often to a form, whatever you provide value on the front end, solve a problem, listen to them, whatever it is, and then you make an offer. When I listen to some of the sales calls of people that we work with, and we get to the end of it, and they say, Well, they got in by… ’cause you didn’t make them an offer, you didn’t tell them what you’re selling and what it costs, how could they possibly buy that?


So there’s a story. You love this.


And go for now, there’s a story.


And the story goes, so this guy, he was in sales, he was worked at a men’s clothing store, and it just so happened that the area manager was visiting the store that day.


So this guy was like, Alright, I’m gonna be on my A-game. I’m gonna close a big sale, so this guy walks in, customer walks in to this gentleman walks up and he goes, How can I help you?


And he goes, I need a 3-P suit. Pair of shoes, socks, suspenders, two ties, and something else, and a belt goes awesome. So gathers all the stuff, 1200, so guy walks out the door, guy standing with his chest puffed out, ’cause he just closed a 1200 sale, so he goes up to the manager, he goes… Because what do you think of that? He goes, Not bad.


And he goes, What do you mean? Not bad, I just sold him 12100 worth of Clos. He goes, I didn’t see you sell him anything, what I saw is he told you what he wanted… But let me ask you a question.


What did he say No to?


And he goes, What do you mean? He goes, Well, I know what he said yes to, you told me what he said, yes too, because he told you what he wanted, but you didn’t ask him anything else that he actually said no to, so how do you know he was done buying. And it was like the light bulb moment.


If you never ask, you’re never gonna know. And that’s what really shifted for me is I bob and weave all the time through conversations, when people reveal their hands to me, When says, Oh, I would like to work with you, but as soon as they open that door, I’m gonna find a way for them to work with me, and I closed them every time because it’s my business, I can give whatever deal I want because I make my own deals, and when someone says, I would love to do that one, but… And I’m like, Well, listen, here’s what I can do right now.


I can do this right now. If you’re ready, x, y, z, and they’re like, Let’s do it.


So when you listen to the person, they’re telling you, if someone’s telling you they wanna work with you, you’ll be able to find a way to work with them if you ask, if you don’t ask, you can’t get the get… You have to ask in order to get… And to kinda wrap it up here to keep it tight, in this conversation, we were very fluid with all the sales and all the marketing, all the piece that we’re talking about for people, before we go into the last piece, tell us about your ideal customer that kind of people that you’re looking to help and support in their businesses, and then tell those people who are in this episode how they can reach you.Teleprinter entrepreneurs, I work with business coaches, network marketers, finance professionals, real estate professionals, anyone that is looking to leverage LinkedIn not only to generate leads, but to build out their brand, learn how to be the authoritative figure within their network… Grow the right kind of network. Take advantage of the 30000 connections. optimize their profiles.


Those are the people that I best work with. You have to be coachable, you have to be open, you have to be able to follow a system, and I’m literally giving you the keys to the castle, all you have to do is turn the can open the door as far as contacting me on my website, www Scottrade and on social media, people can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn under Scott an Orr Instagram. My handle is at Scott Air in LinkedIn.


Awesome, and for those of you end up listening to this, if you have a smaller group, I know Scott’s talked a little bit about some of the financial planners and other businesses that he’s talked to in the past, this group, zoom typed up… I know what the world’s low crazy out with covid, but if you have a small business, you got 10, 12, 15 sales guys, you’ve got a team together and you want some type of coaching through that business to business sales process, relationship, marketing, network parking, and definitely check out, Scott. Yeah, I know he’s done some great in the past, both in person and online, so I think it’s very important right now, and your sales team sucks, guess what, get it unstuck D get a text at sit down, learn about the things that are important to learn about the new processes and use a platform that’s actually super under-utilized and we’re pushing even or 50 million people on the platform may be worn out at this point, and it’s growing super fast. A LinkedIn is definitely important reach out to Scott and thank you so much for coming on the show as Brother appreciate you and just grateful to be here thanks

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